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    Old Axe

    Check this out. https://www.thehenryford.org/docs/default-source/default-document-library/the-henry-ford-iron-conservation.pdf/?sfvrsn=2 http://www.metaldetectingworld.com/electrolysis_rust_removal.shtml
  2. +1 Brian says! I use rasps, files and the sander to rough shape, but remember David you can always take more off but you can't add it back! Stop and look often. I will dry fit many times till I get the basic shape of what I am liking for that particular knife! Comparing side to side to make sure I don't have one different from the other!! Also when you have the rough shape you like. Start trying to use less and less tools that cut deep. Just like the blade you have to sand all the marks out down to the finish handle. I really do use an oscillating sander to shape when
  3. Here is a quick and dirty drawing of how lines can help you with your shaping! If you are looking for a coke bottle shape of a knife handle! You can start with the two blocks. Measuring out the point as too where you want to take your lines to, gives you a basic idea of where to start and stop with the shaping! Looking at my quick drawing. The top view shows that the roll at the ricasso is not exactly matching in my drawing. So I would have to work at this when shaping. Also I am not crazy about the initial shape itself! So would probably do some freehand on the shape
  4. The quick short answer VERY CAREFULLY! I am assuming these are already glued up the way you are talking. So this is the best advice I can give at this point!! Look I have had to go back and work on the front of a set of scales. Cover the ricasso with a thin material, such as sheet metal, brass or similar! Make sure that that the cover material is taped off well, so it can't move while you work on the reshaping! You will have to do the reshape with hand tools such as a file or similar. I have used a file before and then you have to do the finish sanding with an oscillating sander
  5. Make sure you drill press drills square! If your drill press is not drilling a square to the material you will never get them to line up! When you work the scales and the front edge use the same pins you will use during final assembly! This keeps both sides of the scales square too each other, while working them. Dry assemble to see if you like the fit. You can leave them slightly long till you get the front or the shape like you want them to look and finish out! Once you like the dry fit then use the same pins to assemble. The finish work at the front of th
  6. To me the picture tells the story, Dave. The rubber looks gooey as you said it was. Something in the environment of your shop caused that! I had some tools that I had put into a bucket while working on my truck! When I went to get them to put them up in their proper place. I was shocked. They were all rusting. I was working on the brakes of my truck and although brake fluid is very caustic. They were rusting even the chrome parts. It finally dawned on me that the bucket I placed the tools in was an old pool chlorine bucket! I chose the bucket because it had a screw on lid! Even
  7. Well other than you used my initial's!!! All funnies aside that is a great first knife sheath! You tackled many things on your first that most won't try down the road! The important thing about making a mistake, is learning from it! Also it is only an oh oh, ""if you can't make it look like an intentional"! Again great first sheath!!
  8. Kid when I saw your post on Rob's post of ......... possibly a hobbit sword. My whole day lit up. I haven't seen anything from you in a coon's age!


    I thought you may have passed over the great divide, I haven't seen anything from you in long time. 

    Glad to hear you are still "kickin"!!! Please don't take this the wrong way. I remember talking to you on the phone and it was like talking to an old friend!



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    2. C Craft

      C Craft

      Kid I am sure sorry to hear about the health. Don't worry about me ever forgetting you! There is some knife makers I can look at a knife and tell right off who the maker was without ever seeing the makers mark! 


      It's that way with your leather work. I saw one of your holsters a while back and I had to ask the guy if "Kid Terico" made that one. He was surprised that I knew the maker!! I told him he has a distinctive style and it's not hard to know who made it if you know his work!! 

      Terry, I will say a prayer for you and yours!!



    3. kidterico


      Thank u for the answer. I am pretty much house bound due to bad health. Can only get around with help. Dont post hardly ever. but like to look at all the great work people are showing. Really miss not being able to do my leather work. My wife is typing this for me. Its such a great feeling to see that some one still remembers me. THANk YOU Cliff. KT   Terry

    4. kidterico


      Thank you. Stay safe. Your friend KT  Terry

  9. Rob I am with you on this one. I have always liked your work and you have my interest on this one!!
  10. You got some serious talent!
  11. Real nice work John. You have got those puukko knives down pat!
  12. I have one I have been using and it has always run and cut true! I bought some new blades a while back. Every since I got the five blades I have had trouble when your tension the blade it immediately makes the blade turn to the left. I had become convinced that something was wrong with the say so I disassembled the thing and spend tow days working on with little success! I did discover that since the blades have run in that catawopased left hand turn it has caused premature wear on the lower blade guides. So now I need to replace them! However today I put the last one
  13. Not a lot of shop time but, boy you sure have the points for,............Honey I need a new hammer, tongs, compressor, er a ....................... Think hard Geoff you don't want to waste those points on a dud! Oh, I need a new power hammer! Isn't funny how your points take a lot longer to earn than they do to spend!!
  14. I do not do kitchen knives but if I had to say I might have to do a wooden sheath! Having said that, "every knife deserves a sheath"! I mean hell what do you do with a knife without protection for the blade. A folder is safe inside of it's handle. A hunting knife or any carry style knife is worthless without a sheath to protect the knife and its owner! I figure its a necessary evil when it comes to sheath making!! There is a good DVD by Chuck Burrows about sheath making and has a lot real good tips on how to get the professional look! https://www.amazon.com/Custom-Knife-Sheaths-
  15. Real nice. Like them both. I like the top one most! On questions of how to what is your secret to getting all the pieces in epoxy and in place before it becomes a mad dash at the end to get everything lined up before the epoxy sets! My biggest problem with these types of handles is this. In my hurry to get it all assembled I find out later when grinding down, I have a dry spot on the leather pieces.(Never tried birch before) The dry spot is usually somewhere in the tail end/pommel end of the knife! It will look like there is epoxy and I guess it just wasn't enou
  16. One only has to take a quick look at that piece to realize that it was a treasured piece! The amount of work and time it must have taken to complete is a testament to quality of the engraving! https://samlinger.natmus.dk/DO/asset/2359 nprovos I am unsure as to call you Niels or the avatar name but this piece really speaks to me! I assuming by following your work you may be about to make a copy of the piece. If that is so I would love to follow the process! If you find or have any more info on this piece I would love to see it! Was this a piece that someon
  17. Where in the _ell do you find these auctions ? I look at auctions and flea markets and such and most are selling worse junk than I already got!! Great finds!
  18. I live on a dead end street in a cul-de-sac in the county, here in Florida. One day on my way in to town. I see this bird. I think it was a male Brown Thrasher. There is a female about six feet away. The ole boy is strutting his stuff! He is dancing, spreading his wings fully and kicking up the dirt in an attempt to impress the female. I was sitting in my truck, fully involved in watching the dance he was putting on. When all of the sudden a there was a hawk came diving in at full speed. Locked his talons on the small bird and began to peck him with its beak! All I could think was
  19. Damn fine work Rob! Thanks for the WIP. Rob, damn fine work! I looked at this pic and I am thinking he said he was making a socketed spear. This look like the beginning of a tomahawk. Then it hits me. I suddenly understand how the socket is done!!!
  20. Geoof, simple is good and that one is great! I think too often makers seem to try and throw everything but the kitchen sink into a knife!! Simple is like a woman with just a hint of perfume, clothed in a way that has your imagination working overtime to fill in the rest of what your eye can't see! A simple knife hits all those marks, not to much perfume and just enough visual to make you want to pick it up and get to know it!!
  21. A buddy and I went camping/fishing one day. When we first got there, the first thirty minutes they were hitting like gang busters. After an hour of not another bite. I told him, well at least we won't be eating beans for supper! I reached down and pulled the small limb I had tethering a stringer of fish. Raised it up and son of %@$&^. Out of nine fish we had two the turtle had not eaten! Oh well so we only have to eat a few beans!! On the other hand Mr. Turtle didn't have to eat any beans!!
  22. John, still stick behind what I said. I watched your work and a good blade is a "good blade" if you grind and finish the steel correctly. But to make a knife out of it you have to complement that with the right materials, ferule, spacers, finish, of the chosen handle material. Having said that, as a maker you can screw up the handle! However your work has been getting more complete with each knife!! The materials you used on this one complement each other well! The lines of the blade, the handle with proper dimensions and flow. That is what makes it a knife!! This sir
  23. John, I have been following your work for a while!! Your puko knives are always well done! Also every one seems to top the last one! I especially like the use of materials on this one!! Your makers mark caught my eye. I am assuming that is stamped. How do you get the dark effect?? If you don't mind answering!!
  24. Prayers to you and your family! My wife has terminal lung cancer. So when I say I understand, I pretty much do! Hang in there and I will say a prayer for you. If it wasn't for my faith, I would have gave up long ago. I know God has a purpose, sometimes it is hard to see!
  25. Have you got a link to Jason and his wood? The pictures say it all!!
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