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  1. C Craft

    Break Drum Forge

    Good I wasn't sure if it worked or not. I do not use Photobucket anymore, but the bas$%#$%&*&* still are holding about 400 of my pictures hostage and every so often I slip in and get one at a time out!! Feel kind of like I am smuggling somebody out of Berlin.
  2. C Craft

    Break Drum Forge

    That is where one of these comes in handy! A lot of guys use the HF model but, after having this one I don't know how I ever got by without it!! I haven't picked up my hacksaw frame in a while!! I hope you can see this pic, I never know with photobucket anymore! Click the photo and it will open to a larger image. This is when I first got the table and mounting post fabricated up. It had not been mounted and I had it clamped to the work bench!! I have since added in a foot petal. There is only one thing to remember, it will cut metal very easy, and it will cut fingers like hot butter!! Don't ask!!
  3. C Craft

    Break Drum Forge

    You have been busy! So what no fire yet!!
  4. C Craft


    I am jealous, that is awesome!!
  5. C Craft

    Lucky 13th - "Sami Influenced" blade

    Well it is like this. A married man is supposed to not be looking at another woman, however I told the wife a long time ago. As long as God doesn't see fit to take my eyes I am probably going to be looking! What you got to worry about or should I say what you do not have to worry about, is you will be the one I am going home with at night!! This was fast thinking on my feet while driving down the beach road at Panama City, Fl. and I was looking at the girl who had just crossed in front of us and nearly ran down her boyfriend who was about 3 steps behind her. We had only been married about 2 weeks at the time!! See what got me in trouble was the first look, which turned into a second and a third,...……………. then I hear look out! I turn and see a dude standing in the crosswalk with all the beach chairs and towels and all the other accessories they took to the beach and I was about to hit him!! I slammed on brakes and it was hard to deny why I hadn't seem him to begin with. It is like that with your knife and sheath one look, turns in too two, and three, and...…………………….. Oh, sorry I just had a flashback to the cross walk again!! ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Seriously there is so much great work going on there in the pictures of your knife and sheath, the eye can't take it all in at once. So you find yourself having to go back for another look and each time you do, you see something that you had not seen before!! In this case it is a good thing when your knife has an effect like that!!
  6. C Craft

    Practicing My filework

    Looking good Joshua, that bottom one would benefit from a light color to play against the file work and the darker wood! I like how you tapered down on the distal taper and you held the file work to precise cuts as it reduces!!! Thumbs up!!
  7. C Craft

    Lucky 13th - "Sami Influenced" blade

    OH, yeah! I like everything about it from the knife, the materials the knife and the sheath are made of. To just the design of the blade. The scrim, man it is like looking at a pretty woman, "every time you look back, you see something else you like"! Seriously liking this one!! Great work Adam!!
  8. C Craft

    New member/ New anvil/ Info please

    OK so never say I don't deliver. Here is you guys t-shirt!! Geoff, I tried to get yours in tie dye but the words kept getting lost in the tie dye!
  9. C Craft

    New member/ New anvil/ Info please

    Looks like my Hay Budden, check out these threads. There is a lot of good info there. Geoff Keyes and Alan Longmire are the anvil gurus!!
  10. C Craft

    Break Drum Forge

    I wasn't talking about what you used to weld with. Cleanliness and angle all effect a pipe weld!! You probably got good penetration to the base, my concern is the weld to the pipe!! In this pic you will see the back side of the weld (against the pipe) appears to not get a good bite on the pipe. When I first started welding, I soon found out a pipe is one of the harder welds to do and do well! It has to do with the angle of your stick holder. To straight up and down you get penetration on the base, to much leaned over and you get penetration on the pipe. It is something you have to experiment with! When I was first getting started I ran a bead on a pipe and it looked good till I let the piece fall of the work table and hit the concrete and the pipe went rolling across the floor. The weld did not penetrate the pipe except in spots, and not enough of them spots!! No offense was intended. I was just trying to make sure it didn't break the weld when full of hot coals!!
  11. C Craft

    Friction folder

  12. C Craft

    2 more up, (beside SanMai and Anglo)

    Is there supposed to be pics, cause if so I don't see them!
  13. C Craft

    Break Drum Forge

    Not trying to be out-of-line but, check those welds. I would guess the angle of your welding torch and the fact the drum was rusty may have caused you problems! I have doubts as to whether those welds got penetration! The last thing you want is to be working with a pot full of hot coals and the drum separate from the pipe dumping all the charcoals on you!!
  14. C Craft

    A little Disappointed....

    When I first started knifemaking I had already been dyeing it! I used epoxy at times in my wood working and I found out that I could dye it with a drop of oil based stain or paint. I have dyed it with the colorant they use in latex paint, India ink, rit dye!! It usually only takes a drop or two at the most!! It is not enough to degrade the strength of the epoxy but it will color it!! What I use now is Alumilite dye! https://www.ebay.com/itm/283059421643 I bought just enough to have the basic colors on the color wheel, blue, red, yellow, green and white and (black which I often use by itself). The white is not a basic color either but allows for lightening a color if it is too dark!! It only takes a drop of these as well!
  15. C Craft

    A little Disappointed....

    Robert, that thing is so dang ugly and such poor fit and finish, why I'll bet you could tie a porkchop to the handle and the dang dog still wouldn't pick it up!! Like Brian said that ain't too shabby at all! When you can put a knife out on railing of the deck with the sun popping on it and you don't have to look to see any glaring problems, well...……..!! You done all right, nothing not to proud of there! Learn from what you feel is a mistake and you are two steps ahead on the next one!! Makers are often there own worst critics but, then again that is what pushes you to the next level! I will tell you something else. When you feel you have done your best. Take a few pictures from different angles and when you can't find a flaw in the pic, your more likely to be doing your best work. Pictures don't lie but, your eye will!! The picture captures what your eye overlooks. I have taken a pic and then sit back and study the pics, and go. Oh no it can't be. Your eye overlooked it but, for some reason when you look at the pic it jumps right out at you!!