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  1. I *think* whats rare is the size of what this guy provides. Normally this materially is in small wire form, not the large pieces suitable for knife hardware etc. I learned this from talking to an analytical scientist at GE. I may be mistaken though. Grant
  2. Spend the extra couple bucks and pick up some burr life http://www.riogrande.com/Product/Stick-Bur-Life-Lubricant/117003?pos=1 It's well worth it. Grant
  3. I don't know if the prices are better, but check out auto body suppliers. They have narrow rolls of sandpaper that are huge. Grant
  4. Working it hot helps. However Stainless just doesn't like to do some things. Like stretch for instance. So that making an exterior roll is incredibly difficult. It's easier to compress and roll to the inside. I use it for small pieces like jewelry. But large pieces, no. It tears me up and tears up my stakes and hammers. Grant
  5. Saign is pretty much right on. All the armour I've been able to handle has been hardened. The only pieces that have been "heavy" have been pieces made for the joust. Even those were incredible in that the metal was pushed around so that areas of high stress and impact ( left front side) have much more metal than areas that were less likely to be hit ( back and sides, right front side). Anyway Mathew it's easy enough ( and cheap ) to just stick with mild steel. It moves like butter and if you went with anything needing hardening it may be overcomplicating what you're really looking for. Steer clear of stainless for your own good. It's a pain to work ( literally) Grant
  6. That's interesting info Patrick, Thanks! I actually got that phenomena with my first attempt at shibuichi. I melt both metals together in an electromelt then poured onto a flat sheet of steel. I wonder if this is almost a fine grain mokume rather than a true alloy? Grant
  7. Thanks guys I have a few more projects underway, one is a commission for a set of steampunk style gauntlets and another will be a full harness with chased and repousse lions covering it for myself. That one will be alot of fun Oh yeah, I have armour for my doberman started but thats on the back burner for now... Grant
  8. My only other suggestion would be to pour quicker. Deepening the water would only make the problem worse as the metal will be even cooler before it hits the mold. Check out Fords video, he pours quickly and the ingot is actually red hot for quite a while underwater. http://www.youtube.com/user/ironbrush#p/u/10/WUVUYH_vvZE Grant
  9. How hot was your water? It looks like the metal is cooling a bit quickly. Grant
  10. Thanks guys! This was really my first completed bit of armour. So it was truly a labor of love to see it through to the end. I have far more half done projects than fully completed projects,lol. Here are two of the best Dave. http://forums.armourarchive.org/phpBB3/ --more reanactor based http://www.armsandarmourforum.com/forum/ --more historical research Grant
  11. This is some recently finished work. Done for a photographer that used it for a photo shoot. Something a little bit different for the forum Grant
  12. I'd be interested in a few pounds if you were willing to sell a small batch. Grant
  13. I haven't done this yet myself, however I've seen others do it. Make a container out of PVC pipe and fittings. Grant
  14. Unfortunately, No. Things just didn't work out. I won't be able to make Indian Georges' hammer in either. Hopefully next year though. Grant
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