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  1. I like the Dagger,...way cool.
  2. Thats awesome.........
  3. Tell the zoning inspector if you catch him on your land again you'll take him for a trespasser and kick his A$$, if he's lucky. To hell with those comy, nosy, busybody bastards. Dad-gum revenuer's.......
  4. Kenon Do you ever plan to hunt with the new gun ? if so what will you be hunting or would it double as a home protection weapon........ You have stated that you own a 22lr so you have the plinker and now you want something a little bigger. If I was just target shooting out to 150 yards I like mt little 22 hornet and its great for small game. If I really want to smoke the hogs out to 500 yards I like my bull barreled Ruger 77 in 22-250. If I wanted a all around medium center fire the Ruger all weather in 243 is a great little rifle and good out to 250 to 300 yards. Home protection weapon, you cant beat a 12ga semi auto like the Saiga 12 and there a blast to shoot. Or you could be like a lot of us hear and get one of everything....LOL It really comes down to what you can afford to shoot a LOT ................ and I mean a LOT most people don't practice enough and cant shoot for shit.
  5. That's cool,..is that a little sax he has...?
  6. Someone made a good point that I should have,... { by getting a no frills rifle you will have the money to spend on a quality scope,} That's very good advise, I have rifles that have scopes on them that cost more then the gun its self, you can only shoot as good as the scope will shoot, I'm a firm believer in good optics. Now I'm not talking about the $2000 scopes but you can buy a good 3x9 Leupold for about $200 and if your going with a 243, 223 or what ever you get a 3x9 will do. You still need to put a job to the gun what are you going to do with it. 1 long rang target or varmint 22-250 2 long rang hunting 7mm rem mag or 300 win mag 3 my favored bear gun is a Marlin 1895G chambered in 45-70........... 4 cheap guns, fun and cheap to shoot AK47/SKS chambered in the 7.62x39 very good to 200 yards 5 12ga Saiga 12 is, I think the best tactical 12ga money can buy, home and hunting you would do well to buy a Rem 870 winging master, the best pump gun ever made. Bill the weapons and demolitions expert Johnson
  7. The first thing I would ask is what do you need the tool to do,... if your trying to turn nuts and bolts you wouldn't buy a hammer and so on you get the idea.... Are you looking for a target rifle with a little more punch then the 22,... I really like my little 22 hornet it will take groundhogs at 150 yards all day long, and the cost of ammo isn't that bad. Another thing to think about is the cost of ammo, if you cant afford to shoot it you'll never be very good with it for lack of practice. One more thing to consider is recoil if your unconvertible shooting it you'll never shoot it well, I'm a firm believer in one well placed shot is better then 50 just scattered out there not that there are times that cover fire would be necessary, but I duet you'll need it, although it's fun sometimes just to hear it go bang....... Personally I have at least 1 of just about everything in the gun department and my newest favorite is the Saiga 12 as that I have automatic loaders for 12ga cost is acceptable and you can shoot it semi or full auto and let me tell you a 12ga at full auto is a blast to shoot, for a close rang battle weapon this is the best I've ever seen, All it is is a big AK47 chambered for 12ga, simple and controllable very very good gun. So like I said, what would you like the gun to do...?
  8. very over priced..............$2000 AUD that would be $1797.60 US I would say the person selling it is on some kind of medication,... that's as nice as I can put it.
  9. LOL that's funny......... Dee, you've got good tasty...I'll put my kilt on and we can go out and pick-up chicks together.....that could work...
  10. i like french fried taters,...........mmm-hmmm
  11. Very nice indeed, you may not know it but things like that are destine to become family heirlooms. You have just added to that family's history in your own small way.
  12. That's cool man you did a great job...
  13. find a spring shop close to you and go dumpster diving... all the 5160 you could ever use.
  14. Now that's American ingenuity, it's that kind of positive attitude and determination that made this country what it once was.
  15. I have to tell you it looks a lot like my 300lb Peter Wright anvil. Looks very much like it to me.
  16. Don

    I thank you for this site and all that you do for the new bladesmith, this site was instrumental in the beginning of this journey that has turned into an obsession and passion.

    I know I have a lot to learn but with the help from the members on this site we can do anything, there's hundreds of years of experience hear and for that I thank you.

    Bill Johnson aka thede...

  17. Ric I'm glad you started this post, after I sell my power hammer I'm going to build a press with a cylinder and pump from a dump trailer I have...should be a MONSTER>>>>>>>>>
  18. Jim That's a cool knife, and the leather work is ooo cleeean man.
  19. I like a "@#$!!$!" axe..... there blood thirsty bastard's.
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