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    Central Florida
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    God, blade smithing, blade designing, blade testing, blade using, blade/sword fighting, teaching people about blades.
    Blades in general.
    Other than that, outdoors, Boy Scouts, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, SURVIVAL, and the very fun game of LIFE. Mine, to be exact.

About Me

I am a Christian Bladesmith, who loves native Florida and Norse and Irish weapons. I have ancestors from both countries. I am in the process of making a propane forge, when it is completed I hope to increase my forging skill by 100%. My ultimate goal is to get Journeyman and then Master Bladesmith ratings. I am completely self-taught, relying on books and websites such as this. I have a lot of Wayne Goddard's writings, they are my main teachers.

On the Christian side of me, I am a firm believer of John 3:16. I also believe in the prosperity and healing side of things as well. In all my work I try to honor and praise the Lord.

My other sports and hobbies are: Waterskiing, hunting, fishing, surviving and outdoors in general. I am in Boy Scouts, currently a Star Scout, soon to be Life. I plan on getting my Eagle in about a year.

I really appreciate all the people on this board, they have helped me and inspired me a lot. Thanks guys!

Best regard to everyone!

Gregory Carson

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