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  1. Gary, far be it for me to tell you anything! I love it. The white micarta is a nice touch. I think I liked the smaller pins better but, this is what makes the world go around, difference in taste! I always feel like I have been to the museum after I look at one of your pieces!! Your work, as always is impeccable! I learn something every time I read one of your posts!!
  2. Jake, that is badass! That one and its sheath are made to go together, one compliments the other!! Oh, what do I think!! You done good...………real good!
  3. This shows a half tang that will have a threaded pommel. The top pic would be like that half tang knife, except they had two pins/rivets to keep the blade from pivoting!
  4. Back in the 1800's the companies that were suppling the trappers and traders. They were suppling a half tang knife they called a scalper!! Today it would be a full tang knife all the way to the but of the handle. You can do a threaded extension on a hidden tang!! OK I borrowed this from a site called knifekits. It shows a hidden tang that will have a threaded pommel. The top pick would be like that half tang knife, except they had two pins/rivets to keep the blade from pivoting! Here is more of what I was thinking of, (borrowed from the net). It shows a very short tang with rod silver soldered to it! You can let this run out the back of the handle and either thread it for a pommel of a pommel cap and peen the rod!! Hope some of this helps!
  5. Paul here are the same drawings I built my KMG clone off of! http://www.knifehelp.net/media/docs/GrinderPlans.pdf This is not the original set I had, cause they did not have pics of one made out of aluminum!!
  6. Have you got the experience in fabricating or metal working. If so building your own is an option!! This is mine when it was nearly completed! I had somewhere slightly over $300 in it and that was mostly metal, wheels, pullies, bolts and such. The motor cost me about $150. So ended up with about $450. in the whole thing. The biggest thing everything has to be square and true or it will never run correctly! Then you will begin to make modifications and changes!!
  7. Mama, is going to be a happy lady!!
  8. Your title say simple tomahawk. Sometimes simple is the best expression of something that is more than simple. Outstanding work!
  9. Here is something I turned up on Tillotson! https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/tillotson-co-sheffield-antique-1806711098
  10. I would love to see some video of this beast in use!!!
  11. When hot slag gets inside a shoe, it is a contest to see how fast you can get out of your shoes and socks. I have grabbed the dunk bucket and done just that, dunked the entire shoe foot and all in the bucket!!
  12. Plumb Brown https://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/metal-prep-coloring/blackening-browning/plum-brown-prod24772.aspx Works the same way as bluing the advantage is if the finish gets a scratch it rusts back in the scratch. Most folks do not realize bluing and browning are both a rusting process!! The chemical causes a rust and then polishing with 000 steel wool and do it over and over again till the finished product shows no signs of the real rust caused by the chemical!! Just blue or brown!
  13. Here is some interesting read on the Sami culture!! Sound like there everyday life is tough!! https://www.ancient-origins.net/history-ancient-traditions/window-traditional-sami-culture-reindeer-and-worldview-003493 Got to love this picture. I don't know who has the meaner look on there face the man or the little one!! Or this one . Smile for the camera everyone!
  14. What y'all didn't know Bowie is Gary's middle name. You have been ripping up the Bowie's recently. Fantastic work but, then I expect nothing less from you!!
  15. That's what the book says. Now if you talk to the actual people that make rebar they are gonna tell you it is kind of like making Spam. Everything but the squeal goes into spam and what ever re-cycled steel they can find to pour out as rebar. I have seen more that one construction project fail and more often than not the rebar is the culprit!!
  16. Very nice work, impressive! Thumbs up!!
  17. Wes, that is one you knocked out of the ball park! Man that one is awesome! You dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's!!
  18. Thanks Jerrod!! I have got to do some re-search on these types of hammers!!
  19. With air hammers how do they build enough pressure to do the actual hammering?? It would take a good compressor and I still believe it would need something to assist the air!! Anyone got insight into an air hammer really works??
  20. Richard, love your work and this one is not an exception! The bolster and the pommel are unique. The effect on the copper is really cool!!!
  21. Very nice! You are too modest, "Simple Integral - First Hamon"! There is little I see simple about that one!! Really nice work on the sheath as well!!!
  22. It runs in my head that either Geoff Keys or someone on that episode used white out as a anti-scale!! Ask him about it!
  23. Real nice work Gary!! What are the fittings made from, I am guessing maybe nickel/silver??
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