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  1. I have someone whating a Damascus gun barel about 6 in long to show how it is made it for a nra class has any one done this befor
  2. I am hammering to shape and sand it down
  3. I saw something about anneling of copper after hamming
  4. what is a good temp to get a good straw
  5. thank you for all your info I have 75 of them to make
  6. is w1 good for making fire starters out of
  7. can you cold forge brass or do you have to hot forge it
  8. thank you all your help there is a lot of info
  9. I have seen some damacus knife are blued .Do you ech or frist not
  10. hay gary I will be there what time will it start on sat morning
  11. thank you for the info I look up the bubble jig and it looks good .
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