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  1. I will be hosting the 2013 Southern Alberta Hammer-In this year from June 14-16. We have a great line up of demonstartors this year: Ed Caffrey MS J.Neilson MS Bruce Bump MS Steve Kelly JS I am unable to upload the registration form, so if you are interested, email me and I will send one to you. Thanks Jim Clow jim.clow@jayceewelding.com
  2. I have lots of 15n20 that I would like to trade. I'm interested in 1080,1084, 1095. Also interested in handle material (stag, fancy burl). I am also open to any other possible trades. The pieces are 6" long, 1.5" wide and .065" thick. This is just a sample picture as I have a barrel full of pieces like this. Thanks Jim Clow jim.clow@jayceewelding.com
  3. I was on my way back from the fishing lodge and my wife and I stopped at a pawn shop to look around. They never had anything i was interested in but after talking with the owner a while he told me about a German guy that has a large anvil for sale. I phoned the guy and he invited me out to have a look at it. Once I got there I met a gentleman about 45-50 years old from Germany. He is a master blacksmith and welder. He had a sea-can full of equipment that he brought over from Germany. He had 2 identical anvils that are 240-250kgs. He only needed one. He also had a tubing roller, which I have be
  4. Just a reminder that I will be hosting the Southern Alberta Hammer-In this June 17-19, 2011. If you are wanting to attend this please fill out the registration form an get it back to me. Jim
  5. I don't know off hand but there is a few guys from Edmonton area coming to the hammer-in. I will do some inquireing during the hammer-in and let you know if I find someone into blacksmithing. Jim
  6. I will be hosting a Hammer-In at my place this June 17,18 and 19. I have 4 demonstrators coming to put on demo's on such topics as:canned damascus, layered damascus, foring a billet into a knife, salt pot heat treating, leather sheath construction and more. The demonstrators are Ed Caffrey, Steve Kelly, J. Neilson and Cal Ganshorn. There will also be some side demo's going on through out the weekend. If you are interested in attending, fill out the registration form that is attached and send back to me before May 1st. I can only accomodate so many attendants so it will be first come first serv
  7. Today I finally had time to pour my bearings. Here are a few pics of the pour.
  8. Nice shop and equipment. Yes it is alot of fun helping guys build knives and just having a mens night out.
  9. Yes I built that press and yes it works off of 1 hyd system. I need to tweek it abit before I tear down and blast and paint.
  10. I built the grinder that is forth down from the top. It works well with the variable speed. I have some belts that want to wobble a little bit and some belts seem to run true. Has anyone had this problem and how did you solve it?
  11. Everyone asks why so many drill presses. the small ones were on sale for 39.99 each and the others were what I picked up over the years. I have 2 other drill presses in main shop and anotherone upstairs in the lounge(leather room). We have a mens night out every thursday evening in winter months. So yes sometimes as many as 5-6 guys working on knives. We also do other projects as well. Right now we have someone building a chopper from an old 500cc honda and we are going to start building a S.S. top wood stove for our wall tents. We also play quite a bit of crib. Last night we had some buffalo
  12. Here is some pics in my knife room
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