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  1. Hi everyone, The long delayed forum upgrade finally happened. Apparently, there was a malware infection in the distant past that had left remnants around that prevented the upgrade. I found, isolated, removed and smashed those remnants with strong prejudice. Enjoy, Niels.
  2. Going down the memory lane and not spending enough time in the shop lately, I realized I never posted the end-to-end video here.
  3. Unfortunately, this did not work. I need to get help from IPB support.
  4. Thank you, @John Page- I had hoped to do much more with this but then realized the time investment was too large. I hope this can at least be a starting point for some.
  5. Hi everyone, The forum is in need of some TLC. I'll upgrade the PHP version and the forum software on April 28th. I plan on starting around 4pm PT and hope that everything goes without any problems and that the forum will be interrupted only very briefly. Wish us luck! Totally self serving PSA: On April 28th, I will also drop my first indie electronica love song "All We Do Is Shine" - you can pre-save here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/activ8te/all-we-do-is-shine-feat-footleg - Distrokid will ask for permissions to modify your Spotify playlist if you want to pre-save
  6. Very nice. The multiple camera angles are great! I want to see you use it with a hot blade though ;-)
  7. Beskar for Charity has concluded with $20,000 donated to Second Harvest Food Bank. I wrote up a short summary and reflection on my blog: https://www.provos.org/p/beskar-for-charity/
  8. Thank you, Dick! This is still my go to project for people who want to spend a day at the forge with me.
  9. Here you go, Dick! The blog post puts the videos into more context but they look nice on their own, too. For your amusement, here is one of my aborted experimental shots when I was still thinking of making a video: As for humans being replaced, I wrote a separate blog post on that. Happy to share the link.
  10. FYI, as I posted on the other thread, here is a blog post where I put explanations and new video illustrations on pattern welding together: https://www.provos.org/p/pattern-welding-explained/ Enjoy
  11. Hi Dick! Thank you for the feedback! I appreciate it. Did you take a look at the videos Shot 1b and Shot 1c? For this particular visualization, and I absolutely did not make that clear, material is removed from both sides of the rod in equal measures. So, the left most strip is what's left over in the middle - after most material has been removed from both sides. I should explain that more clearly in the caption of that image. Thank you!
  12. Years ago I had planned to make a video to visualize the pattern welding process. It turned out it was too much work and instead I turned it into a blog post with computer animations and concept photos: https://www.provos.org/p/pattern-welding-explained/ If you find any inaccuracies, please let me know and I will correct them! Otherwise, please, let me know what you think!
  13. I don't want to hijack your thread but here is another conceptual view of how this comes together. This illustration simulates a fuller but when you move closer to the right the steel has not been removed and the pattern looks closer to what you have. As Alan mentioned, not enough removal of material, so you end up with the pattern that's right at the surface of the twisted bars.
  14. It's been a long time since I completed this project but I recently found some photos on how I put together the wolf tooth pattern and put them in a blog post; this also includes a comparison between the original and my first recreation: https://www.provos.org/p/forging-a-pattern-welded-spear/ Here are the photos but take a look at the blog post, too, if you are interested.
  15. I often still feel like a newbie; especially in life Thanks for taking care of it, Alan!
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