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    Family and especially my grandson! Building knives is becoming a passion with me. Outdoors in general, hunting fishing.

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About Me

I am 51 years young and I reside in N.W. Florida, and have lived here since 1978. I done construction most of my life, I worked mostly as a carpenter. I have worked doing, new construction, renovation, trim work, cabinet maker, furniture maker. I pursed this career until when in 1975 when I went into service, the US Army. In late 1978 and my active duty time up in service I went back to doing carpenter work.

Approximately ten years ago, I was injured in bad wreck and had to have lower back fusion, rendering me disabled. ! I looked for something to keep my mind and hands busy on those days the good Lord allows me too. Prior to my injury I loved hunting and fishing, however since the surgery have been limited to the amount I can do. Having never lost my interest in the outdoors, I was drawn to knife building. Having built a few knives over the years, it seemed the natural progression of things. Then I begin building knives full time 2 years ago, in 2007 fulltime. Full time is a loosely used term with me as when the pain in my back is too bad I have to lay it aside for a better day.

I have built several different styles of knives. However I find the real passion for my craft in the 1800's style knives. Some find that statement strange because they say that 1800's knives are plain, and I tell them, therefore the knife has to be able to tell its story at a glance, and yet draw your eye in for more

That's where the craftsmanship comes in, to be able to get the knife to captivate you and draw in for a closer examination of the small details you initially did not see! My sheaths are also hand built by myself and I try to get the same workmanship to show in them as I do my knives!

My goal when I build a custom knife is, I want to build a knife that not only looks good but, it makes you want to pick it up and once you pick it up it should make you want to use it as only your favorite knife can do!!

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