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  1. Looks like all were having a good time. You have touched the lives of some young ones and whether they stay the course or not it will make an impression in their lives!! You should be proud of the students!!
  2. Cool pics, sounds like fun for all involved. I haven't rode a horse in a lot of years. Last time I rode I helped a buddy with some cattle all day long. When I crawled off the horse at the end of the day I was aware that I wasn't 16 anymore. I began to realize I had a case of the horse back rump! That night when I crawled in the shower and turned the shower on, well I had to catch myself before I ran out the other end! I had more saddle sores than I ever remember as a kid!! Hey like I said just joking about the brain buckets. You only got one and getting it scrambled on a rock is not a good idea. That is fairly rough country novice or not!!
  3. Love the pics. I am assuming these are wild horses?? What's with the sissy helmets, afraid you gonna break a rock with your head!! Sorry couldn't resist that Gearld!! I hope you took it the way it was intended!! Beautiful country out there. What part of Wyoming is this, if you don't mind?? Looks like it might be around Yellowstone. My Grandfather built the horse stables at West Yellowstone back during the depression. He had worked his way into Washington picking apples, came back thru the West Yellowstone area and heard they were hiring to build the horse stables. Sadly I never got to see them they tore them out in the late 60's early 70's to make way for some new ones. Folks traveled where ever the work was. I have post cards where he wrote home and told what happened to him that day and, oh I am sending $10, maybe $20 home to the family!! Different times!
  4. Holy bat stuff Batman, that is awesome. I love this shot of the red coral! If you let your imagination run it kind of looks like a dancing man coming down the handle!! The image seems to form in front of your eyes. Third from last he is doing a hand stand, the second from the last he lands back on his feet and the last image the he is going crazy dancing!! I Absolutely love this one!!
  5. It kind of makes me think that a Ulu and traditional skinner had a baby!!! I like it!!! I would bet you could undress a deer in New York Second with that one!!
  6. Really nice!! Simple yet elegant! Thumbs up!!
  7. Just goes to show you what can be done with a minimum of tools!! Got to love that extra set of hands on the other end! I would loose a toe at the first swing!!
  8. Wow what an in depth piece on a axe!! That has to be one of the best tutorials I think I have ever seen!!
  9. Richard, always like your stuff, this one is no exception! I would call it, very nicely done. The piece seems to be speaking to you!!
  10. Sometimes it pays big dividends to have happy neighbors. Angry neighbors complain, happy ones take home a piece of your mastery made, from your moving the steel!! So later when they ting, ting, of you forging they say oh he is creating something new!!
  11. Take a look at this site you will get a better idea of what a controller can and can't do. http://www.auberins.com/ You can see the options available. Options have nothing to do with, what you referenced in the quote below!! The options have to do with controlling the temp and the time that temp is too be held, etc., etc.! You need to do some reading up about heat treatment! In fact read everything you can find and when you think you have HT down, you need to realize you are just scratching the surface. There should be some stickies on HT. Sometimes when it comes to knife making you have to walk before you can run!! That takes time it is not something that comes overnight!! The following is from Kevin Cashen: If you ever see anything he puts out about HT, sit up, pay attention. As there are few that can give you the entire theory and practice of HT-ing in a nut shell!! Introductory and basic information for understanding both the how’s and the why’s of heat treating: Basics Of Heat Treating; Building Our ToolboxNormalizingAnnealingHardening Part 1Hardening Part 2TemperingChemistry considerations in heat treating operations Here is a link to the most in depth explanation you will find on 1080 and 1084 by Kevin Cashen. https://knifesteelnerds.com/2018/06/25/review-kevin-cashens-guide-to-1084/ And no I do not work for Kevin or do I get a kickback. His name was given to me by my mentor, who told me if I ever saw anything by Kevin Cashen or Karl Anderson to read anything I could find by them as they were both very knowledgeable. I did not know at the time how great this advise was!! Yes I realize this is not the steel you were inquiring about but this some of the best starting steel you can ask for 1080 and 1084. This goes along with the learning to walk before you run As to the initial question Auberins There are cheaper controllers on eBay but you won't find one that works better or is easier to understand than those form Auberins!!
  12. Zeb, I might be wrong here cause this sure is not my expertise but, I am wondering if the drive wheel on the motor was readjusted so that the aluminum wheel was running off of the center of the tire!! Instead of just off of the edge!! Take a look at this search and it appears that most of them are using a setup where the drive pulley is more or less centered on the tire!! https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=tire+powered+forging+hammer&qpvt=tire+powered+forging+hammer&FORM=IGRE Look at this one you can see the wear pattern and it is on the center of the tire. It also uses a larger tire like Alan was talking about!!
  13. Pics man pics. You never heard the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words. Besides helping to diagnose, I love looking at big hammers!! Is that weird??
  14. Did you catch the payment must be in Sterling!! This link will give you insight into Sterling. https://www.cardfellow.com/credit-card-processors/sterling-payment-technologies Just don't seem right while all of us are scrounging for wrought iron, you can out right buy it in the UK!!
  15. Well I might as well tell you. They are still making Wrought Iron! It is just not being made in the US. I had heard a rumor that that they were still making Wrought Iron in the UK. I could never confirm it. So while in the midst of a discussion on another forum, I thought why not do a search and here it the result!! https://www.realwroughtiron.com/ Apparently according to their Bio they have been making it for about 30 years now! Of course the amount you may have to buy and the shipping across the pond. Weeeeeeeeeeeeell that is another story!!
  16. Love the knife Gary but, I don't think I have ever seen one that you made I didn't like!! So now I got to pick the masters brain a bit. The spacer in the middle with the rope look. I tried something like that a while back and lets say the results were not I wanted! I measured around the piece and divided for equal sections. Some how as I tried to file it, I got off. Not enough to see it happening but when I rolled around to the last line. I then realized I was off and their ain't much way to hide that so had to start over again. So here is the question how do you layout something like that and not loose the marks as you are working on it? Do you start your file line with a hacksaw mark?? There must be something I am missing!!
  17. Gonna have to catch this one on, ON Demand! I was sitting here last night and it suddenly dawned on me that it was the night the episode was too air!! Run into the living room and tuned the tube to the History Channel. It had already been on for about 20 minutes. So turned it off. My wife goes but, you only missed the first few minutes. I want to see this one from the beginning cause Geoff is one of the members of the one forum I frequent!! I liked your answer about, what day is it...……...! So will catch it on the re-run!!
  18. What's not to like about that one? Answer not a darn thing, I like it! Pure, clean, elegance!! Top shelf material!!
  19. Take a look at this. http://www.cashenblades.com/steel/5160.html http://anvilfire.com/article.php?bodyName=/FAQs/heattreating.htm I don't do 5160 but have run across the same on other steel. This answer may depend upon if the steel has been hardened or work hardened. Find a masonry carbide tipped bit, in the size you need! Take the bit and re-grind the point to about what a 135* bit point would look like. Absolutely to not get that point over heated, cool often!! While you are changing the angle of the point, you need also to be changing the bevel of the carbide! There is not much to work with on a masonry bit, when it comes to regrinding and reshaping the carbide! Wrap the blade in a dripping wet rag. This will act as a heat sink. If you have hardened the knife, the wet rag will keep the heat from transferring! Heat the area at the spot you are drilling, till red with a torch!! If you have only work hardened the steel, you should be able to drill it thru with the modified masonry bit, after it cools. If you have indeed already hardened the knife you can drill it while the spot is red hot. It will eat the bit up drilling the area while red hot. If you can wait till it cools, use cutting fluid and let the bit cut. Either way the bits are consumables, but the good side to that is there are not all that expensive and you get a $3.00 hole in a hundred dollar knife!! Your bit was cutting by the picture, till it got hot and then it is done cutting! From there on you are at that point work hardening the steel. Cutting oil and a slow as possible speed is the answer on drilling some of your handle holes!! I hope that helps!!
  20. I am usually not overly impressed with kitchen knives but this one spoke to me!! The Damascus pattern, the wood and the choice of materials for the ferule, (if that is the correct term for a kitchen knife) are all spot on and complimentary to each other!! When I saw the sheath, to say I was amazed seems woefully lacking! I am absolutely stunned at the sheath. Would love to learn more about the staining of the sheath!! You nailed that combination!!
  21. A fitting sheath for the knife, like the both of them! Two thumbs up!!
  22. You guys make me sick!!! Just kidding. I can't find one around here that is either not trash or the guy wants way too much for it!! Score!!
  23. Modern man has forgotten that everything use to be done by hand, those were the true craftsman, yet to them it was just there job!
  24. Jerrod, I actually fully understood that!! See you didn't have to dumb it down too much!!
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