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  1. Dave, The best work yet, no doubt. The steel work is great as always but is it's the venturing into carving (cool theme too) and inlays that sets this piece apart in many ways. Beautiful piece bud. Shane
  2. Dave, Yeah, I like the idea of a more sweeping plunge cut. I haven't been able to get a deeper finger groove to look right yet but I may simply be too locked into what I've drawn up. Regard the plunge cut, if I let a bit of belt hang over the edge of the wheel I might get something more like this:
  3. James, I like ladder too and have never tried it. I'll make one of them laddered. Thanks for the input. Shane
  4. At 48 inches long that'll be over six inches wide at its widest point. A lot of steel! Beautiful design and great project. Will be exiting to watch this one come to life.
  5. Great looking blades. Serendipitously I was watching your Advanced Damascus Patterning CDs today. Top notch video tutorials JD. Thanks for sharing the work and lessons. Shane
  6. Today I got started on the blade steel. I started with a large 20 layer billet of 15n20 and 1095 which I had welded and drawn out. I cut and stacked this four deep and welded them up with handles. I had enough steel to make three small billets which should give me three blades at 80 layers each. For this first project I think I'll stop there with the layer count. I should be able to forge weld these and draw them out later this week. Still contemplating what patterns to try out and happy to take suggestions.
  7. I designed this knife several years ago and never built it. It's a bit "tactical" but I enjoy the lines of it. It is not obvious in the images but it is a hidden/full tang hybrid design that was intended to have anodized titanium spacers, much like you might see in a modern folding knife design, sandwiched between the handle material and tang. I'd be happy to hear what you think of it. I plan on beginning to forge the blade steel this week. My intention is to use 1095 and 15n20 as I have a simple layered billet of that laying around. If you have any thoughts on a pattern for the steel that might compliment the design I'd be interested in those thoughts as well. Thanks. Shane
  8. I have a Tommy McNabb 50 Ton Press sitting in my garage here in Winter Springs Florida. I simply don't see myself using it anytime soon and I wanted to give folks here on this forum first shot at it. The press has been used little and is in great shape. Honestly, it saw the most use by Michael Pikula and Owen Bush during Arctic Fire 2013 when they were forging the blade for the artifact (http://arcticfire2013.com/Home_Page.php). I don't like to think about what it cost to ship this thing from Alaska! You can find the specs for the press on Tommy McNabb's site here: http://www.carolinaknives.com/getproduct.php?pid=2 I've attached a few pictures here as well. The press sells for $6300 from Tommy. I'm asking $4000. Drop me a line if you're interested or simply want to know more about this press. I'd like to find it a home where it will be put to good use. -Shane
  9. Bruce, I sent you an email as well but I'll be attending the event. Looking forward to it. Thanks. Shane
  10. Petr, The consistency of a steady hand is obvious in both of these. Oh, and then there is the rampant talent! Great work. Shane
  11. Cool, glad it got there to you. FedEx is almost like magic. Let me know what your experience with it is after you've had some time to try it out. For my little projects it worked great.
  12. Sorry to hear this is the project you were talking to me about today. Glad to see your mindset on it though. Thanks for sharing the reflections. Cheers. Shane
  13. Jake, The carvings are looking great. Looking forward to seeing the completed project. Shane
  14. Michael, The Trend Airshield is in the hands of FedEx. Should arrive tomorrow. Make cool things with it. Cheers. Shane
  15. What Peter said. Gorgeous work Michael. -Shane
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