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  1. Very nice! Is that Damascus insert essentially bezel set into the guard? Grant
  2. Never seen a dutch shepherd before, they're striking! That malinois has some ears! Grant
  3. I may be able to make it. I have a summer place in Guilford so I can sort of be in the area. Grant
  4. I just did a quick search and it looks like its used for wire EDM machining. It should be very heavy for its size and Platinum has no metal memory. If you bend it it wont spring back at all. Easiest way to sell it would be to a refiner. I sell mine to United Precious metals in NY. Grant
  5. Great looking billet. I'm looking forward to seeing how the chain turns out. Crazy to think that a gold mokume billet costs around $6k and is only 4" square, Grant
  6. Forge welding with Mokume will be very, very, very difficult if not impossible. The pattern would not be able to be seamless either. What I've learned through experience and teaching is that the same metals won't want to bond to each other like that. So you would need to offset the pattern slightly to get the unlike metals contacting each other. It is possible to make seamless rings but they're done by drawing out the stock or cutting the ring out of a chunk. Properly soldered the joint is invisible to anything but very close inspection. As far as thicknesses 18g - 22g work well. If you want to go thinner than that for more layers put a couple pieces of thicker material on the outside of the billet to keep the thinner layers from warping. Grant
  7. You'll put the liner in after the ring is formed. Grant *edit- I missed your first question, do you have experience soldering?
  8. I love high layer feather patterns like this. It ends up looking like wisps of smoke. Very nice. Grant
  9. The solder is dandix non-flouride silver solder flux from grobet. It doesn't look like rio grande carries it so it probably came from gesswein. I need to pick up some more gas but when I do I'm going to do a "how to" for how I make mokume. This subject pops up a lot so hopefully it will help out. Grant
  10. I can't remember off the top of my head. When I get to the shop tonight I'll post it up. I believe we got it from Rio Grande. Grant
  11. When I make Mokume I use Flux, ALOT of flux. I do use a torch, however using flux won't hurt even in a forge. I also don't touch it, no tapping hitting or anything. Once that initial bond is done, thats ideally the last time you need to heat it to that temp. Prior to stacking I clean the sheets with a scotchbrite wheel. Developing the bond past that is done with cold forging ( anneal often) always forge from the top of the stack. Not from the side. The cold forging is critical for developing the bonds. Just so you know I've made quite a bit of Mokume both this way and with pressure plates in an oven and probably 20% of the billets will go through the whole process without needing a little solder touchup here and there Finicky stuff. Grant Almost forgot, after the initial weld cut back the edges about 1mm before forging. Let me see if I can get some pictures up.
  12. From what I understand the only thing that could cause issues is sometimes the handle material, if its Ivory etc. Otherwise it shouldn't be a problem. Grant
  13. Nice work. What metals are you using in the Mokume? Grant
  14. My eyes got huge when that picture loaded. Thats a beauty! Grant
  15. Its alot of fun, the great thing is all the principles transfer to other metals, Silver, Gold, Aluminum etc. Grant
  16. Don't feel bad if your billet doesn't work, even the pros lose about 20% of billets. Mokume is tricky stuff. And make sure you have some hard silver solder, repairs can be done if you get some delamination along the way when your working it ( you will). Grant
  17. Hopefully this help you out. I don't know how prohibitive shipping would be. http://goldmachinery.com/machinery/motoriz...mills/index.htm Looks like they have them for Ferrous as well as non- ferrous. Grant
  18. Looks like he has the reserve set at $1800. Too rich for me. Grant
  19. Very cool, I just forwarded this to my father, he's an investigator for NYS. Grant
  20. I'd be interested as well. I have a friend who does restoration work on Armour and he ended up needing to get iron sheet sent over from England. Grant
  21. His obituary http://www.legacy.com/TimesUnion-Albany/Ob...sonId=126192042 Grant
  22. My God, thats terrible. I had actually been trying to track him down since he lived about 15 mins from me. Sad news indeed. Grant
  23. The liver of sulfur will be in a rock form that you'll dissolve in water. You won't need much. Also it can help to warm up the piece before you dip it. Grant
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