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  1. Hey guys I forget the that there is a like feature on the forum so if I don't like your post, its probably just because I forget to use the like!! See the real problem is I have a sickness. I bought another post vice! It's a sickness, I hope I don't recover from!! This second one is heavier built that the first one. Other than being quite crusty it seems to have all of its parts and pieces! What the hey everyone needs two post vices!!
  2. I am liking that one, Josh!
  3. Alan, I can't believe you said that!! Was already thinking of something similar to this. Thanks for the pic! Great pics!! Thanks everyone!
  4. So the title pretty much says it! So I offered a price I figured they wouldn't accept and they took it! So I got the post vice for a decent price. It's got a 5" jaw so not too bad. As the pics show it need some work. Can't say for sure till I get my hands on it what the deal is with the spindle and the screw thread is. But it is not original! I am thinking it may be too short. Not much thread there for opening the vice. What was the average length on post vice screw thread? Has anyone ever attempted to make a screw box? The spring and mounting bracket and key wedges aren't going to be too bad to make. At least I think!! So only time will tell if I did good or not!
  5. C Craft

    Found KITH

    I always watch your work and it always impressed me!
  6. Really impressive work! Every time I look at it I see something else I missed! Talk about all the gingerbread, that one has it!!
  7. That is an awesome piece. To just look at your mind doesn't take in all the hard work it would take to makes such a piece. Then as you begin to dissect what you have pictured, then and only then do you begin to appreciate the hard work that went to this piece! You are a craftsman sir!
  8. Here is some pictures of my forge when I first built. They are not great pics as Photobucket still holds a lot my photos hostage,......... but that is another subject! My forge has flip up ends. In case I need to re-work the inside it makes it a lot easier. Also that allows me to open up the back so I can work on something that is actually longer than the forge itself Those ends are insulated the same as the forge body itself. They latch with two each suitcase type latches. Something similar too these Here is a picture with one of the lids flipped up! What you see in front of the forge is a work rest that can adjust in and out as well as raised and lowered. Also I made the front door with a slide type door that can be raised or lowered to a certain height. That way I can maintain the heat and not loose anymore than possible! It works off a couple of pieces of angle iron I cut down to be just wide enough to let the door slide up and down. A bolt with a T-handle is used to lock it at any certain height! You can see in the bottom picture. Anyway there is my ideas! Hope it helps!
  9. Ernie Grospitch, actually I think his son has taken over the stencils!! http://www.erniesknives.com/
  10. The pandemic killed a lot of business! However I think Aldo is still there! https://newjerseysteelbaron.com/ Check his site it says they will be closed for the 5th of July. So he is still there. May have had to cut back on some areas that were not selling well!
  11. Karambits are usually sharpened on both edges! Check out this video from Doug Marcida. Now will grant you a lot of these made today have a false edge on the outside cure. But in the hands of someone like Doug, you are dead 15 ways before you blink!! One of the deadliest weapons I have ever seen. Close up and personal!!
  12. Yes it is BillyO! I meant to type this, BladeForums.com. I forgot he was on this forum as well!
  13. The name sounded familiar. So I goggled the name and a picture popped up! I remember him from another forum. Bladesmith'sForum.com. However he has not been active on there since 2014! So that is not going to help you!! Maybe someone else knows him.
  14. I like it. It is a piece that immediately catches your eye and you keep going back to discover something you missed at first sight!! Or as you say East meets west!
  15. If you don't want it let me know! I will drive up to a 1000 miles to go get it! Seriously be prepared for some work but this was back when they built tools to last! If you got the body you can bring it back to life!!! And I am serious I will take it if you don't want it!!
  16. Wow I have not seen one that fine in a long time! You do excellent work!!
  17. OK now that is just outright bragging!! But I am watching the show,........
  18. Wow that is a great video and how to cut your own files!! Don't know but it must take practice to get the spacing so even!! I watched him cutting grooves in the video and noticed he is working away from the last grove instead using the last grove as a gauge. If I couldn't see the last grove it looks like it would be harder to keep even but not for him!! Puts thoughts in my head for special files!! Don't know if I have the patience to do that all day!
  19. Joshua, wow I picked up some valued information from this thread! I have never seen another maker in person. What I have learned in my knife making has been self-taught and gleaned over the years from knife forums! Believe me when I say the self-taught can be the most frustrating. IE, screwing up a knife at the last minute. Or having an idea of how you want to do this procedure and a year later you just happen to see a thread or video and think. Oh sh!$ that is ten times easier than the way I did it! Imparting knowledge unselfishly is one of the greatest attributes a maker can have in my opinion! When I first got into this knife making I had a grand delusion that all makers would want to share "how to". Don't get me wrong because, most are eager to share info. Every once in a while you meet one that is a real a$$ about it! I get that you may be making a living off of knife making. But I just want an idea of "how to" do such a piece. Then I can make a 100 or more and they still don't look as good as yours! Believe me I am not out to take away your business the "how to" is the part I can't get figured out in my head! OK enough ranting. I commend your sir, for it is threads like this where a lot of get the "how to" and for being a teacher not a lecturer of how I have nothing I want to share! Joshua, a great thread again and how you went back and added the end, I like that! I know folks don't see anything from me anymore except words. With my wife being sick it is about all the time I have to steal off and pound the keys and glean information from great posts!
  20. Charles you are a super computer or something! First I can't remember the name and you supply me with that. Even with the name I did a dozen searches and could not pop up anything that looked right!! You are amazing sir!
  21. Thanks Charles That is the name I was trying to remember! I forgot he is also the Tech guy!! Now if I just could remember the name of thread where we were discussing wrought!
  22. "A rose by any other name would be, ............ a knife! Jake I have got to say that is unique. It reminds me a dagger a shield-maiden might carry into battle!
  23. Jake, I really like that one! I like everything about it!!
  24. Look fellows you don't know how much I appreciate the advice. I have some of the wrought from the 1887 Globe Elevator near the Duluth-Superior Harbor! I have never worked with wrought iron that much. I was advised by one of the members. I think his first name is Niles, he is in Europe, can not think of his last name! He does a lot of videos and is a very knowledgeable knife maker! I hate that when I can't think of someone's name! Anyway he advised that this wrought from the grain elevator had to worked white hot, and you only have a short window because the make-up of the wrought causes crumbling! Again I appreciate the info. It puts my mind at ease that if I screw this up. It will be on my back!
  25. Does wrought iron need to be forged to bring out the grain? Or will just etching bring out the grain? I have a bowie knife I am working on and the guard will be an S shape and the ferule for this knife will all be made from some wrought stock I have. So I see this can be accomplished in two ways. The guard and the ferule will be made from the same piece of wrought iron. The first way I see to do this, is to try and forge to shape to rough finish with files and sanding to achieve the final shape! The second way, is to take a wrought bolt I have that is roughly the correct size and skip the forging and shape by stock removal by file and grinding! So I guess what I am trying to say will wrought that is forged look different, than a piece of wrought were stock removal has been used to accomplish the shape?? My thoughts are this. As long as both pieces are from the same piece of wrought, etched for the same amount of time, in the same etching material. They will look the same at finish!! So anyone got any thoughts on this subject???
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