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  1. Now that I like. Just a really great knife that looks like it is well balanced! I really like the contrast of the materials. What is the red spacer material if you don't mind me asking?
  2. I have seen them before but, then I come from deep in farm country origionally! I am not sure of the steel in it, it may be fairly soft as they have a thick body. If you are willing to wait on it. Then have the steel tested and then you will know wheter it will make a good blade or not and how to treat it!
  3. This is from the maual for your motor: Mounting The motor must be securely installed to a rigid foundation or mounting surface to minimize vibration and maintain alignment between the motor and shaft load. Failure to provide a proper mounting surface may cause vibration, misalignment and bearing damage. Foundation caps and sole plates are designed to act as spacers for the equipment they support. If these devices are used, be sure that they are evenly supported by the foundation or mounting surface. After installation is complete and accurate alignment of the motor and load is accomplished, the base should be grouted to the foundation to maintain this alignment. The standard motor base is designed for horizontal or vertical mounting. Adjustable or sliding rails are designed for horizontal mounting only. Consult your Baldor distributor or authorized Baldor Service Center for further information. This is from the spec sheet on your motor. I am not sure what this means by by all means contact your local dealer for mor information on this Mounting: F1 , at the bottom of the specs. Specifications: VM3559 Catalog Number: VM3559 Specification Number: 35A13T123 Horsepower: 3 Voltage: 208-230/460 Hertz: 60 Phase: 3 Full Load Amps: 8.1-7.6/3.8 Usable at 208 Volts: 8.1 RPM: 3450 Frame Size: 56C Service Factor: 1.15 Rating: 40C AMB-CONT Locked Rotor Code: K NEMA Design Code: B Insulation Class: F Full Load Efficiency: 82.5 Power Factor: 89 Enclosure: TEFC Baldor Type: 3528M DE Bearing: 6205 ODE Bearing: 6203 Electrical Specification Number: 35WGT123 Mechanical Specification Number: 35A013 Base: N Mounting: F1 * For certified information, contact your local Baldor office
  4. I might be wrong but I think, what you have is some kind of a press instead of a vice!
  5. Sold Out! Thanks to evryone who bought!
  6. LOL that's funny I don't care who you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks for the info, I am not sure about the food and knife thing. Since this is the same woman who didn't even want me putting perfectly good rattlesnake meat in her freezer!
  8. I like it! Got any more details about deminsons and how it was it made, was it forged or redution? You should be proud of that one.
  9. Thanks for all the info gentlemen. I do appreciate and will take all of it into consideration. I still have some work to do on my propane forge. Since I recently aquried a Hay Budden anvil the bug has bitten me to try my hand at forgeing, all my knives up to this point have been made through the reduction method. I figure the practise would help me. Who knows if I turn out a couple of succesful blanks, they might help to pay for finishing my forge.
  10. I have been doing all of my blades up too this point by reduction and even though my forge is not up and running yet I have the urge to do a little experimenting. My question is what steel is probably the most forgiving? As this will be a strictly primitavie forge. I be using the hot coals of an oak fire to heat the metal and work it. I will then quench in transmission fluid and heat treat in mommy's oven if I don't get caught! So kind of help me out but this it what I am thinking. I will heat to non-magnetic and hold for another 3-5 minutes, transmission fluid quench and the how long in the oven at what temp and how many cycles. I sure I just heard somebody say, "what an idot" but hey we all got to start somewhere. Type of steel suggested using tranny fluid quench? Temp for heat treat and how many cycles of heat treat? Any other words of wisdom? By the way I forgot to say hello to everyone and introduce myself, they call me Cliff!
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