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  1. Stephen I appreciate the offer! You don't know how much. Folks on the forum are good people. I found out what happened to the mill that used be in a machine shop I used till it closed after Covid hit. Talked with the guy and turns out he needs a little repair work done on a bathroom at his house. You know one of those you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours deals! Works for me!!
  2. Very nice! I have to say I like it!
  3. Jacob what kind of blade did you use. I checked on a recommended blade for cutting thick aluminum like the Diablo but, can't seem to find one! Not sure I am going to like the price when I see it! Also were you cutting to depth in one pass??
  4. Thanks Jacob. I still haven't given up on this idea! Charles, I checked some more on those door locks and they do not work without the supplied armature plate. The following is from the troubleshooting list on one of those type of locks! So that kills that idea. It really looked if it was a good one! Check to see that armature plate is correctly aligned with the electromagnetic lock. If there is improper alignment, make a 1/4 turn of the armature plate mounting bolt and check for alignment.
  5. Hmmm, will have to look at this!! OK did a quick search and will have to set down and do some more research but Charles this may be just what I am needing!!
  6. Wow, I am in love with that pattern, not to mention the workmanship you put into that one! The serpent pattern is outstanding!! I have had to go back to the top and look again, and again, and again!!
  7. Don, you know what John Wayne use to say, "if you gonna be stupid you gotta be tough" that also works for poor as well!! This router I have has the ability to set to three repeatable depths. So definitely would have to be done in small passes! The one attempt I remember making in routing a piece of aluminum did not end well!! It had only high speed operation. Of course I think I tried that with a carbide wood router bit. It slung a chunk of the carbide tooth went into a window and, oh well you get the idea, it did not turn out as planned! Alan the magnetic chuck would be b
  8. I am working on surface grinder attachment for my KMG clone! So here is a mock up I borrowed from the net! To try and explain what I am up against! So you can refer to the concept drawing. So if you notice the magnetic strip up against the wheel the belt will run on. That is what I am about to attempt to cut the slots for the magnets. There is not a machine shop in my town and most of the ones the next town don't want to mess with this small a project and if the do they want an arm and a leg. Since I don't one of either I want to give up, (arm or leg) this is what I am about to do!
  9. One thing to think of when folks talk about knives made by old blacksmiths. It wasn't an everyday experience because the knowledge, that a smith was a highly sought after! In other words a knife being something that was done during his down time! As a smith in a small town, that smith if he was any good he had more work than he keep up with making the tools that others used to tame the land and raise their crops. As the mechanical age begin to progress, those items that were being shipped westward from back east. Their was no supply store for parts and parts that were shipped westw
  10. Aiden sorry I took your thread in a different direction with my first post. Sometimes you see something and you have to run with it before you have a brain fart and it is gone!! When I first got into knife making I had an adopted mentor. I adopted him not the other way around. He makes pretty much traditional knives. And he knows the history behind them better than anyone I know! His name is Wick Ellerbe, http://www.wickellerbe.com/gallery/index.php?action=showfull&vpic=200&gll=1&tpic=66&maxp=71 Sadly due to me doing less and less in knifemaking these days due to m
  11. Oh my ! I like,.............. I like!! Superb workmanship!!
  12. So while looking at his stuff, I ran across this folder! This folder is by Templehound. This is a little off subject but how does that type of liner lock work? Or is that a true liner lock?? The second picture shows the release. However I can't see in my mind exactly how that works. Can anyone shed a bit of light on the anatomy of such a release?? Does the button press sideways or downward! I have been trying to find more about this kind of lock and either I am not using the right terminology or something because I can't seem to Goggle up anything on it!!
  13. Years ago I was on the beach road at Panama City, Fl. spring break. I damn ran a dude down in the cross walk cause I was intent on a 80CRV2 crossing the street in one of them little crochet bikinis that was in style in the 70's. Problem was my 1084, who I loved very much, reached over and slapped the sh@7 out of me. It was real hard to deny where my eyes were. So I tried the truth angle. I told her baby you are the only one I love but, until the good Lord takes my sight I am gonna look. With that she hauled off and hit me again! Should have went with the deny, deny, den
  14. Along these same lines of quality old files and rasps. Can anyone tell me about the quality of old horse rasps by Save Edge Rasp or Bellota Farrier Rasps. Are either of them of any quality steel??
  15. That is an old one. My dad used to have some Disston triangle files for sharpening hand saws! I am not sure when Disston quit the files, but I haven't seen a Disston in years! That is too good a find to make a knife out of!! I'd use it till it wouldn't cut anymore and then send it out for new teeth! Like Alan said, https://boggstool.com/ When you were asking about how large old files were made. My FIL had one that had been cut down to make a cold chisel. It was close to 2" wide and 3/8" - 1/2" thick, as for length I don't know how long it originally was because some one had cut
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