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  1. Here is a link that may explain more Daniel. http://www.nancylthamilton.com/techniques/soldering/soldering-101/
  2. Ross, you are right it doesn't show in the picture and as Alan said. that is probably enough of a radius! You would not want to see my first forge attempt. In fact no one but the man I sell my scrap metal too!! I just wanted you to know I do go back and read posts that I have contributed too. If you take this one and the feedback you have gotten on your next knife, you will be well on your way. Keep up the good work!!
  3. Jake, I love it! Thanks for the insight!
  4. Its too clean, it don't look real!!
  5. If you epoxied with Gflex you ain't gonna "take it apart" you might beat it off of the knife with a hammer and grinder but you ain't gonna "take it apart"! If you do as others have spoke of with the CA and backfill the cracks with dust from sanding buffalo. It will definitely make it harder to see, and it will look more natural if it shows!!
  6. That squared area at the ricasso is a recipe for bad news. You see most knives have a rounded area. The reason being when it is squared off it leaves a place for stress factors, from forging to HT stresses. While it may not be a problem now, if the blade is stressed, that would be the first place I would expect to see it crack!! For a forged blade you have done well! On your next sheath use a grooving tool to make a groove for the stitching to go down into. It will give it a more finished. Having said all that it a great overall effort and you are on a path to good things!!
  7. By stressed I meant is it an extremely tight fit to the knife! Although I would expect the cracks in a different direction if that was the case! You said, So then I have to look at where you are from. Temps here in NW Florida have been bumping the 100* mark factor in the humidity and your looking at temps that could be upwards of a 110* You put that in a closed up vehicle you could be looking at a 150*. My wife smokes and recently left her lighter on my dash while we went into an appointment. We were out of the truck for maybe 45 minutes. When I opened her door for her I see small red pieces. My first thought was it looked like blooms off of a tree. Then I realized the window was up and...………. her lighter had exploded into a million tiny pieces!! Was the Buffalo stabilized?? Here in the south I fear the temp and humidity differences in any piece I make!! I have seen it effect all sorts of materials. I have a feeling that the stent in the truck may have caused your problem!!!
  8. First what kind of horn is it??? I know you said Buffalo but there are several kinds of Buffalo! Was it stabilized before use?? Is it in a stress?? Did it get extremely hot while grinding to shape?? Suggestion you can seal the cracks with Cyanocrylate but it is not going to make the cracks disappear! If that is what you want to achieve is to make the crack disappear, then you are most likely looking at a new handle!!
  9. That porcelain shrine is gonna pop when it gets too hot! But, it will be the talk of the BBQ for a while. …………………….. Hey you ain't gonna believe what I saw last night...……….. I ate one of the Bratwurst but it had kind of a crappy taste!!! Sorry couldn't help myself!!!
  10. Wow if I had that just down the road, well....... I'd be just down the road!! http://www.dublinstore.com/about-us
  11. Well, you got my curiosity up!!!
  12. Looking good Gary, or should I call you "The Bowie Master" You have been tearing it up with the Bowies lately but, hey I always love to see your work!
  13. The almighty dollar runs the world, and not always in a good direction!
  14. Yep I have decided that is the trick, refrigerate between uses! I guess given the temp of my shop this time of year, its lucky it wasn't walking and talking before I say the mold! LOL
  15. My first thought was, I like it!! I have to say the material all work well together! Have you got a shot of the Dubh top / bottom, showing the antler and the Bog Oak handle at the same time?? That is an interesting choice, (the two different handle materials on the same handle). Was their a significance to combining the two materials??
  16. Don't know about Billy but I just had to throw a petri dish out the back door the other day. I have a container I used setting on my bench. The other day I walked by it and something caught my attention. When I opened it. There was mold spores all on the surface. I thought about just trying to skim it but decided to go ahead and dump it!! The way I figure it, anything I put in the mix is probably gonna kill the acid in the coffee that does the work! However I seem to remember something about citrus acid being added to something to keep it from molding. I watch the food channel sometimes at night! LOL
  17. Are you speaking of burning in the tang??
  18. Real nice work! If you are worried about the engraving, I don't see anything at all wrong with it! Great work, love the drinking cups!!
  19. Quote: Pack it into the forge body and spray it with water from a spray bottle as it goes in. Wear heavy rubber gloves when doing this or the alkali will burn your skin. It's not a robust refractory but it allow you to shape the bowl of your forge as needs be. If you can find some videos by Tai Goo (yup, that's his name) he used an ash lined tub for a forge to burn charcoal in. I haven't read anything by him for a few years (I think that he got himself in trouble on some of the boards) but he did a bit on "neotribal" knifemaking.  Doug On pretty much every knife forum there ever was but, he was into the neotribal knifemaking, Tia Goo marched to his own drummer!! Here is the video that you were speaking of, I think,...……….. If you do a search for Tia Goo there are several of his videos's out there!
  20. +1 If you do not let the leather of a sheath that is wet, dry out completely before storing the knife, no matter what you coat the sheath in. You are asking for a mess when it does dry!!
  21. Very unique knife and what a story! Your friend and his friend have both been honored by this knife!
  22. Expecting a video of the presentation!
  23. Vern, if you turn the blade in position you might contact it, make sure the blade is covered in tape or similar. I seen one guy on another forum lacerate his forearm. However I worked in another guys shop and watched him doing file work on one like the first one I posted! He was able to sit and adjust the vice and pretty much sit in one position. He had done it enough that he made it look like child's play!! Handle work is another thing it is great for!! I got about 4 cut out to weld and got busy with something else and there they set!! Never got them finished!! LOL
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