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  1. A lot of us spent a lot of our time in front of the grinder. I ended up getting myself a powered positive pressure respirator to breath clear air. However, the metal dust from the grinder gets everywhere. There is no surface in my shop where I don't get dust. On the other hand, dust collection for metal is surprisingly difficult. Many here use a water-based spark trap which also gets really messy. I found myself with some spare time and the desire to play with sheet metal. So, I am starting to build my own metal dust collector that does not require any water. As usual, I put this exploration on video. So, far I have built a Thien Baffle. Let me know if you have any advice or feedback.
  2. nprovos

    Pattern Welding Explained

    Thanks for the pointer, Ric. I had not seen that yet. That's really good.
  3. nprovos

    Pattern Welding Explained

    This is blatant advertising of a commercial offering. So don't read further if that upsets you. I liked the pictures I had shared above and wanted to make a t-shirt and a higher quality printout of them for myself, e.g. something to quickly show folks to explain some aspects of pattern welding. While doing that I figured I might not be the only one who would think that neat and put them up on RedBubble for others to buy. Here are the final pictures I came up with: Ps: I do get a commission for orders placed. As I have worked on this for almost two years that does not seem unreasonable :-)
  4. nprovos

    Pattern Welding Explained

    I am getting to a place where I am happy with the visualization and can now focus more on animating the process. It's still going to be slow though.
  5. nprovos

    Pattern Welding Explained

    They are computer generated :-) I plan to make a fully animated video that shows stacking and twisting, etc. BTW, I am still looking for more people who would like to share photos of their pattern-welded blades to be included in said video :-)
  6. nprovos

    Pattern Welding Explained

    Sure. Here you go.
  7. nprovos

    Pattern Welding Explained

    Here is an update to show where I am currently at visualizing pattern development; some of you may recall this from a paper from Ypey: Let me know what you think about the current look. BTW, I am still looking for more examples of pattern welding in the real world. If you have any examples you would like to share, please let me know.
  8. nprovos

    Flame Edge Serpent Seaxes

    This came out great. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to how they look when you are done with them.
  9. nprovos

    Forge from Kast-O-Lite 30 LI

    This whole endeavor was not a successful experiment. Too much thermal mass. Takes too long to come up to heat and I struggled with forge welding.
  10. I have shared this on my Facebook profile and page as well. Good luck. Ps: I started with The Complete Bladesmith as well :-)
  11. nprovos

    registration hiccup, sorry...

    I hope it's working now.
  12. nprovos

    Forum Upgrade

    I just finished another forum upgrade to address some security problems. Let us know if there are any problems.
  13. While fabricating a trellis for the garden, Tony and I experimented with slow motion video. It turned out pretty awesome. Let me know what you think :-)
  14. nprovos

    Pattern Welding Explained

    Here is an example of a more recent visualization:
  15. nprovos

    Pattern Welding Explained

    Send me a PM and I will share a Google Photos album with you. Thank you!