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  1. Thanks for the information. These rods cut very easily with a saw. I will probably try a wraped ax head first.
  2. I recently came into a bunch of wrought iron bars. They came out of a factory built sometime in the 1800s, are about an inch in diameter and look to be some kind of structural tie rods. Iv attached a couple pictures. I have not worked with wrought iron much and with a quick search here did not find an overview of the subject. Specifically, I am wondering if its possible to tell before trying if this material could be used as is, or would it need to be drawn out and rewelded (multiple times?) before being used in a blade? Are there some types of objects which are a better source of wrought for
  3. Thanks for the interest. The bayonet blade came in 6-7" sections which had been torch cut. I scored and snapped a piece in half for the blade. The torch cut end was soft enough to drill normally for the pivot. The rest of it is too hard to drill, though I have put holes in it with a carbide bit for other projects. Best. Nicholas
  4. Hi all, this is my first post to the forum, though I have followed the great work here for some time. Thought Id share this liner lock I built. Its for a friends 10 year old son who likes anything military. The blade is a 3.25" piece of Enfield bayonet which had been cut up and sold as scrap. This was purchased years ago when you could buy odd surplus on Canal St in NYC. The liner is 1050 and scales are green plastic from a broken military electronics case. Everything has a black phosphate finish. The case is a cut down trauma dressing pouch. A brass spacer fills the fuller at the pivot point
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