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  1. Gary, I believe it is the same bowie, that is on the cover of Confederate Bowie Knives, by Melton, Phillips, & Saxaton! Here is a pic of that cover! Seeing your copy of a Confederate Bowie has my mind working again towards doing one. After I spoke with Josh Phillips I was all hyped up to do one but, I knew in my heart at the time my skills were not good enough to do it justice. Your is inspiring me to pick the idea back up again!! If I can get some back log cleaned up I may work towards seeing what I can do with this idea again!! I am anxious to see how yours looks when you get finished! Got to go the wife has a Dr's appt. shortly but I will be checking back on this thread!!
  2. Gary, love how this one is coming along. It has a special place in my heart! I will try and explain a bit more! Alan, once posted on this forum a hammer-in that featured Josh Phillips, (if I am wrong about the name Alan please correct me) he showed his collection of Confederate Bowies, at the hammer in. At the time I was so intrigued that I spoke to Alan and got Josh's contact info. I downloaded all the photos from the hammer-in. I went as far as to contact Josh and got some other info and a few more pics of the collection. To this date I haven't felt my abilites were at a level to make a copy of one of the Confederate Bowies. However I am seeing one in the future now!! Now I have got to go digging in my files and find all the info about the origional!! This is the one that intirgued me the most. Gary you can see now why I really like the one you are making! The origionals were maybe not as ornate as yours Gary but, you are trully doing that one justice. Can't wait to see it finished!!!
  3. Can't really help on IDing it but, go ahead and try some forging on it. Use a wood block or stump and try it. If it seems to be holding up then you can do a post anvil!! Here are some pics of how to do a permanent stand at the right height! https://www.google.com/search?q=post+anvil&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi51MLNu6TVAhVCLyYKHTvSD20Q_AUICigB&biw=1260&bih=895 Something like this at the right height might work well for you!
  4. What no pics of this bad boy running. Ain't it amazing how a knife maker see things in a whole different light??????????? One persons junk is now a sword tempering oven!!
  5. Ain't but one way to know about how it will work as a stump anvil is too try it! I agree with Scott that looks like a key that was stuck in the groove and someone has trimmed it off!! What does the other side look like! In the photo I see another area on the back that looks like a key slot, right there by your finger!! After going back and looking at all the photos again. I am not sure that is a key at all as the slot does not go top to bottom but, stops shy of the top and rounds out an inch or so from the bottom! So ........... as they say who knows! LOL
  6. Now don't take this for Gospel but, Nicholson bought out Globe way back. But the Canadian files remained under the name of Globe! Back in the day Nicholson was using something close to 1095, both here in the US and in Canada!! The new files, since Nicholson took its business to Mexico are crap! The ones from the Brazil plant are supposed to be better, I found one here a while back and bought it but have yet to try it! Once again it makes no sense at all to me when a company takes there business to another country and then uses a cheaper steel. Not only have they cut costs for labor but they cut the cost of making the item. Then within a few years their company that has been around for years is going out of business! And no one can understand why! It's called running the locomotive at full speed with the dead man tied back, till they run it off the cliff!! Here is a few interesting reads on files: http://americanmadefiles.blogspot.com/2014/02/nicholson-files.html http://www.porthopehistory.com/globefile/globefile_index.htm http://www.wrtcleather.com/1-ckd/tutorials/Old_Files_New_Knives.pdf
  7. Jon,I know that was meant as funny, so not being critical here! The statisics on this is shocking! Most of the time OSHA is behind the curve on things but, when there findings show, each year their are 96 deaths with another 50 new cases each year! That is not a statistic to gloss over, and you have to remember statistics like this do not take into account the ones that are not reported.Possibly due to either misdiagnosis or yet to be diagnosed!! I think the one thing that really hits home with me is I almost bought some Copper Berylilum from an online site recently and I had no idea what the stuff really was, only that the price was not bad! I tried to copy and paste this page but, for some reason it won't let me! But if you follow the link it shows the page to order and even though the last sentence might raise a red flag their is no warning about the dangers associated with the material! I checked their Online Guide to Copper no warnings and I even went as far as putting it in the cart and still no warning. I would have had no idea about the problems associated with using this material!! http://www.onlinemetals.com/merchant.cfm?id=1334&step=2&top_cat=1355
  8. What amazes me about this kind of product. You see it on the metal sites and they do not issue a warning with it! So...............it appears it is easy to get! After doing some research on it today I don't want any metal that Beryllium has been bonded to. The dust appears to be the killer. Even taking all precautions the dust can get you! This one paragraph in the OSHA report just amazes me!! Beryllium is a metal that is found in nature, especially in beryl and bertrandite rock. It is extremely lightweight and hard, is a good conductor of electricity and heat, and is non-magnetic. These properties make beryllium suitable for many industrial uses, including: metal working (pure beryllium, copper and aluminum alloys, jet brake pads, aerospace components); ceramic manufacturing (semi-conductor chips, ignition modules, crucibles, jet engine blades, rocket covers); electronic applications (transistors, heat sinks, x-ray windows); atomic energy applications (heat shields, nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons); laboratory work (research and development, metallurgy, chemistry); extraction (ore and scrap metal); and dental alloys(crowns, bridges, dental plates); and sporting goods (golf clubs, bicycle frames). So,.................if it is the dust from making these items, I wonder what the death rate is??? Ask Google and you shall get an answer! Here is the whole piece but, here is the statistic as it stands! https://www.osha.gov/dsg/beryllium/rulemaking.html OSHA estimates that the proposed rule will prevent 96 premature deaths each year and prevent 50 new cases of CBD per year, once the full effects of the rule are realized. Holy Bat stuff, Batman, who knew I, sure didn't till today!!! I just remembered I had seen the name before and was not aware of what one might be getting into! This is something that every knife forum should adopt to let the new guy know about!!! Never Never use any componets in knife making that use Beryllium!
  9. This sounds to be the kind of stuff you don't even want around. You know in case you forget and decide to use it, you might want to mark it as Doug Marcida says, "this stuff will kill"! Decided to look into this as I remember seeing some info on it before and did not realize it was as dangerous as it was. The following excert is from a thread in this link! Note a big lump of this is not dangerours, untill you decide to do something with it!! WT......................... You will not believe this thread till you really read in depth in it!! http://cr4.globalspec.com/thread/30093/Is-machining-beryllium-copper-hazardous Here is what OSHA has to say about it! https://www.osha.gov/dts/hib/hib_data/hib19990902.html Beryllium ~ There is a word I am not going to soon forget after doing some research! It sounds as no matter the metal it is fused with it then becomes a health hazard to work that metal!! https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/beryllium/
  10. Them ole nasty chains sure made a fine knife. I am sure he will be proud of it!!
  11. Wes, I am convinced you came out the winner!!! Very nice work!
  12. Antler smells kind of like...................., well guess I can't say that here! But it is bad and it does not work well as Alan said, and you have found out! Drill it and then resort to these!!! Broaches I made and the pieces of tubing I cover them with when not it use! I ground them down and file my own teeth in!! These were made from a couple of Old Hickory knives picked up at the yard sales and at the local Misson for a couple of bucks. Grind down or cut off excess metal making sure you leave enough metal for the teeth to be cut in. HINT: You can always take off more but it is hard to put it back!! These were made from a couple of Old Hickory knives picked up at the yard sales and at the local Misson for a couple of bucks. Drill as deep as you need and waller it out. Then grab the broaches and go to work. The hole may be a little larger and that is OK as long as you fill to the bottom with epoxy! Even with burning the tang in your hole gets larger so the eposy has to do the work! A couple of tips: Use 30 min epoxy. Thin the epoxy to get it to fil the entire void Use one of those stirrer straws like you get at Macky Dees with your coffee. The stirrer goes in first and allow for the air to escape as the epoxy fills the void! Also works to puddy the epoxy to make sure it fills the entire void!
  13. Definately yes!! A process that can turn just plain bone into something that looks like it was prehistoric ivory, Well I am in. I for one would love to see this process. Wasn't going to come right out and ask, (even though I wanted to) because so many makers believe in trade secrets. I have found that someone who does something well has nothing to worry about! Most folks even with instructions are not going to make it look as good as the teachers for a long time! When they do you have left something behind that many generations will appreciate for years to come! After all Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! My way of looking at if I share something and years from now someone says I learned this process from......................... Well I left a legacy behind me, that lives on!!!
  14. Alex one thing those Utube videos won't tell you is that a drill press does not have the bearing design for lateral work. The bearings are designed to bear pressure straight down. Once you use one as a lathe that side pressure will destroy the bearings in short time!!! If you got to go with a lathe start watching estate sales, craigslist and do your research on the lathe that you are going to buy!!!
  15. Really nice work, Kris!! I like how you sketched out as too how you wanted it at each stage! Two thumbs up! Charles, take a look at these Google searchs! http://www.roman-artifacts.com/Military Accessories/Pick-axe sheath/Pick-axe_sheath.htm https://www.google.com/search?q=roman+pickaxe&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjt9ZrbloLVAhVFcT4KHUN7DT8QsAQIJw&biw=1280&bih=918