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  1. Yes it is BillyO! I meant to type this, BladeForums.com. I forgot he was on this forum as well!
  2. The name sounded familiar. So I goggled the name and a picture popped up! I remember him from another forum. Bladesmith'sForum.com. However he has not been active on there since 2014! So that is not going to help you!! Maybe someone else knows him.
  3. I like it. It is a piece that immediately catches your eye and you keep going back to discover something you missed at first sight!! Or as you say East meets west!
  4. If you don't want it let me know! I will drive up to a 1000 miles to go get it! Seriously be prepared for some work but this was back when they built tools to last! If you got the body you can bring it back to life!!! And I am serious I will take it if you don't want it!!
  5. Wow I have not seen one that fine in a long time! You do excellent work!!
  6. OK now that is just outright bragging!! But I am watching the show,........
  7. Wow that is a great video and how to cut your own files!! Don't know but it must take practice to get the spacing so even!! I watched him cutting grooves in the video and noticed he is working away from the last grove instead using the last grove as a gauge. If I couldn't see the last grove it looks like it would be harder to keep even but not for him!! Puts thoughts in my head for special files!! Don't know if I have the patience to do that all day!
  8. Joshua, wow I picked up some valued information from this thread! I have never seen another maker in person. What I have learned in my knife making has been self-taught and gleaned over the years from knife forums! Believe me when I say the self-taught can be the most frustrating. IE, screwing up a knife at the last minute. Or having an idea of how you want to do this procedure and a year later you just happen to see a thread or video and think. Oh sh!$ that is ten times easier than the way I did it! Imparting knowledge unselfishly is one of the greatest attributes a maker can hav
  9. Charles you are a super computer or something! First I can't remember the name and you supply me with that. Even with the name I did a dozen searches and could not pop up anything that looked right!! You are amazing sir!
  10. Thanks Charles That is the name I was trying to remember! I forgot he is also the Tech guy!! Now if I just could remember the name of thread where we were discussing wrought!
  11. "A rose by any other name would be, ............ a knife! Jake I have got to say that is unique. It reminds me a dagger a shield-maiden might carry into battle!
  12. Jake, I really like that one! I like everything about it!!
  13. Look fellows you don't know how much I appreciate the advice. I have some of the wrought from the 1887 Globe Elevator near the Duluth-Superior Harbor! I have never worked with wrought iron that much. I was advised by one of the members. I think his first name is Niles, he is in Europe, can not think of his last name! He does a lot of videos and is a very knowledgeable knife maker! I hate that when I can't think of someone's name! Anyway he advised that this wrought from the grain elevator had to worked white hot, and you only have a short window because the make-up of
  14. Does wrought iron need to be forged to bring out the grain? Or will just etching bring out the grain? I have a bowie knife I am working on and the guard will be an S shape and the ferule for this knife will all be made from some wrought stock I have. So I see this can be accomplished in two ways. The guard and the ferule will be made from the same piece of wrought iron. The first way I see to do this, is to try and forge to shape to rough finish with files and sanding to achieve the final shape! The second way, is to take a wrought bolt I have t
  15. Gary, your work is always superb and it makes so jealous. You make it like child's play to get that level of workmanship and we both know it isn't! You are indeed a master at your craft!
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