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  1. Wind

    lets see it

    Here are the first 2 hammers i reconditioned in my old forge and put new handles on. Also included in the shot is some stock pewter i cast into bars and the first amulet / casting ive ever made. Im quite chuffed with how it came out This is my oldest bodged forge i used to do all this with
  2. Heres some pics Ive just built my first proper one - well sorta. Ill include a picture of the super bodged one i was useing before. New one The old forge
  3. Wind

    Building up

    Very nice looking set up by the way! Im glad you coated it all up as galvanised or zinc coated when heated is bad, even my respirator hates it. my only question is are you going to mount it on a stand? my current pot bellyed forge is ground leval and spending a half day at it leaves me with a creaky back. - Just a thought!
  4. Evening all, Ive just bought my first proper blower - Yes off ebay no less, its a 3 phase forge blower in good working order and my courier will have it with me in a matter of days. As i picked this bad boy up for the princely sum of not allot of money im happy to get myself a 3 phase convertor (Invertor?). My question is this, Has anyone had any experiance with working with 3 phase devices? If so, lay some experiance on me, i do have a sparks whos a good friend, so setting up shouldnt be a problem. I have heard rumours that if its Hp is low enough i could get it to work nicely on a regular 240v mains set up without the expence of buying the adaptor, is that true or is it a crock of BULL? Before somone tells me that a hair dryer will do, yes i already use one and yes they do work a treat, however my new set up is allot meaner than the last bitsa /bodge forge i made and ive managed to work through two seccond hand hair dryers. (shear abuse on my part as whilst re forming a rather battered old smiths hammer i forgot to consider that pipeing makes for a rather good heat conductor and watched in horror as the casing for the first hairdryer slowly dribbled away from the machine.) yes the heat was at the point where i was melting the air tube .. i would forge a tue for it but the design and the fire pot is getting to the point where im just going to use it for scrap and recycle later on. Anyway i could gab on about this for ages. Hit me back if you have any jedi knowledge on the subject of 3 phase blowers! -Wind
  5. I Know the feeling i was, up untill this weekend useing a bit of rsg (reinforced steel girder) which is now laying redundant next to the forge glareing enviously at my scrap yard bought anvil, and yes as of today i made my first fire rake (Its currently recieved a nice light blue coating of hammerite and airing in the back garage-I will take pics), I have found that untill my first forge is properly set up in my back shed their is a decidely limited area of heat i can put on a peice of steel (Due to the constuction of my fire pot) the coal im useing is for a solid fuel heating system and my god it stinks, ive been having to walk away from the bloody thing every 5 mins just to get myself some fresh air. The next project is building a nice stylised handle for my ash vent on the new forge - giveing me an excuse to go over and tinker in the scrap yard with my neigbours! Thankyou again for the very nice compliment Hey - Great minds think alike I will probably have to do a video or pic post in a year just to look back at my first year into blacksmithing-bladesmithing
  6. Outrageously Fun? - He he i hope so!, im still waiting for matey boy across the road to finish welding my forge up together *taps desk* Thankyou man the support and advice means allot
  7. It is definatly a kick, so much so i am ithcing for my next hit. a week of waiting for the next time i can fire up my forge is too long Thankyou for the feedback As my friend said on the phone when i told him i had made a knife "is it a elf blade or an orc blade?" this ones definatly got the feeling of orc to it. but yes i will keep my knife even if its just used for show and tell in a "this is what not to do" bit
  8. Thanks lol, ill probably have to see if i can "find" some down at the builders merchants - but i think they will want to charge me
  9. Coming from Britian and never having set foot in what would be classed as real "wilderness" I am always gob-smacked when i see pictures of huge bears, the fact that they wonder around so freely out there is pretty awe inspiring to me. Dont get me wrong im not a city slicker but England as a small country lost its wilderness many generations before my familly name was even thought of. Hunting in a historical concept has actually helped preserve some of the last great forests in the uk, especially the south. William the Conquerer actually made a royal edict that the New Forest should be preserved as royal hunting grounds and is now one of the most beautiful nature reserves this country has. Its sad to say that this country can no longer populate some of its former residents -such as wolves. Urbanisation of the rural areas and over population effectively killed of the last remnants of a beautiful species in the Victorian era. I Believe there is a pretty good story about it floating round somewhere. The Ivory trade and many other profiteering enterprises such as whaleing have and still do effect species around the world to a desperate measure, but i think its important to not cross the art of hunting to the baser needs of man`s greed and desire for profit. That being said i like bears as an animal and it always sadens me to see them dead. Not because I think that hunting is wrong and i definatly i wouldnt hesitate to kill one if i was out in the wilderness and one of them thought i looked like lunch. Simply because it just makes me sad to see one dead. But i think people in general are a finiky bunch, you get activists who passionaltly hate anyone who so much as eats meat and you get the other extreme, Drunk idiots who use high powered rifles to shoot just about anything that moves, with no skill whatsoever. I think any serious Hunter could appreciate just how annoying those idiots are that give the rest a bad name. I think its the same in both circles, just because i dont like hunting bears doesnt mean im a new age freak with a meat complex and anger issues just as those who hunt in the wilderness of northern states arent drunk gun nuts who go around shooting anything that moves to get over latent daddy issues and confidence problems. Its all about mutual respect of ones differances , yes the world is populated by idiots, but just because the other guy doesnt think the same way as you doesnt make him an idiot, it just means you arent the same here endeth my hippy love rant not directed at anyone, just because i felt like writing it. *nod* As a weird p.s Im not sure if this is correct or not but i read somewhere that the only reason bears didnt evolve as quickly as humans did was due to the lack of thumbs. next time you see one hunting perhaps a good way to bait it might be to see how it reacts when you give it the thumbs up? - I mean if true it must be a pretty sore subject for them. I really do like the knifes by the way.
  10. Hey Chris, Awsome looking Knife, where did you get the pins or material for the pins on the handle?
  11. Ok so its rough, infact bloody awfull but its my first attempt. Smithing of any-kind was a totally new subject to me before crimbo and it wasnt before I realised that I could make a perfectly useable forge out of super cheap parts and a hair dryer that i could forge anything. I was blindly unaware that it was that obvious, assuming that one required a large brick and steel forge with bellows attached (Preferably in a a picturesque old world brick and flint building).. I shit you not. So this knife was made out of a large "could make a knife" looking tent peg, does not hold much of an edge, but as i made it with a throwing knife in mind it balanced at the hilt (or rather where the blade starts and the handle ends) and so far i havent missed with it. which was insanely cool and very pleasing. The forge and tools that helped make this creation where as follows. 1 x Misc metalic pipeing (free as it was behind my shed) 1 x discarded "cooking pot" style bbq from B & Q (free for the asking) 1 x small amount of solid fuel coal + coke (free as i have a soild fuel heating system) 1 x hairdryer bought at a carboot sale for 1 pound 1 x tent peg (found in the garage) 1 x large peice of rusting rsg held in place by some bricks (found in my backyard) 1 x hammer 1 x mole grips 1 x grinding wheel 2 x bits of sand paper 1 x old wet stone ill post pictures of the first attempt forge and and various other bits if asked or maybe in a fit of nostalgia as I and a very kind next door neigbour are in the process of building a new forge based on some portable designs ive seen on various smithing sites.
  12. I really like the top right one, does it hold an edge well?
  13. first time for like forging altogether? or just for making a knife?
  14. - When you pause to consider weather the blood dripping on the wood, would make a good stainer - So tired from the shop you get halfway through your thumb when you realise the bread knife was only supposed to be slicing the bread - when limb scars are too numberous you only count the ones on your head
  15. Wind

    Making tongs

    This information is going to be a real help, I am also in the same boat as the chap who posted this topic, but probably not just with a week left before my forge is set up the way i want it (for now everything is very makeshift) and id just like to say thanks again for you guys shareing the knowledge i plan on making my first pair very soon and will post the pics when i do (for all to laugh at ). Also I want to rant very quickly about how stupidly expensive blacksmith tools (specifically tongs) are in this county. I always seem to be dealing locally with nutso antique dealers who add like 20 quid on top of the price because it was rusty when they found it. gah i say!
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