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  1. Love it!
  2. Very nice!
  3. Brian, very informative. I like it when folks share stuff like this it make the learning curve not nearly as steep!!
  4. I like it!!!
  5. I have mixed it with a drop or two of oil based paint, like they use to use for models. I have also used India Ink. As well as now they have Alumilite casting and stabilizing dyes! The last one you can buy on Ebay as well as Turntex Woodworks! It is available in small bottle where you can add a drop at a time. That allows for mixing the color you want! https://www.turntex.com/product/casting-with-alumilite Alumilite casting and stabilizing dyes are also available at most craft stores. Hobby Lobby carries them!!
  6. So I read through the posts and how the heck do you snap a horn off??? Can you imagine the blow or blows that must have taken!!!
  7. Very nice Richard!!
  8. Thanks GEzell! wow wow wow!!!
  9. GEzell, I love the entire piece as well as the sheath. Any pics assembled?? However the wood really draws my eye. What is the wood and how did you get the cross hatch effect is that just grain or how the wood was cut!
  10. You know when I saw the first post on this a thought crept into my mind. I have heard this same thing discussed before but,..........it was called by another name! So after a little searching on the net I came up with the conversation, I remembered from another forum! http://www.knifenetwork.com/forum/showthread.php?t=50189 Interesting note no matter how you label it. The science side of knife making. I tend sometimes to say, Oh crap I don't need to know that. However I have found that when I understand the why, the whole process makes more sense. It is kind of like the little kid when you tell them something and they pop off with,...........why! There little brains are learning. It is nice to know that no matter how old we get, our brains are still looking for more info!!!
  11. So you liked my lake huh! LOL Beautiful country out there!!!
  12. Not saying it would be an improvement but, why the three holes. I like the Kukri but the holes kind of bug me a little!! Other than that I think you nailed and that could just be personal preference. I have been called a traditionalist before!!!
  13. Wow now that is different! Very intriguing! thumbs up!!
  14. The warning means if you don't have enough sense to purge the tank, it may go BOOM! Large propane tanks (like the farm tanks) are best cut full of water. Steel is porous and after those big tanks have been used for a time. The propane gets in those pores. Most scrap yards won't take them unless they are cut in two because of that. I have filled them and cut them with water pouring out the cut if it was one that worried me! When in doubt fill them with water, not only does it filter out any propane left behind, it displaces the oxygen/fumes in the tank!! My wife had a cousin killed opening a 50 gal. drum with a big wide cold chisel, he had made out of great big thick file. Whatever had been in the drum was highly flammable/explosive. He was using a 3lb hammer to drive the chisel he had to cut the top out of the drum. The first lick cut into the top and it also let in oxygen the next lick sparked and the whole top blew out of the drum, it hit him in the head killing him right out!!
  15. Care to share Sam. If you are not using the edge of the belt! You must have some really small, small wheel attachments!! That five minute roping is intriguing, to say the least!! OH, by the way Dave that is freakin awesome. Is that Damascus or Mokume!