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  1. Hey Sam, ıt is a yatagan. a traditional ottoman sword . the link belongs to a forum which include traditional ottoman weapons. http://cebehane.com/forum/index.php?topic=30.0
  2. Hi Everyone, Iwant to learn about forging Rwl -34 stainless steel. One of my friend sent me a steel bar and advice to stock removal method. But ı love forging and one other reason one blade in stock removal but two blade ın forging?. I realy confused. what do you think?
  3. has not set their status

  4. Hi Ben, I ve finished some HSS knives too but had some difficulties ın pin hole s drilling. do you have any trick?
  5. ok tom. ı will sent the photos as soon as possible
  6. ı will buy it if ı m in us. but my country have some rules in borders.....
  7. may be he is not known but good job tell ıtself very well. and this blade is good job dude. low price for my opinion too. it cost at least twice than this price probably some high too...
  8. can you explain this please?
  9. durukan

    A recent piece

    yes bill you are right. ıt goes more mortal in man. because of the less breast tissue the cancer can easly invaise to other tissues. ı wished a fast healing for your friend..
  10. dave I liked damascus persian very much. and add ıt my impressed folder. I wish I could do something like it ın the future... durukan
  11. durukan

    new work

    Thank you GEzell, it s Shellack I mostly used for handles. you can use multiple times. and I dont have any other options too
  12. Hi Alan and Totonix you are right. the files are unique. I wont forge them. thank you for your advices dudes
  13. durukan

    new work

    hi everybody. here is my latest work. Blade steel D2 handle material apple tree pins brass OAL 16 1/2 inch (33 cm) blade length nearly 22 cm I would appreciate for all comments
  14. nice photo . I mean the glove fits well... blade fits very well
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