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  1. Jake I don't think I have saw one of your knives I didn't like and this is another great one!!
  2. You can start the cut with thin cutting wheel such as for right angle grinder! Move slow and take a thin bite! Then slowly define cut with a dremmel cutting wheel! Such as this one in this link! https://www.amazon.com/Dremel-932-Aluminium-Oxide-Grinding/dp/B00004UDIT Be aware there is a learning curve to using a right angle grinder or a Dremel stone. Don't fight the tool and don't try to cut to much or too fast. You will loose control and that usually results in a busted cutting wheel or Dremel stone! Or you can use a chain saw file. To sharpen the gut hook you work from the
  3. Jake, I always follow your work but that one is special! Really nice work, you knocked that one !
  4. Jake you knocked that one out of the park!!
  5. Y'all got me to thinking now! I will have to get him to let me have one. Try to heat treat and then I will have an idea if they are worth messing with!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm!
  6. Billy he says he has pile of them at his house. That is why I was trying to find out if the steel is any good so I could make him an offer on them. I know nothing about the Bassoli brand. So many of this stuff, files and rasps have gone to crap! Nicholson used to be among the best, if not the best. However since they moved their plant to Mexico there aren't worth bringing home!! Like everything else case hardened a few strokes and their gone and the steel isn't any good for anything! I was hopping someone knew something about the Bassoli brand! When I found them on the centaur fo
  7. Can anyone tell me if these Bassoli 14" Black rasps are good quality steel or are they case hardened?? I talked with a guy who is a local farrier! This what he uses in his work. So I looked them up on the net and found them at centaur forge. Here is a link, but I can't find anything about the steel!! https://www.centaurforge.com/Bassoli-14-Black-Rasp/productinfo/BLACK/ I know Heller rasps are supposed to be good as well. Anyone used any of these in knife or tomahawk making?? Anyone have a line on quality steel rasps?
  8. Just cut the wheel band part of the way thru and fold it open. If it looks like this inside it is wrought!
  9. Hey guys I forget the that there is a like feature on the forum so if I don't like your post, its probably just because I forget to use the like!! See the real problem is I have a sickness. I bought another post vice! It's a sickness, I hope I don't recover from!! This second one is heavier built that the first one. Other than being quite crusty it seems to have all of its parts and pieces! What the hey everyone needs two post vices!!
  10. I am liking that one, Josh!
  11. Alan, I can't believe you said that!! Was already thinking of something similar to this. Thanks for the pic! Great pics!! Thanks everyone!
  12. So the title pretty much says it! So I offered a price I figured they wouldn't accept and they took it! So I got the post vice for a decent price. It's got a 5" jaw so not too bad. As the pics show it need some work. Can't say for sure till I get my hands on it what the deal is with the spindle and the screw thread is. But it is not original! I am thinking it may be too short. Not much thread there for opening the vice. What was the average length on post vice screw thread? Has anyone ever attempted to make a screw box? The spring and mounting bracket and key wedges a
  13. C Craft

    Found KITH

    I always watch your work and it always impressed me!
  14. Really impressive work! Every time I look at it I see something else I missed! Talk about all the gingerbread, that one has it!!
  15. That is an awesome piece. To just look at your mind doesn't take in all the hard work it would take to makes such a piece. Then as you begin to dissect what you have pictured, then and only then do you begin to appreciate the hard work that went to this piece! You are a craftsman sir!
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