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  1. nprovos

    Building a Metal Dust Collector

    I never tried to cut with a torch before. I should have read up on it - on the other hand, it was sort of amusing trying to chase the heat around the cut and seeing it clearly not working. The plasma cutter is a blast, I have been using it for lots of other purposes as well, e.g. repairing the side blast forge. Thank you.
  2. nprovos

    Building a Metal Dust Collector

    Here is an update. I get to try the sucker for the first time :-)
  3. nprovos

    Rebuilding a Side Blast Forge

    Here is the latest progress: Installed pivot for the air lever. Plasma cutting and extremely poor sheet metal welding to repair the back. I replaced it with 16 gauge instead of 17 which might make it last a little longer: Finally installed the tank and the tuyere: Almost looks like new :-)
  4. At the shop, we have been using a side blast forge for general blacksmithing. It's a great tool as clinker can be removed quickly without great interruptions to the fire. The side blast forge relies on a water cooled tuyere. After more than ten years of great service, the air pipe finally rusted through. I have attached some photos of the surgery and reconstruction. Forge area with tank removed: Tank cut open with plasma cutter - at that point it was clear already that the tank needed to be rebuild as well: Removing the air pipe with a die grinder: Fitting the new pipe: Rebuilding the tank from 3/16" steel plate: Finally leak testing the rebuild tank: It still needs to be installed and tested but this is how far I got during my holiday break. Happy hammering. Niels.
  5. nprovos

    Forging a "Viking" Broad Seax

    I am glad you like these videos - they certainly make me appear much more competent than I feel in the moment. Especially straightening after a heat treat is something that I find exceedingly stressful :-)
  6. nprovos

    Forging a "Viking" Broad Seax

    Some more updates on this. Please, let me know what you think.
  7. nprovos

    Pattern Welding Explained

    I first saw this at Schloss Gottorf many years ago and was inspired by it:
  8. nprovos

    Pattern Welding Explained

    I just posted another thing I am playing with on Twitter, I am not sure if the forum software will be able to understand it:
  9. nprovos

    Building a Metal Dust Collector

    I have filmed welding before. It's just takes a lot of effort to set it up. Check this out:
  10. nprovos

    Building a Metal Dust Collector

    Do you have a pointer to a welding lens? First time I have heard about it.
  11. nprovos

    What did you do in your shop today?

    I got to test run my metal dust collector today. The Thien Baffle I built seems to be working alright at least it seemed that the dust collected in the bottom of the machine rather than being blown out:
  12. nprovos

    Building a Metal Dust Collector

    Here is part two:
  13. A lot of us spent a lot of our time in front of the grinder. I ended up getting myself a powered positive pressure respirator to breath clear air. However, the metal dust from the grinder gets everywhere. There is no surface in my shop where I don't get dust. On the other hand, dust collection for metal is surprisingly difficult. Many here use a water-based spark trap which also gets really messy. I found myself with some spare time and the desire to play with sheet metal. So, I am starting to build my own metal dust collector that does not require any water. As usual, I put this exploration on video. So, far I have built a Thien Baffle. Let me know if you have any advice or feedback.
  14. nprovos

    Pattern Welding Explained

    Thanks for the pointer, Ric. I had not seen that yet. That's really good.
  15. nprovos

    Pattern Welding Explained

    This is blatant advertising of a commercial offering. So don't read further if that upsets you. I liked the pictures I had shared above and wanted to make a t-shirt and a higher quality printout of them for myself, e.g. something to quickly show folks to explain some aspects of pattern welding. While doing that I figured I might not be the only one who would think that neat and put them up on RedBubble for others to buy. Here are the final pictures I came up with: Ps: I do get a commission for orders placed. As I have worked on this for almost two years that does not seem unreasonable :-)