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  1. Sgian Dubh for a Friend's Wedding

    Jake, awesome as usual! Your works always seem to draw you in for another drink from the well. Everytime I look at this one I see something missed the time before!! Two thumbs up!!
  2. Brass/bronze mokume finishing

    Renaissance Wax, that is what the museums use!! Doesn't really seal it but, it will coat is heavy enough to give a wear surface and can be re-coated later!!
  3. WIP--A Small Gentleman's Dagger

    Gary, if a Gentleman carries a dagger is he really a Gentleman. He is if he carries a dagger that look as bad a$$ as that one! Gary that one just conjures up this vision of a Gentleman reaching down into his boot and burring this dagger in the poker table before him, as he looks across the table and says that Ace up your sleeve better stay there partner................!!!! Everytime I look at one of your WIP's I learn something. Then I realize how far I have got to go yet!! Two thumbs up!
  4. multiple posts error 145

    OK I was on earlier today and tonight I had to log back in when i got on tonight. We have this bleached out look to everything. OK who did what!! Cmon look me right in the eyes, I smell guilt. Well that use to work with my kids when they were little. I told my wife one time I could tell immediately when our son was lying, my daughter she could keep emotion of her face till you told her she was full of it. And that little wry smile came up and you knew she was guilty! So what happened to all the color!! I feel like I am looking at one of those old black and white tv shows that they figured out how to add a little color too!
  5. Winter forging

    If you get too much carbon monoxide you will probably never know it unless you have a CO detector. Cause when the Canary, quits singing you ain't gonna be around long yourself!! Don't take chances in the winter air CO can hang heavy!! Take a look at this site. http://healthybuildingscience.com/2013/02/22/carbon-monoxide-facts/
  6. For all of you skandi guys

    OK Geoff, this is kind of out of my league but, I had a friend when I was in the 46th Engineer Battalion back in 1974-1978 when I was in Uncle Sams Army!! He was an Aleutian Eskimo. I remember some carving he showed me. Being as this is from Alaska the knife made me think of him. So Googled Aleutian Eskimo and here are a couple of things that came up! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/109493834662215083/ Here is another from the Smithsonian. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/368169338278719213/ Like I said, he had pictures of some stuff his GG Grandfather was supposed to have carved and it had a similar look to the knife!! The bottom one from the Smithsonian looks a lot like the pics he showed me and he had a small carving on leather necklace he wore. His Grandfather had made it too give him good luck! Anyway that's all I got!! He was a ball when he got drunk on Vodka, and get him to say Wooodka. Oh well maybe you had to be there!! Hadn't thought about him in years.
  7. Somewhere there is a how to on using a tire pump exactly like you have there as a vacuum pump! And here it is; Here is another using a compressor from an old refrigeration unit, or AC unit, anyway built from a compressor!
  8. Pros and cons of production work.

    Thanks Gerald, hey life is all about money, happiness, and retirement, and ! The first one makes the last two much easier! Plus you are doing something you like, forging and it is true, a man that loves what he is doing, has never worked a day in his life!! I don't see a thing wrong with that kind of production. In fact I have thought about stuff like that. It all boils down to finding a place to market the finished product. I thought about renting a table at the local flea market but everyone wants to talk you down on your price at a flea market!!
  9. La Hija de la Luna (aka Cholula)

    Beautiful work. I would love to see a close-up of the scabbard,there appears to be a lot of intricate work on it as well!! The more I look at this one the more I see. It is like your can't take it all in when you first look at the pics!!!
  10. Pros and cons of production work.

    Not trying to be nosy but, I have got to ask. You say you are doing production work. However from what you are saying it sounds like the production work is forging! So I hope you don't mind me asking but what are you doing??? If you don't want to talk about it that is OK as well! ///
  11. Heat treat oil

    What you need to be asking yourself is what are the parameters of my given steel. Every steel has a different need to be effectively heat treated and the quench is only one part of that formula for perfect hardness! You have to look at the proper technical information for any given steel. Take a look at this info on 1080 by Kevin Cashen http://www.cashenblades.com/steel/1080.html Pay particular attention to the chart at the bottom. It shows the rate at which the quenchant cools and what is accomplished by that given info. Then you have to ask for my given steel to reach its hardest state. What has to happen. It must be cooled to X in how many seconds. Then you have to know how fast your quenchant is!! This is where you hear that same old adage come into play, Mystery Steel is at best a trial and error process!! Spring steel can be several different types metals and if you don't know for sure what that Mystery Steel is. You no way of knowing for sure, if you are heating to a sufficient temperature or for that matter if you are quenching in a medium that is correct for that steel, to achieve that steels maximum potential!! I hope this all makes sense. It took me a while to figure out why Mystery Steel was as big a problem as the more experienced makers were making it out to be! It all boils down to each steel has to be handled in different ways, heat, and quench, to get the best results that the steel has the potential to be!
  12. Has anyone noticed this?

    IMHO, everyone and that is pretty much every forum, makers see this need to label a knife, especially newer makers. Often they are labeled that way because, that is often how some out there in a internet world, find such a knife! Think about it like this, there are few custom makers buy a knife from another custom maker unless they either really admire the other makers work or, they are part collector!! If you really admire another makers work, then you already know what you are looking for. If you are a collector, then you have already set the parameters for your collection. So back to selling in the internet world. It is all about searches and searches are driven by a collection of words. A Google search for Zombie Killer will usually net you similar, to a search for Bowie knives. The results are based on a couple of things, how that knife was labeled by its maker, and what they labeled it when they put it up for sale. To get as many hits as possible in a computer search! They often do not fall into that category at all. It is kind of like selling anything on EBay. If you want to have more people looking at your knife, you may list it as a custom knife, collectable, mountain man, bowies, skinner, benghazi warfighter, ....................... And pretty soon it gets so ridiculous its not even funny anymore! However just using that collection of words gave that knife 6 possibilities that someone might us in a given search. One guy does a search for knives, another is looking for collectibles another Mountain men gear, and on and on...............and well you get the idea!! I have seen posts here on this forum where a relatively new maker labeled his knife as a "fighting knife". When I viewed the knife, it's overall shape, size, length of blade and grind to me says it was a camp knife! Maybe he wanted to make a fighter but, to me, he had made a really good camp knife! I figure he is new and really does good work but needs lessons in what a fighter would be all about!!! So what I am saying is this, there could be a variety of reasons to why a knife is labeled as such, and it is not always because of lack of knowledge! One of the reasons it was labeled as such is more to do with the age we live in now. How that knife got labeled as a particular way, could be marketing and it could be that Google picked up on one word or phrase that at some point in time was associated with this knife, and now the most beautiful bowie is now being called a zombie killer!!! My 2 cents worth on the subject, others may have a different opinion!
  13. How not to be seen

    Reminds me of
  14. Forge weld steel to cast iron?

    First of all I do care Geoff, names have never been one of my great abilities to remember. Faces now that is something I remember! Aw, don't feel bad Geoff, everyone thinks that the C Craft stands for Chris, when in fact it Cliff! But what the hey, as long as they don't call me late for supper, I am OK with that!! I did remember you were one the anvil guru's!!!
  15. EDC

    Nice! That is a wicked point on that one! You know I have looked at your posts before and always like what I see. Tonight I noticed under your picture it says, location Isle of Skye. So I Googled it and up popped some pictures that just wowed me! https://www.google.com/search?q=Isle+of+Skye&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwivrMWBmojXAhUHNSYKHXKIDPIQ_AUICygC&biw=1280&bih=918 That is some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen!! Iam Scottish on my Fathers side, and Irish on my Mothers side! Never have made it to either Scotland or Ireland!! Sorry just rambling here!! Love the knife and the sheath!