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  1. Supposedly, this is now not going to happen again. I hope that's true. Thank you for your patience.
  2. Here is the final video. Let me know what you think:
  3. The video should be out next Wednesday. Here is a sneak peak.
  4. The broad seax I started a while ago and posted about; see the Pinned Show and Tell (which for some reason no one can reply to) is finally finished. I will have a video up about it soon. Here are a few cell phone photos: Differential hardening on the shallow hardening cutting edge: Pretty long blade and tang: I put a temporary handle on it for testing. This is present for a friend of mine who will make his own hardware: The friction fit was good enough for some simple cutting tests and did not come loose.
  5. Here is one more update with a final video to follow shortly: Temporary handle just for testing it. This goes to a friend who will put the hardware on it:
  6. Thank you for the feedback. The video work is incredibly time consuming but I also enjoy doing it. Creating the hearth steel puck is also surprisingly fast, e.g. 40 minutes total time. The refining of the steel takes a surprising amount of time. I have another bar half-way refine that I might forge into a larger blade.
  7. Here is the video:
  8. I finally finished the seax knife using the first puck of high carbon hearth steel I had made: It's a very simple shape using a brass bolster and curely maple handle. Here is a close up look of the blade to bolster transition: To be honest, I am not a really good knife maker as fit and finish is not something I pay a lot of attention to. There will be a video on my Youtube channel tomorrow that goes through all the steps with occasional quirk comments on my knife making philosophy. Let me know what you think Niels.
  9. ... and we don't understand why this is happening so regularly. Supposedly, it's not going to happen again ;-)
  10. The upgrade worked this time. Please, let me know if anything appears broken!
  11. I tried an automated forum update today which was failed. The only way to recover was to restore the backup from this morning. Some posts or files may have been lost. Sorry. I may try an upgrade again - some time soon? Niels.
  12. I recently made another puck. Here is a picture after consolidating with a 4 pound hammer. This is without folding just forged at high heat and flux:
  13. nprovos

    In Dublin

    It was built between 1712 and 1732. The Museum of Ireland in Dublin is great as well. They have a nice Viking-age display. Here is a pommel from an 11th century sword:
  14. nprovos

    In Dublin

    Definitely worth a visit even without blacksmiths :-)
  15. nprovos

    In Dublin

    I find myself in Dublin for a few days - currently waiting in line to see the Book of Kells. Does anyone here know any bladesmiths or blacksmiths in Dublin? Would be fun to visit a shop.
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