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    Family and especially my grandson! Building knives is becoming a passion with me. Outdoors in general, hunting fishing.

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  1. C Craft

    sumac stagwood with hamon

    Here in Fl. the only sumac, is poison sumac! You don't want to touch the foilage or the tree itself. However I did Google Sumac wood and what I saw had a beautiful grain!! Love the knife by the way the handle is unique and the blade reminds me somewhat of a Puko style!!
  2. C Craft

    Starting My Next

    I have done it with antler but that is cheap! Well then again what you have to spend hunting nowadays,............. but still cheaper than mastodon bark! EDIT: Actually now that I think about it, it was just boiling water and then pressure!! Don't want to do it in the house as Mama is gonna want to know what that awful smell is??
  3. C Craft

    Starting My Next

    Me too! I had to cringe a little when I saw what you were doing. Then again I figure its Gary, he should know what he is doing,....................... You got me hooked again Gary I will be watching this one!!!
  4. C Craft

    Latest work and Movie work

    Very nice!! You ride that horse well.
  5. C Craft

    Completed Tudor Dagger

    Gary, wow, that seems like a woefully inadequate response but I can't come up with a better response at the moment!!! Holy cow, amazing, awesome, smoking!!!!!!!! Every part of the knife complements the other parts! So that is what a custom knife is suppose to do! Did I say WOW!
  6. C Craft

    new pattern

    Wow, don't remember seeing this one back when it was first posted. Talk about some eye candy!!!!
  7. C Craft

    New Project-Tudor Dagger

    Very nice Gary! You make things that aren't easy, look like child's play!!
  8. C Craft

    Completed Horsehead Bowie

    Gary, you hit that one out of the ball park!! Awesome knife!!
  9. C Craft

    Some recent stuff

    Like your work!
  10. C Craft

    Bowie with W2 and Ironwood

    Good clean elegance with a hamon. Whats not to like!!!!!!!!!!
  11. C Craft

    File Trade?

    Caleb, sounds like you hit the lottery so to speak!! Listen not trying to be an a$$ but that piling of files is the worst thing you can do with a file. They are hard enough without much force you can chip the edge of one file with the other. The best way to store them is to hang them, so that they can't smack against one another. In lieu of that I reverse them handle to blade and lay them on my work bench. That eats up a lot of space though. I have got to get busy and make a rack to hang them!
  12. C Craft

    Handle WIP, through tang

    Thanks Geoff, I knew I had seen it. A buddy and fellow maker has it!! I remember looking at it over at his shop one night!!
  13. C Craft

    Handle WIP, through tang

    Geoff that one turned well! I like the 1800's pieces. Thanks for WIP! Did you pein the tang?? What is that book that it is laying on?? I have seen that book before but can't think what it is!!
  14. Here are some links to some of the information on what you are asking! http://www.brokebladesmith.com/blog/2016/1/29/creative-filework Try this Google search! https://www.google.com/search?q=knife+making+file+work+tutorial&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj-t6GbtN3ZAhUDOawKHX0pCtoQ1QIIhwEoAA
  15. C Craft

    Just no way around it eventually

    Congrats she is a beaut! She reminds me of my Hay Budden, I drove about 75 miles one way to get it,!! !! Here is a link of how I re-worked mine!!