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  1. So is there a source for this beauty??
  2. Alan, what is the name of this book that these drawings are from??? That looks like something I would like to have!! Never mind I put a search together for tomahawk and Peterson and I found it!! Now I am looking at the price and,...………. https://www.amazon.com/American-Indian-Tomahawks-Harold-Peterson/dp/0882270311
  3. I am in love with an inanimate object! Oh my!!
  4. Real nice, love the lines of that one!!
  5. Bruno, like Geoff said give it someplace to adhere to. I like to drill thru holes in the knife's metal to let the epoxy, travel from side to side, as well as small pockets in the handle material itself!! Another thing the epoxy itself. I will use epoxy I have had for a while that has been opened and sitting for home projects but when it comes to gluing up handle components if it is old, (more than 30 days) I won't use it for handles!! I save that for things I don't care if it fails!!!! I used Devcon 2 Ton for a long time, so I don't it failed because of anything but its age!! I now use the G flex. and have been pleased with it!!
  6. I am watching this one with great interest! By the way I love the awl in the pic with the face!!
  7. Hey, Bert and welcome! I seen one forge they used hail screen and screwed it to a lid. They covered the area, including the mesh with some rigidizer! Just a thought to throw out here. If I were you I would cut another door into the door. and hinge it left or right. All you really need is about a 5"- 6" wide opening and about that tall! A lot of folks will stack firebrick in front of the opening to reduce its size. The idea is too contain as much heat as possible!! For the life of me I can't find a picture on the net to show firebrick stacked at opening. If this didn't make sense about the door give me a yell and I will try and explain it better!!
  8. I am jealous, that is awesome!!
  9. Well it is like this. A married man is supposed to not be looking at another woman, however I told the wife a long time ago. As long as God doesn't see fit to take my eyes I am probably going to be looking! What you got to worry about or should I say what you do not have to worry about, is you will be the one I am going home with at night!! This was fast thinking on my feet while driving down the beach road at Panama City, Fl. and I was looking at the girl who had just crossed in front of us and nearly ran down her boyfriend who was about 3 steps behind her. We had only been married about 2 weeks at the time!! See what got me in trouble was the first look, which turned into a second and a third,...……………. then I hear look out! I turn and see a dude standing in the crosswalk with all the beach chairs and towels and all the other accessories they took to the beach and I was about to hit him!! I slammed on brakes and it was hard to deny why I hadn't seem him to begin with. It is like that with your knife and sheath one look, turns in too two, and three, and...…………………….. Oh, sorry I just had a flashback to the cross walk again!! ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Seriously there is so much great work going on there in the pictures of your knife and sheath, the eye can't take it all in at once. So you find yourself having to go back for another look and each time you do, you see something that you had not seen before!! In this case it is a good thing when your knife has an effect like that!!
  10. Looking good Joshua, that bottom one would benefit from a light color to play against the file work and the darker wood! I like how you tapered down on the distal taper and you held the file work to precise cuts as it reduces!!! Thumbs up!!
  11. OH, yeah! I like everything about it from the knife, the materials the knife and the sheath are made of. To just the design of the blade. The scrim, man it is like looking at a pretty woman, "every time you look back, you see something else you like"! Seriously liking this one!! Great work Adam!!
  12. OK so never say I don't deliver. Here is you guys t-shirt!! Geoff, I tried to get yours in tie dye but the words kept getting lost in the tie dye!
  13. Looks like my Hay Budden, check out these threads. There is a lot of good info there. Geoff Keyes and Alan Longmire are the anvil gurus!!
  14. Is there supposed to be pics, cause if so I don't see them!
  15. When I first started knifemaking I had already been dyeing it! I used epoxy at times in my wood working and I found out that I could dye it with a drop of oil based stain or paint. I have dyed it with the colorant they use in latex paint, India ink, rit dye!! It usually only takes a drop or two at the most!! It is not enough to degrade the strength of the epoxy but it will color it!! What I use now is Alumilite dye! https://www.ebay.com/itm/283059421643 I bought just enough to have the basic colors on the color wheel, blue, red, yellow, green and white and (black which I often use by itself). The white is not a basic color either but allows for lightening a color if it is too dark!! It only takes a drop of these as well!
  16. Robert, that thing is so dang ugly and such poor fit and finish, why I'll bet you could tie a porkchop to the handle and the dang dog still wouldn't pick it up!! Like Brian said that ain't too shabby at all! When you can put a knife out on railing of the deck with the sun popping on it and you don't have to look to see any glaring problems, well...……..!! You done all right, nothing not to proud of there! Learn from what you feel is a mistake and you are two steps ahead on the next one!! Makers are often there own worst critics but, then again that is what pushes you to the next level! I will tell you something else. When you feel you have done your best. Take a few pictures from different angles and when you can't find a flaw in the pic, your more likely to be doing your best work. Pictures don't lie but, your eye will!! The picture captures what your eye overlooks. I have taken a pic and then sit back and study the pics, and go. Oh no it can't be. Your eye overlooked it but, for some reason when you look at the pic it jumps right out at you!!
  17. I have been looking at this one without the full ferule and it suddenly dawns on me how you accomplished that! Your work is absolutely top notch! To just glance at a Spanish folding knife like these you can not appreciate all the work that went in the making of them! This blade on this one seems to speak to you. The furniture of the knives is that silver?? Love these knives!!
  18. Wow, I really like them!! That has got to be a couple of the best representations of a Spanish folding knives I have seen in recent time!! Excellent work!!
  19. The only way you are going to know for sure if the nozzles are two high up, is to try them out! I used a reducing bell and that type of mount allows affords for some adjustment by sliding it in and out of the burner!! The Mig tip is attached to a piece of 1/4" black iron pipe so if needed there is about an inch of adjustment by sliding it in and out! I am going to show you a pic of how to regulate the air flow! You can make a air restrictor tab like the ones in the pic. Drill and tap the body of the Tee. Mount the air restrictor tab with a cap screw and tighten just enough to allow the tab to move but not move easily!! I originally had a spring under the cap screw head and the air restrictor tab! Problem was the spring gave out quickly, so ended up removing them and used the tension/tightness of the cap screw to hold the air restrictor tab in place!! In your case since yours are mounted into a Tee, instead of reducing bell. You will need to make four air restrictor tabs, to be able to regulate/control the air flow!
  20. Walk in there with $300.00 cash and you may get it for that. Just in case put a little in the other pocket. Hey if you can get it for $325, you still saved 25 bucks! Like Gary said if it is in decent shape it is worth it!
  21. If it is Mama's go to knife that says volumes about it!
  22. So how does she handle! Speaking of handle what kind of wood is that? Its got a nice grain to it!!
  23. The tittle pattern welded carver, threw me off for a minute. Not sure why but my mind went to, wood carving. The thread opens and I see this picture of a most eloquent knife! After being stunned for a minute and my brain kicks in. Oh, like meat carver not a wood carver!! Richard I have to say I love your work. Every time I see you have posted I have to go look at your latest creation!! Always top shelf work!
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