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  1. Sam D.

    KITH 2012

    I am still without a shop or home of our own so I am going to have to withdraw from this KITH.Sorry folks. We have had the place we are trying to buy under contract since 28 Dec 2011, but this short sell is taking forever!
  2. Petr, Another outstanding knife, well done oh Fiery Beard .
  3. Sam D.

    KITH 2012

    If you are in don't make the mistake I made in the last one. I kept waiting to see my name added to the list and then when I spoke up found it was my own fault for not adding it, I was out of time to start and complete KITH 2011. ANYONE can copy the latest list of those in, add yourself to the end and post the updated list back to this thread. Then lets see you work!
  4. Sam D.

    KITH 2012

    If I can get my shop back up, I will make a mariners knife and Marlin spike for rope splicing on the old sailing ships.
  5. Sam D.

    KITH 2012

    I want to take part and am still waiting on a short sale to get a new home so I can rebuild my forge and shop. I have been homeless since the Monument Fire in Arizona last June burned my home and forge to the ground. We are hoping to close the end of this month and then I have to go and get my forge equipment from Arizona and bring it back an start the new forge and shop build. That is why I had suggested Valentine's Day 2013 for the swap. Is there some reason to rush this to completion?
  6. Sam D.

    KITH 2012

    I agree it could be a round tip sailors knife or a gardener's grafting knife, or ...
  7. That tale is so good I have saved it to a word doc on my computer! Well done.
  8. No you can not enter it. You must send it to me for disposal. Its a fine looking knife and its new owner will enjoy it
  9. Add me to the list of folks with shop envy! I will get to start putting together a new shop in March or April after the move in to our new home.
  10. I agree with the suggestion that this thread be pinned as a tutorial so it does not disappear down the list. Beautiful sword so far, I await its finish with abated breath.
  11. Sam D.

    KITH Album

    Chris that was very nice of you to host the picture album for the KITH 2011. Thank you.
  12. Sam D.

    KITH 2012

    Ok if we are going to narrow it down how do folks feel about: Iron Age - 1900AD timeframe, EDC - everyday carry utility belt knives?
  13. Sam D.

    KITH 2012

    Can I also suggest we start 2012 KITH now with a draw date of Valentine's Day 2013. For 2012 all entry's must submit Photo to this topic list, of weapon by 1 Feb 2013. For those entering add your name to the following list and re-post it to this thread. 2012 KITH List: 1. SamD - AKA - Sam Duckworth, Sopchoppy, Fla.
  14. Truly magical. I am jealous of the lucky new owner of this piece who ever that may be!
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