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  1. And therein lies the difference between using your name and a mark! Marks are cool till no one know who they are!! This could be R. Clark. http://rclarkknives.com/ A search only brought up one R. Clark, knife maker. The last name is more common!! Can't find a GB Ivory as a maker!!! The marks someone else may recognize them!!
  2. Geoff, that could be feasible. If it is the problem the company that supplied the tank and propane should be responsible! I would tell them due to their negligence I an now dealing with issues in my shop with my equipment! You need to come back and pump out the propane and deal with the moisture problem at their expense!! A good propane man should have known that the new tank needed to be purged! Take a look at this! https://www.reference.com/home-garden/purge-propane-tank-9f19aeb56884b4f0 A quick story about responsibility of propane companies in most states: Propane companies are supposed to have trained technicians in the field! A couple of buddies I know rented and old house in Al. to stay in while they hunted the their hunting club property near there!! They called for the propane tank to be filled. Anytime a tank has been sitting, as in this old house that had not been used in several years. The tech is supposed to do a safety check of the tank as well as check all gas appliances inside the building after the tank has been filled and gas is on!!! If no one is their to let them inside they are not supposed to fill the tank!! The tank was filled and he left the valve off at the tank! Two of the guys arrived one night about dark and since the temps were dropping they went out to turn the gas on at the tank! Unloading some equipment they went back inside. Immediately they smelled propane. So they decided to investigate the smell. they split up and began looking! They did not shut the tank off and even if they had it may have not remedied what happened! In the back of the house their was a bathroom the door was shut. When the guy walked in he smelled the propane strongly! Without thinking he flipped the light switch on,...……….. and the room exploded into a ball of flame! The second guy came running peeled off his jacket and rolled the first guy into the floor and put him out. He got real lucky. He wore a beard and burnt the beard off, his eyebrows and most of his hair off of his head and the hair on his exposed arms!! He spent a few days in the hospital and for the most part had no visible marks except some burn scarring on the back of his neck! The house burnt partially down. The owner tried to sue the hunters. Come to find out he was the one that had removed a heater from that bathroom and never capped the line. The whole thing went to court and private investigators were brought in to examine the scene to see who had the responsibility!! The explosion and fire was caused by the spark that occurs inside of a light switch! On older switches you can even see that arc in total darkness! Even though the hunters had turned on the gas at the tank and may have been guilty of common sense violations The investigators in the case found the propane company at fault 100% because. If no one is their to let them inside they are not supposed to fill the tank!!
  3. So this is what I get when I search for a 420 tank! Does it have a regulator at the tank supplied by the company?? That could be the problem if it does!!! I would call them and voice your concerns and see what they have to say about it!! It has almost got to be the way the tank is regulated or something different they are doing with their propane from your old company!! This is what I am speaking of different!! It could be a different additive! An additive called ethyl mercaptan is added to propane to give it the odor most people recognize. It is added so people can smell gas and determine if there is a gas leak.
  4. When Kevin Cashen speaks I listen. I may not fully understand it the first time but, I go back and listen again till it does make sense!!
  5. C Craft

    AK quake

    I remember pics from the big one in 64 I think it was! My sister had a friend that lived up there in Anchorage. Can't remember how my sister got there but she went up to help her friend and the pics my sister brought back were unbelievable! Hopefully this one won't be quite as bad! Edit: here is some pics from the 64 quake! https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=1964+alaska+earthquake+pictures&qpvt=1964+alaska+earthquake+pictures&FORM=IGRE Here is some pics from todays quake. Also heard the pipeline has been shut down as a precaution against leaks! Some of these have nothing to do with the quake! https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=alaska+pipeline+today's+earthquake&qpvt=alaska+pipeline+todays+earthquake&FORM=IGRE
  6. It still looks big in the picture. Holy cow the possibilities with that one!!
  7. Very nice! So I had to do a little research. Did you have any problems using the poison wood?? It looks like it can be a bad irritant!
  8. Yep the Sam story could have been tragic, he got lucky!!! I would do a little re-search before I mechanized these stones. They were never built for high RPM's! I would be very cautious with these stones at higher RPM!! Do any of these stones have markings on them as to reference the maker! Every time I hear of someone trying this I think of Sam and the pictures he posted of the exploded stone!! Had he not rolled out of the way he might not be around now!! The pictures would have been taken by the coroner!
  9. First of all are talking about a stencil to etch your mark onto the knife. Or a stamp to stamp it into the steel. As for this part it is nearly impossible to do! There is no registry so to speak except maybe from forum to forum or a blacksmiths association. However none of those are any guarantee that someone else is not using the same mark or that they might not steal your mark. You could possible copyright it but, that is a lengthy and expensive process. I am sure some others will join in on this conversation so hang in there. I am not trying to destroy your hopes but, it is hard and expensive to do anything along those lines!!! Trying to enforce it after you went to all that trouble is also a time consuming and expensive process!!
  10. Zeb I am loving the look of this one! As to the words I don't sweat it too much! I told my Granddaughter the other day to go get warshed up. She looks at me and says Pop my teacher says there is no "R" in wash!! I looked her right in the eye and told her to tell the teacher she is correct but there is an "R" in it when Pop says it!!! Knowing her she probably did tell her that the next day!!
  11. Welcome, it seems you definitely have the background knowledge to accomplish what you want to do!!! What most folks do not understand is on a limited production you can get by with the minimum. I started with a right angle grinder, a ball peen hammer, a few good files and a chunk of old railroad track as an anvil. You can do it with very little and it will definitely make you appreciate the power tools later!!
  12. One of the best ways to handle neighbors is too make small talk and then one day show up with a knife you made just for them!!! Nothing greases the wheels of neighbor like a new knife to use in the kitchen or on the hunt, and they often lead to other knives that sell!!
  13. Wow, that is some fantastic pieces Matthew. I really love the duck knife!!
  14. The good book says the Lord won't give you more than you can bear. However there is times when we are speaking I have to remind him I am almost to that point!! Me
  15. Might I make a suggestion a quality video under use might show more of the problem. These guys that use them all the time might pick up on what is/isn't happening!!
  16. I just found out Wayne Goddard, father of has passed! He passed yesterday! There has probably been more knife carriers launched by this one book than most folks would know!! RIP Wayne!!
  17. LOL even white pine ain't cheap anymore!! Hey I really like that one and I will bet that student is hooked! Good for you Geoff!!
  18. Jake I always like you stuff and this knife is no exception!! As Brian mentioned I would have never thought of that! So if I am understanding it correctly you basically created (for lack of a better word) a reverse fuller! Instead the fuller groove being cut into the blade that area now is thicker than the rest of the blade!! Allowing for as much flex as possible!! I would love to hear what the customer thought of this one after using it!!! That is a unique idea!! Two thumbs up!
  19. Your nothing fancy is really something in my opinion! Two thumbs up!!
  20. Dave, I have got to say I really like that one!! The carving you done on the handle really sets it off! It looks like there is power flowing thru the handle, from the pommel down thru the handle and out into the blade!! OK, so maybe that sounds stupid but it was a first impression when I saw the knife!! Top shelf material on that one!!
  21. Real nice work! You definitely picked the right wood for those two knives!! Two thumbs up!
  22. Thanks Deker I figured it might still be something that you couldn't talk about.
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