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  1. C Craft


    This would explain why every time I tried to log on the other day, I kept getting a message about your account has been terminated!! Thanks for getting the forum back up. I never doubted you and also I had no way to contact anyone and let them no!!
  2. C Craft

    Winter Tanto

    That piece is awesome, Aiden!! Absolutely freeeakin awesome!!
  3. Rob, that one is awesome!! Knocked out of the park!!
  4. Thanks, guys! There was a method to my madness. I crush a pair of glasses, (which I have to have for close work) about 1 pair every couple of months. So started buying the Nitize hard cases!! Like these! The case is practically indestructible but what I hate is the zipper. That is the weak point! Anyway back to the story at hand! They use a clip on the back like this one. They are spring loaded but the one thing that makes them great is the design of it. The hook turns inward and once clipped on a belt or a pocket they are almost impossible to come of without trying hard to remove it. I wish I could find something like these Nitize clips from a supplier!!! Notice the difference from the Nitize clip to the regular pocket clip!! The regular pocket clip is designed to be easy on and easy off. The Nitize has the hook turned back to itself and I have never lost one with that hook!! OK, so I got carried away with this explanation!!! I have been tempted to use one of my old ones on a knife sheath just to test run it. I won't sell one with it on it because it looks Mickey Mouse on a leather sheath. You can buy them but they just don't look right on a leather sheath. I have been looking for a source for metal ones like the Nitize but no luck so far!! The ones in the pic are made by a company called Cellet!! They would look good with a kydex sheath but I don't do kydex!!
  5. Alan, who sells clips like that or did you make it??
  6. Your father is proud of his son for honoring him this way! So am I Dave, so am I!
  7. Need some aluminum for a project in the shop?? Check out this black Friday deal! https://www.industrialmetalsales.com/
  8. Jake, they are all great! My personal choice for the one I liked the most is the last one!! Great work!!
  9. Richard, since I started following you. You always amaze me with your work and there is no disappointment with this one! Top shelf material!
  10. Awesome Gary, but that is your middle name, Gary Awesome Mulkey!!
  11. You won't go wrong with the Cades Cove Loop. Be prepared to stop and watch the animals and take lots of photos! When we went they took us thru there on the drive tour and there was probably 15 cars. The dude behind me kept blowing the horn every time the procession stopped to take pics of the animals! After about the fifth time, I got out of my car and told him, Dude I have no idea why you came on this trip if you didn't want to see the scenery and the animals! Then I paused and told him if he didn't want to see this then pass or turn around but, if you continue to blow that horn every time we stop I am gonna come back there and shove it up your ^$$! Everybody in the procession started to cheer. He must have got the message because he quit blowing the horn!! But you won't regret the trip unless you run in to some like the dude!!
  12. C Craft


    Here is a link to a site that might help you to figure it out! http://worldbayonets.com/Bayonet_Identification_Guide/Britian__Pre_WWII_/B1297/B1297-6.html
  13. Gary, far be it for me to tell you anything! I love it. The white micarta is a nice touch. I think I liked the smaller pins better but, this is what makes the world go around, difference in taste! I always feel like I have been to the museum after I look at one of your pieces!! Your work, as always is impeccable! I learn something every time I read one of your posts!!
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