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  1. Hey! I have similar one, mine is made around 1910. I lift spring with lever:
  2. Hloh

    Some museum blades

    Hey! I have something new, pictures are from top oldest to youngest. Most knives are form 14-15th century as well as sheats. Last thing is 18th century alarm clock.
  3. Try this : http://is.muni.cz/th/40408/ff_d/Dizertace-text.pdf?zpet=/vyhledavani/?search=tesak%20agenda It is in Czech, but with many great pictures about Dussacks.
  4. Hloh

    Some museum blades

    18-19th century folder (with nut cracker and crowbar):
  5. Hey guys! I have some interesting bronzes in my hand today. Here are high tin content white bronze bracelet: Grinding marks and some engraving: And traces from form: Bronze knife with grind and work hardening marks: And little bonus, medieaval small buckle:
  6. Hloh

    Big knife

    Sheath: wood core covered by traditionaly tanned deer leather from Lapland.
  7. Hloh

    Big knife

    Whole set done, now I start thinking about sheath.
  8. 1. George Ezell 2. Michael Lenaghan 3. Dan Bourlotos 4. Kevin Hopkins 5. James Fuller 6. Hloh
  9. Hloh

    Big knife

    Excuse my late answer (I guess that everything about this knife take looong time). Decorations are soldered in fire before hardening.
  10. Hloh

    Big knife

    I started to work at set:
  11. Hloh

    Big knife

    It was hardened partially Ondřej. By the way, knife passed contest well now I start to thinking about other parts of set.
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