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  1. What type of file are you using? I use a Nicholson Magicut file & it cuts heaps quicker than anything else i've tried
  2. Love it!!!! gets your mind working in all sorts of different ways & that's what any sort of art should do regardless of the medium ( imo anyway). Are you planning to leave the blade polished or etch it to bring out the pattern?
  3. Really like this one, simple but stylish. Was just wondering what the intended use for a dao is? I'm sure it could be used for heaps of things but I like to know a bit of history about different blade shapes
  4. Great tutorial! Clear & simple to understand, the knife looks brilliant too :-)
  5. Thanks Shawn, gonna try it both ways, just thought i'd check before I tried. Thanks for the tutorial too, brilliant idea!
  6. Was just wondering the reason behind needing to "dry" weld it, wouldn't it still work just tacking it & flux welding?
  7. Just a thought but if you cast it onto the blade would that work? Maybe the moisture would cause problems, you'd have to use stainless for the blade I spose. Wayne
  8. A simple solution to this problem.... edge quench it! If you haven't hardened the area where the hammer marks are then you haven't got a worry, unless the cracks are already there before hardening & tempering. Just my 2c worth
  9. Absolutely awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Love seeing people tackle new ideas. Your a true artisan
  10. The radius master is a very versatile machine but with one major problem for knife makers doing hollow grinds, the motor gets in the way! It works fine to grind one side on the 8" wheel but not the other. If your not doing hollow grinds then it works great
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