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  1. Like it, he!!, no I love it! There is something to be said for quite eloquence! el·o·quence ˈeləkwəns/ noun fluent or persuasive speaking or writing. "a preacher of great power and eloquence" synonyms: fluency, articulateness, expressiveness, silver tongue, persuasiveness, forcefulness, power, potency, effectiveness; The knife meets all the criteria for the defination and then the sheath kicks it up another notch! Top shelf work, Wes. One to proud of!!!
  2. Been watching this one from the start and even with your little problem, I got to say "brother you done youself proud"! I think all of us have one of these in the back of our minds but actually jumping into is another thing! I once talked to slippie maker and he said his first 5-6 were so bad no one else ever seen them. He stood there a second as to reflect on what he had just said, but I learned what not to do!!! Aiden, take a bow my friend, cause you deserve it!!
  3. Don, I am assuming from what I read your building is 24' in width and 36' in length. So that leads me too some questions. 1. Do you get much snow in your area? If you do you need to take that into consideration. The snow load (if you have that) needs to be addressed! I am guessing snow load may not be a problem from what I am seeing of your location! 2. Do you plan to use the overhead for storage? The answer to that one truly makes a big difference. Storge means plywood for a floor to store on and the weight of what you might be storing comes into consideration! 3. You can build your own trusses. If you went with trusses. you can use 2x4's. If you don't have the knowledge about how to cut the picess of a truss to safely build a truss that can with stand the span and load if you decide to use the overhead for storage. Consult a truss company. Nowdays the enter in the info for the width, pitch, snow load, and storage if you go with that, There computer will spit out a diagram with each piece of the truss and give deminsions of where to place that piece and the length of each piece. You would need to cut all the pieces and make sure everything is all squared up. you can do this by popping lines on the slab before you build and fabircate the trusses. Once you get the first one done, you use it as a patten for the rest. Gusset plates made from plywood and nailed to the truss on both sides, with 8 penny cement coated, will give you all the strength you need. 4. What you are talking about is basically what it known as a collar tie. Which if you are not thinking storage that would be adequate and does not have to span the entire building. Anyway I hope I gave you something to think about! Here is a couple of links to some info that might help you figure this out! http://inspectapedia.com/structure/Roof_Framing.php http://www.pole-barn.info/gable-roof-trusses.html One other thing I forgot to address . You are more than likely going to have to pull a permit. That means basically they will require drawings and that will include such things as roof load and the code will specify the minimum standards for what you are building. Most states will let you do your own concrete work, and framing as long as it is inspected at the proper times in the process. You can do your own electrical and plumbing but it will require a liscened plumber or electrician to back the work with their licence. Most plumbers or electrician will not do this unless they know your work and they will have to look at the job before you call for an inspection. They often charge a fee for using of their licence and time. If you know how to do the work according to code it is still cheaper than letting the plumber or electrician do the entire job!! Hope this helps!!
  4. There are probably cheaper ones but as warned small taps are very easy to break. With a small tap it is, the nature of the beast! the least little bit of side pressure and/or leaning of the handle wiil cause it to snap! The idea behind a tap jig is when using a tap of any kind, to get a good thread the tap must start straight. In thicker metal that is not so hard to do but with a thin piece of metal like you will be using as liner it is easy to get a crooked thread. So even if you get a good thread by hand getting a straight thread is that much harder to do, and a crooked hole will show up and create headaches like you have never seen before! Think of it this way. I use to do construction and I always told my guys to center the bubble on a level. Lets say with a four foot level you are off by an 1/8" you multiply that number by 2, for each time tha distance multiplys from the origional height! Or in the height of a standard wall 8' that wall is not leaning 1/4". Believe me if that amount off sounds trival, until think of that distance of a two or three story building. That 1/8" of becomes 1/2" at the top of the second story and a full 1" at the top of the third story and it continues to multiply each time you double that distance!! The same thing applies with a tap. if you canter/tip that tap and it is only a small amount, in the given length of the screw it doubles for each time you go beyond the length of the screw!! In the width of a folder from one side to the other if you get off a little, you are going to miss aligning with hole on the other side of the folder by half the width of the hole on the other side or possibly more!!! I came to the determination myself a while back if I was going to do more folders (with threaded fasteners) that I myself would have to invest in one of these! I do mostly primitave folders as of now. So as of now, all I have to worry about getting the holes drilled straight on my drill press. So far I have yet to buy one but if I decide to do a modern version of friction folders it is an almost must have!! Here is a link that explains a lot about tapping and "how to" correctly!! It actually has a pretty good info in it! https://www.kmstools.com/blog/hand-taps-proper-tapping-techniques/
  5. This my friend is a tapping jig! It is used to start the tap straight and it makes it esier to control the tap especially, with the small ones! Check this search out, they come in all sizes and price ranges! Again you get what you pay for in qualtiy!! https://www.google.com/search?q=hand+tapping+jig&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj2vrC00ofUAhUENiYKHUOAAfQQsAQIbA&biw=1280&bih=918 Did I mention to you this obessison can get expensive! LOL I have been veryk busy for a couple of days so haven't had time to check back!
  6. Thanks Jim as soon as I saw your reply I went straight to Jantz and ordered it! I have been looking for a while and thought I had checked every knife supply but, somehow forgot Jantz. Thanks again!! Thanks GEzell I have looked around and I maybe wrong but I am assuming that they condensed the two DVDs into one. At least from looking at the original adds and comparing time of both DVDs, it would be just about correct for the length!!
  7. You know I have started a response to this three times now and I can't seem to find the words to answer this in words, that does not cross the lines of out of bounds conversation on this forum. However I am going to try one more time! I will tell you, that you can expect more and more of this! We have become a nation of individuals that our lives begin and end in our own little worlds. We no longer have the ability in our thoughts or vocabulary that actually allow us to see each action and judge that given action on it its own merit. In our attempt to make those little worlds we live in safe, we condone thoughts and actions that are not our own. Burying your head in the sand, no matter which side of these kind of issues, your thoughts fall on will not help. You have to stand for what you believe! I am going to throw something out there and it will probably make some mad but, that is not my intention! Americans increasingly moved into cities over the course of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, a movement motivated in large measure by industrialization. Eleven million people migrated from rural to urban areas between 1870 and 1920, and a majority of the twenty-five million immigrants who came to the United States in these same years moved into the nation’s cities. By 1920, more Americans lived in cities than in rural areas for the first time in US history. When those folks began to move to the cities they began to create generations of children who knew nothing about what it was to know the things folks grew up with in the country. Where everyone knew their neighbor and when it was needed, a world where neighbor helped neighbor. They new what it was to live off the land, how to handle a gun, or a knife, in a safe manner. Their groceries and everything that was there life came from that city and for some, they would be born live and die in those cities. The one thing that cities really did for this county is too give, the lazy, sorry individuals who didn't want to work a place where they didn't have too. Now the people were concentrated in one area and if that lazy, sorry individual, didn't want to work,..... they didn't have to. They just took what they wanted and they did not have to go far to find another victim. Think about it a minute before you get mad about this! I am old country boy and proud of that, I can be just as hick as the worst hick you ever meant or I can be a much more refined person, (the later, usually makes my wife happier with me). However as a county folk I learned at an early age, how to handle a gun and I was carrying one of my Dad's old pocket knives at about 6 yrs. of age. I was taught right and wrong and not to talk back to my elders. I was taught that a loaded gun was to be respected and never point one at anything you did not intend to kill. I lived in a small town and I knew everyone and everyone knew me and my parents and if I did something wrong, my parents knew it, before I got home. My parents lived in that same home and never locked their doors. Till they came home one night and someone ran out of the house, (that would have been in the late1980's). I knew what it was to work hard for a living. I worked on farms, doing whatever was needed. Then at the age of 14, I went to work form my Dad doing a man's job in the construction field. I was expected to keep my grades up but when not in school I worked!! I went into service, (US Army) at age of seventeen right after graduating from High School ! Still proud to be a county boy and because of that not understanding what it meant to be raised in a city! I never in my life realized, until l had been in Uncle Sam's Army for about 3 months that anyone could be citified to the point of, not knowing or understanding what I knew, and I guess I took that for granted! I was assigned to the 46th Engineer Battalion. They were the unit that went into Vietnam, Iraq, to build the roads for the rest of the troops to fight on. We trained for war all the time. It was our mission to have everything we needed for our unit and the other three units that supported us, to the docks and aboard ship, ready to ship out in 72 hrs to go over seas and fight! We trained for this all the time and often spent 2 weeks or more in the field, sometimes once a month but, never more than 3 consecutive months went by that we were not in the field, sharpening our training! Anyway back to the subject at hand, while on a training mission in the field. This young man who was in my unit, knew I was an old country boy. He walks up and opens his hand and asks me. What kind of berries are these. Looking down I had to laugh. Boy, those aren't berries that is deer shit! That is the first time I realized how citified one person could be! We talked and he told me the only time he saw farm animals was in a zoo! I watched him pick a fight with another guy in the unit, all because he was from one side of Philly and the other guy from the other side of Philly. I began to understand where his world was from!! So you see as a country boy I can see both sides of this fence. I know what it is too be raised around guns and knives and none of that scares me! But those that have lived for generation upon generation, in the city. They know only the city side of things. They are scared to death of the crime rate and now-days they have become the part of the generation, looking for the easy out on that crime. They think if guns and knives are done away with well then everything is gonna be OK. What they don't see is they are missing part of the equation.To achieve the result they are wanting, (peaceful cohabitation). They have to get rid of the element that is too lazy to work and prays on everyone for their share of the pie. Learning to know your neighbors and not turning a blind eye to the criminal action you just witnessed or saying its not my problem or I am scared. That is exactly what the criminal element is counting on them doing!! Know your neighbors, watch over them and when you see something, say something, or you may very well be the next victim. Now the whole point of this was not to say because you are a country boy or a city boy, that either one of you are right or wrong!! It's too show their are two sides to this and if neither side reach's out to other and both sides do not,...... keep an open mind, nothing will be solved!! Yep, they are scared and so,.......... political correctness becomes the way of stopping what they are afraid off. Their action is too say we won't have it on "our site". Now that was the key words in that sentence, "their site" ! If you want to change how things are then you have to reach out on "your venue" and intelligently trying to express your opinion! I say this because you are not going to get any of them to listen, when you get your "county boy" on! I know because as soon as I slip over into that mode with my wife, her ear muffs go on and I might have, the absolute most sound argument you have ever heard but, she quit listening 30 minutes ago!! Now I wrote this not to say the country boy is right or the city boy is wrong. I used that analogy to say, all of us want to be safe in our own homes and our lives. Realizing how to accomplish this comes with two trains of thought and I am not saying either one is right, or either one is wrong. There are two points of view out their and neither of them is going to reach the other with out first extending their hand and saying, can I talk to you for a minute!!! There is a time and place for that conversation and it is not here! Those forums that morph over into political conversations or religious conversations are usually just a mess! While I may agree with it being a shame that this type of thing happens! If you don't want it to go in that direction, educating and talking with the other side, why you feel as you do is the only way you will change it!! Doing it on a forum that is dedicated to knife-making, is not a good idea!! We probably all agree with that sentiment!
  8. What I am looking for is the following. Dvd - Custom Knife Sheaths with Chuck Burrows 2 disc set Since Chuck passed I can't find anywhere that is still selling the DVD's! Chuck was the master when it came to sheaths like this! He could make a knife and a sheath that looked like someone had went back in time in the "Way Back Machine" and brought it out with them! His passing took an effect with him that would be hard to duplicate! I would have thought maybe the family would have kept producing the DVD's as the interest in work like his still continues today! However I have not found any place still selling the 2-DVD set, Custom Knife Sheaths!! So if anyone knows a source please let me know about it! Also does anyone know if the DVD's covered these frontier style sheaths??
  9. Watching this one Brian, with interest and think I just learned something! Can you elaborate a little more on this PH Minus bath. I see the can in the background of the pic. I am guessing looking at the can maybe it was designed for use with a swimming pool! What is this and how do use it? It looks like the pan is on a hot plate??? By the way the tittle, "A knife with no style" is incorrect it is showing your style and right now I am liking your style!
  10. The photo's I need to explain this are in my photobucket account and I haven't been able to get that site to work right for several months. So I am going to try and explain this with pics from the net! When you get the belt to track correctly, is it running in line on the drive and the platen or work wheel? If so, look down over your machine. The tension bar could be slightly off. This can be caused by the yoke that holds the tension arm or perhaps the pivot for the tracking pulley itself is off a touch! Think of it this way, one of the reasons a KMG grinder itself costs so much is the precision. Most of us do not have several 100-200K CNC machines to engineer that same precision into a clone! With the machine running does the belt track well under load or not? If so it almost has to be the arm or the tracking pivot. This pic show the bracket that holds the tracking wheel. Looking down on the machine from above, does it appear that the bolt that holds the tracking wheel is not square to the arm? If so shimming behind one end or the other of the bracket holding the pivot for the tracking itself may be the problem! What I did on mine was to go to the opposite side of the pivot arm drill and tap two holes to hold small allen screws. I loosened the bolts holding the pivot bracket and by tighten the allens on the backside I pushed that bracket slightly cocking it one end or the other until the view from above made the bolt for the tracking wheel become 90* to the arm. It did not take a lot and once I got it tracking right I made a shim for the end I had to move and tightened everything down again, ran it with and without load to make sure it would work correctly. One more time I pulled it all apart put loctite on bolts and tightened everything down for good! Now when I throw a belt on the grinder I only need a small touch to get belt tracking correctly on all three wheels and no more of this having to cock the tracing wheel way up in the air!! I wish I could get to my own photo's they show more of what I done!! If I can get the blankity blank Photobucket to work I will come back and edit this!! EDIT: OK finally got into my account! As I was saying if the yoke for the tensioner arm is straight then the problem very well may be the bracket for the tracking adjustment itself! This the tension arm (backside) see the 3 holes those were drilled and taped, to accept Allen screws to push the tracking mount out, (on the other side) of the tensioner arm so it would square with the belt! In this pic if you look closely you can see the shim, (the white line behind the front bracket). I ended up putting behind the bracket holding the tracking adjustment! This squared the tracking bracket, set-up enough, so that only a small tweak on the tracking knob is needed now!! I hope this helps!!
  11. Mark, very nice work, your attention to the details is working well for you!
  12. Sell them for scrap use the money to buy you some 1080 or 1084 steel and then you will know for sure what you are forging and how to treat it for HT. I keep all scrap of any steel in the shop as well as anything I might generate, (my old rider mower, the old BBQ, and anything I find on the side of the road, etc.). When I get enough or Mama gets tired of looking at. I make a trip the scrapyard and sell it a put the money back into buying some good steel!!! Check out this web site and he has more info on different known steels and how to handle, forge temps and HT and he is a master. He will never steer you wrong. He even understand the science side of all this! http://cashenblades.com/mathertonforge/
  13. JPH I hear you I have lost two PC's to virus corrupting the hard drive in about 3 1/2 yrs. Each time I had security and they got around it and before I knew what was going on it was too late. I wish I was smart enough to write a program, that could control a virus and keep it moving around so that it was almost impossible to catch it! I sure wouldn't use that knowledge to screw someone over!! My son in law, is computer nerd, and he went thru one of the PC's hard drive trying to eradicate one of the viruses and he said I don't know who wrote this one but, he was good. Every time I was about to nail it, the virus moved itself to another part of the hard drive! Folks work hard to get things like they need them and in a short while some unscrupulous a$$ destroys it in a few seconds. Why just because he can!!
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    Looks good. One thing that catches my eye the handle looks a little blocky. Watched an episode of FIF where Doug downed one of the makers knives for being squared off across the bottom. Of course when your chopping things you probably ain't got no business chopping, it probably was rough on his hand!! LOL Keep up the good work!