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  1. I often still feel like a newbie; especially in life Thanks for taking care of it, Alan!
  2. And it looks we made it to the other side. Enjoy uninterrupted programing for the rest of your weekend.
  3. Well, that stopped much quicker than I anticipated - I need to get that sorted first: You are running PHP version 7.3.33. You need PHP 7.4.0 or above (8.0.0 or above recommended). You should contact your hosting provider or system administrator to ask for an upgrade.
  4. I was showing a colleague recently how to forge kitchen knife. Here is the knife I came up with:
  5. Hi everyone! I will try to upgrade the forum to the newest version in about an hour, i.e. 9pm ET, 6pm PT. This will bring us up to date with the latest security patches. Assuming the forum comes back up; that's always in question with the updates. See you on the other side, NIels.
  6. You are completely right ;-) I did not try these on an anvil and the angle may be too steep. I managed to break one in the pritchel hole though. I had accidentally hardened it.
  7. Completely agreed @Joshua States - I was surprised how easy and quick they are to make. I was considering making a few more for my own use.
  8. That steel looks amazing. +1 to the flaming beard. That said with all you are doing here, there shouldn't be any hair left to burn ;-)
  9. I made these for a woodworking friend and decided to capture the process in video - @Alan Longmire gets a shoutout, too
  10. I am happy to report that Powerhammer and compressor assembly are back in working order and I can get back to some serious forge welding. Yay! While my shop was out of commission, I spent more time making EDM; my latest track is "What does it mean to be happy?" which seemed appropriate given the situation.
  11. As I could not help it, I captured the tragic rescue of the power hammer in video:
  12. Curiously, now my compressor assembly died. A nipple had corroded through. Argh! even with nipple extractors, I had to apply an enormous amount of leverage to get them out.
  13. Hehe. This one better last me at least ten years. It was interesting that I could not find a direct replacement. The original valve was 3/4in female npt on one side but the two piece side was 1/2in female npt. Quite odd.
  14. I am happy to report that I was finally able to source a fitting ball valve and got the power hammer working again.
  15. After I posted this, I looked for valves again and this one might actually be a fit. That said, I am not sold that this is really the problem and still need help :-)
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