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  1. I understand your point here. The film is definitely excellent for that purpose. In a different sense though, I would posit that the most important truths of Western swords are inseparable from the myths. But we all know that.
  2. I'm just glad to see he has shoes on for once.... ;-)
  3. Nice work Caleb. Looks way nicer than my first attempts (notice the plural there. I had no idea what I was doing when I started and so I produced a lot of orc-ish looking things). They both look like they would feel good in hand. It wouldn't hurt to do a bit more file work and sanding to smooth the profile of the blade and contour the handle. A good finish takes time. No shortcuts to it. But I wouldn't go back and change anything. Keep those to look back on and measure your progress! -Andrew
  4. I think we can trust in the skill of these artists and their knowledge of the materials they are using. Although, I must say, part of me would like to see how the piece would organically change if the castings failed completely. To all who have been involved, thank you for making this experience available to all of us! It has been a magnificent addition to my week.
  5. One thing that I noticed is that this thing reaches 1900 degrees max. I don't know if you see any pattern-welding in your future, but I'm pretty sure that won't cut the mustard if you ever decide to give it a try. For $50 more, you could get an economy forge from Diamondback Ironworks. I've heard they're good. Dave Stephens has one of the knifemaker forges and he says it does the trick. It might be worth a look. Diamondbackironworks.com -Andrew
  6. Definitely a rational fear. You probably will ruin the temper by heating the tang to that degree. But there is a way to avoid it! One way is to make a replica of the tang out of a piece of scrap steel. Just trace it onto the scrap and cut it to shape. You can heat up the replica and get the same result without worrying about compromising your actual blade. That's how I've heard it, anyway.
  7. I find that pizza can coincide with almost anything in the genre of awesome. Those Italians sure knew what they were doing..
  8. Personally, I would love to see you turn out another ranger-themed project. The finish on this blade looks about right too.
  9. Please don't ever stop making things. Your work is inspirational to me because it captures the sense of mythical wonder continues to draw me back to the craft. Someday, it would be a delight to hold one of your pieces (as if one could own them!).
  10. Go for it. I might be jumping in myself, if I can afford the time investment.
  11. Having just broken a seax's back, this is the perfect way to round out my evening. I'm sure you would say otherwise (the craftsman always does), but that just about looks flawless. Thanks for the inspiration, brother!
  12. Oskar, here's something you have to know about this forum- no one will ever laugh at your work! These folks are dedicated to encouraging your aspirations and furthering your knowledge of the craft. You may receive challenges to push your skills further, but everyone's rooting for you. After all, we're all on the same trail together. That's what makes this place such a haven for inspiration and camaraderie. And that is a fine blade, my friend! Far superior to my first attempt. The shape is pleasing and the colors are well chosen. I look forward to seeing more of your projects!
  13. There you go man. Exceedingly fine work. Someone is going to have a very good day when the drawing occurs.
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