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  1. Jerrod could you try that in English this time! Boy just for a minute I had a snap back to chemistry class and I was once again asking myself why did I take this class??????
  2. This thing looks like it is about to come to life and start walking across the desk!!!
  3. So I see you designed in the most important feature of any rolling press, a full beer stein. Can't ask for more while laboring away!! Wow, this is one heck of a project. I am tuned in to watch this one!! Go Bruno. That huge motor is nothing but impressive let alone the rest of the beast!!
  4. Gary, just when I think you can't top the last one, you up and top it!! That one is awesome!
  5. Congrats! I can't see the episode from the link but, I get it that you were there! When does the show air??
  6. OK by the perspective of the pocket knife says this thing is the size of a beach ball!!! I don't know what it is but it is huge!! EDIT: I found this, https://www.wfmynews2.com/article/news/weird/this-puffball-mushroom-is-the-size-of-a-beach-ball/83-484901607 http://ca.pressfrom.com/news/offbeat/-50316-check-out-this-beach-ball-sized-puffball-mushroom-found-in-iowa/
  7. Yep, take it from one that hated doctors! Three heart attacks, two stent operations and finally a quadruple bypass about 8 yrs. ago. Take your but to the doctor and don't wait too long. I never felt but one of the three heart attacks I had! The first one I had no idea I had, (I used to have horrible indigestion and probably passed it off for indigestion). The second I was working my second job (working 22 hrs every weekend) for myself. I had to go to the big box store to pick-up something. Couldn't figure out why I was sweating bullets and couldn't think. I then called the lady I was working for that I wouldn't be back today something came up! Called my wife and told her I thought I was having a heart attack and to be ready to drive me to the hospital when I got there. Of course I told her exactly which way I was coming home and after auguring about calling an ambulance I told her I was two blocks away! The last one I had my heart had done its own bypass. I was doing what my doctor had always warned me about, sitting up at night cause I couldn't breathe!! That was the one before the bypass!! Do yourself a big favor. Call your doctor, relate your symptoms, and they can cut all the red tape to get into see a specialist!! You need to see a heart doctor!!
  8. Take a look at this link! They are what is known as wheel wrights that do these repairs still today!! http://www.hansenwheel.com/store/wheels-repair/wheel-services.html
  9. Gary, you did it again! As Alex had said I am not really a fan of that style of handle but, you went and made me like it!!! I may not be a fan at the moment, while one of yours is under construction. Often that has more to do with personal taste but, dang-it I don't think you ever finished one that I did not like. Your talents and your cavalier attitude makes the whole process look like child's play! We all know that have attempted to follow your lead, it is not child's play!! There is nothing about that entire knife I don't like, except that I can't do that!! cavalier attitude: A "cavalier attitude" is kind of a casual, almost dismissive attitude. You are a master craftsman Gary!
  10. You mean back in the day of the Detroit Dinosaur, yep I remember that!!
  11. Impressive work!! I like your attention to detail!!
  12. I had to go look up what Gun Gum was, we use to use something similar on my sons racecar at the headers because it was the only thing the could withstand that intense heat produced by the headers! Nice hamon. that is gonna be a great knife when you finish it out!!
  13. Dang Brian, love the holder/stand as well that is a complete package!! Well done on all of it!!!
  14. Aw come on man what did the poor little fridge do to you, you big bully!! Holy bat stuff Batman!! What no pic of the edge or point! That is what you call the full test there!!
  15. That is one sweet piece, the Damascus, compliments the handles and the bolster as well as the pins!! I have to agree the bolster compliments the whole knife. Very well done, very well done indeed!!
  16. Here is the link to the etch w/battery charger. The process is similar to etching your name/makers mark on a knife, just on a larger scale! http://www.diyeasycrafts.com/diy-knife-metal-etching.html I would suspect their is a learning curve to keep from messing up a blade!!
  17. That is what I was doing was if I had coffee left in the pot in the morning. Instead of dumping down the drain, I put it in a container long enough to do about a 10" blade. However I found out the coffee sitting on my workbench in the heat of Florida was a good idea only if you wanted to grow mold. Put it in the fridge and warm it up when you are ready for use. You ever walked into a store and picked up the pot and you see the colors in it when you pour the last out of the pot. That is the natural acid in coffee and that is also what does the blackening. To keep it black I have heard of using a cold blue as a topcoat so to speak. Although any bluing, browning or etch is only skin deep. Someone was telling me about doing an etch using a battery charger. I will look to see if I can find the info!!
  18. Looks good! Loose the wrap, it takes away from an otherwise good looking knife! IMHO
  19. Really nice!! Just about as clean of a puukko as you could imagine!!
  20. Jose, don't take this wrong. I often don't read all of the words above a pic till the pictures catch my eye. As I am paging down thru the knives and liking what I am seeing. This voice in the back of my head is saying, these knives have a heavy Spanish influence. So it hits me I haven't seen your logo before so I roll back up to the top and I see you are located in Spain. That would explain the heavy Spanish influence. So I had to go back and read all the information I had skimmed over. Love the knives!! Your work is great!!
  21. Ew, I hate broken off taps. Some times after we cool down the tap can be turned with a pick and backed out and then sometimes,...…………………… %$*&(($%#
  22. Dang it Gary, you make this stuff look like child's play and we all know its not, at least for most of us!!
  23. I have seen the photos and they are great knives!!!
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