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  1. I have to see this gun you speak of. Where did you see it? Please share.
  2. Thank you Tate that is exactly what I was talking about. I truly appreciated that.
  3. No that's not it. I really wish I could remember who posted it. They explained that when and if you see the transformation happening the blade would be (lets say Orange in color) Orange and then you would see a Black band when the transformation happen and right behind the Black band you would see the steel go back to Orange. He had gotten a series of photos of what he was describing. I was talking to someone about it recently and wanted to show them these photos. Thank you for your help Don
  4. Ok I remember a post that someone put up with photos showing the transition when Steel transforms from Austenite to Martensite. I have used the search function to no avail. I thought it was in the Metallurgy section and I looked through there but could not find it. If anyone could link the post for me I would appreciate it.
  5. I would definitely call that Bad Ass. That is a great looking blade. I like Blackknife too.
  6. I am bullet proof...... When I'm not around guns. LOL. Nice job on the knife and the sheath.
  7. That is a really beautiful blade, my friend. Racca
  8. The one that looks like tiger stripes is the maple?
  9. Have you looked at GS tongs website. I have two pairs of his tongs and I like them both. Racca
  10. I'm guessing the one on top is the Wenge Handle and the bottom one is Maple?
  11. If you would like to see how I did mine you can look here. The way it sounds you will have some issues cleaning out the tuyere. And trust me they get alot of ash and other crap in it while forging. If you look at mine you will see that I have the tuyere running all the way through and there is a screw cap on the opposite end from the blower inlet. I can take that off and run a dowl through it to clean everything out very easily. As for the Perlite I'm not sure about that I used some Fireclay (50%), Sand (50%) and a hand full of wood ash for my refractory. I got my forge design from Tim Lively's website and his video Knifemaking unplugged. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Racca
  12. I have a pair of the Blade and Flat tongs made by him and they are really great. I was already going to talk to my buddy and see if he would like to add that to the list of tools we are for sure going to make in class. What hammers do you guys use? Does anyone use a hammer of this style and if so how do they compare to a Cross or Strait Peen. Racca
  13. You have any photos that you can post of those tongs? What I'm trying to do is to take what I see and make my own versions of them. I will be making a post anvil similar to a Sea Robin if I can find the stock size I'm going to need in the type of steel. The friend of mine teaching the class has a great hammer that he makes and I'm going to try to work a slightly different design out of that one. I don't want to copy anything I have seen already I want to take it and make it more mine. The only reason is I'm not sure what tools bladesmiths use more. There aren't many bladesmiths in Austin, Tx. so I haven't been able to see many shops. I have been to a couple of shops and they only do Stock removal for Folders so that didn't really help me much, except I got a great design idea for a blade vice from one of them. That is the reason I am asking for the tools you guys use the most and photos so I can try my luck at designing something I can call my own. Racca
  14. Hammers, Tongs, Anvil tools and any other tools that can be forged. I want to make the most of the time I'm going to have with all the really nice equipment I don't own. LOL. That is the main reason for taking the class. I want to make anything and everything that I might need for bladesmithing while I'm in the class and able to. Racca
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