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  1. The top knife is the one where I filmed making it. It's been a struggle to find time for video editing though:
  2. I got this design from John West. It really comes in handy.
  3. I think I relieved them sufficiently. It's hard to see on the image. It has been holding up fine in use so far. Use being one kitchen knife :-)
  4. I am video documenting making another kitchen knife like this and realized that I did not have the right tools. Here is a video making dies for the blacksmith helper:
  5. Here is the knife I made for myself. I broke off quite a bit of tip when trying to straighten it - we only had time for a 30 minute tempering cycle. I also did not have the right clay at the shop, so the hamon is not particularly inspired. However, it performed well against the purchases from the farmers market :-)
  6. A woodworking friend was visiting me in the shop and we spent a day forging a couple of kitchen knives. I don't have pictures of all the steps. We started with 4.5" of 3/4in round bar (W1) and forged an integral bolster. Blade lengths ended up between 6 - 7in. Here are some photos starting with normalizing and then fitting the cocobolo scales. The bolsters are hard to see and we had very limited time so everything was a little bit rushed: We hand filed the bolster to create a better fit with the wood and then drilled holes in each scale: Glued up with slow setting epoxy: The final result. The hamon on this knife did not work out as the clay came off during quenching. I'll post a photo once the other knife is done: If you think the process may be of interest, I could make it another video project.
  7. Out of curiosity what happened with this? :-)
  8. Actually, it's mostly mild steel I run through to carborize it. However, I had some failed attempts that I ran back through as well.
  9. Yesterday morning was a hearth steel morning for me. I ran two 1kg charges and had success with the two pucks that came out of it. Here are my 7 150g charges - recycling some material that did not work from a previous run. The little charcoal furnace in action. The two pucks I got out of two runs. Somebody asked in another thread how to reduce carbon. I find it very easy to produce wrought iron with this process. Pointing the tyuere down too steeply or running too much air through it quickly ends up removing all carbon in the steel.
  10. It's packaged up and will be with USPS on Monday. Enjoy! (The terrible flaws I mean)
  11. Happy New Year everyone! After a very exciting random drawing, Ryan Hobbs ended up being the lucky winner of the terribly flawed hearth steel knife. Thank you all for participating and humoring me :-)
  12. One more day if you want a chance of being the lucky winner of a terribly flawed hearth steel knife. Terrible is perhaps a little exaggerated. Fatally might be better :-)
  13. Now that you unearthed it, it certainly seems like it wants you to finish it. That certainly would be good practice for the next one. Looking forward to progress photos.
  14. Are you worried about evaporation? When I use my side blast forge heavily, the water needs to be refilled quite frequently. The heavy gauge sheet metal (I think it was 1/8in) from our last side blast forge lasted over ten years before it rusted out.
  15. If you want to participate but don't have social media, please post your explicit interest to participate in receiving a terribly flawed knife. I will give everyone a number of raffle tickets. If you don't post to social media, it will just be less raffle tickets. That's what combining computer science with knife making gives you.
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