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  1. I actually grew up very close to Denmark. For the first few years in the US, I thought my accent would slowly soften and disappear. While the softening happened, I have given up on disappearance a long time ago :-)
  2. Sleep is important. I totally approve of it. Thank you for all your comments. I appreciate it. I have to admit I did not do a lot of planning when I forged the butcher. I figured I have enough mass in there that I can change the shape any way I like if the current one doesn't quite work out. As for the handle coming off, that's not my experience for the handled tools I have been using. We'll see!
  3. Not a single comment? Not even: Dude, this thing doesn't even have a real blade. Why are you posting this here?
  4. Can you share the letter or what they communicated to you directly? And presumably you have been selling only hand forged edged weapons?
  5. Here is the latest tool I built. Would love to hear what you would do differently:
  6. My contribution to the craft today was to finish this handled butcher.
  7. Here is another tool making video you might enjoy:
  8. You are all very funny :-) The wrought from the grain elevator is very high in phosphorous. Makes for great contrast but not so great for forging.
  9. This has now turned into a charity drive for the second harvest food bank. You can see some of my postings and progress pictures on Twitter :-)
  10. A short video on making a power hammer tool. Let me know what you think.
  11. Unfortunately, it's a two person operation and takes a reasonable amount of time. It's been a couple of years since I last tried. I wouldn't say I got to a place where it was completely reproducible. On the other hand as a weekend hobby, it means there is a never ending list of potential projects for me.
  12. I wanted to mix it up a little bit during my holiday break and made some "Mandalorian Beskar". Be amused or be not amused.
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