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    Drumming, Bladesmithing, Music, Hockey, Blacksmithing, Nordic Mythology, Mythology in general, Anything pretaining to war and history.
  1. The beard is fiery with this one... Myes.... Amazing work as always Petr. This is the quality I hope to achieve one day.
  2. I went and saw this at midnight releasal... Because I'm a superhero nerd. As soon as I saw the sword handle carving I said to myself "This look like's a mad dwarf sword." Totally happy it is! Congrats to you guys and I can't wait to see what else comes your way!
  3. Sweet sword Jeff! Didn't your Mother ever teach you not to stand on chairs in Crocs?! Shame I don't have the spare time to go up and visit you.
  4. Lon has clearly embraced the ancient technique known as "The Safety Squint" Truely wicked work you did and I hope to see even more.
  5. Nobody could beat the Great Don! Tis Impossible I say! Glad you are doing better.
  6. Brent L


    Ceder is most definitely expensive, we just tore out the railings for my front porch, nice ceder! Well it was, now it's all rotten.
  7. Awesome work Tom... Wish I went to this school But alas I'm a canuck and shall stay broke
  8. Hmmmmm... I might even have to look into coming to this event, because it's not an event with a little Canadian bacon thrown in for fun and excitement!
  9. But is it a 400 -hay budden-? Those anvils are wicked. The only type i prefer over a hay budden (If i get to choose ) is a Peter Wright.
  10. Owen, I'm going to move to the Uk now, okay? I think i'm just going to secretly follow you around and take notes! That lang seax has to be my favourite.
  11. It makes me so happy to see you back to work Jeff, maybe sometime in march or april i'll swing.
  12. I -wish- I could go to this... but alas a student in Canada just can't afford that time off... nor the drive out there... But I'm sure there will be tons of pictures!
  13. Jake I grovel at your feet for almighty awesomeness.... As my number one influence in bladesmithing I'm just lost for words!
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