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  1. I have some talk with organizer of Knifest and they have sponsors that may pay for road here and back for someone that can show some craft. Should anyone interested? Some information about past years you can found here: http://www.knifest.cz/
  2. Hloh

    Grooved knife

    Excuse quality - there is bad light for taking pictures in my shop. I forge scraper from ball bearing casing (it is made to have some frictional resistance) I made there hole to attach distance stick but unforunatelly i broke scraper there with too thick stick. And now some scraping, it it very simple first few moves I do with wood (or something else scrap material) template to get groove depth enough for hold scraper in. Then I continue until groove has desired depth- if you want deep one is good smooth out bumps during work wih needle file (or sandpaper on hard wood p
  3. Hey! I made groove scraper (pictures of that tool in use I made later- but it is very simple) and try to do some blade with it. I success that at first attempt so I use it for small slipjoint knife.
  4. Try look at this collection, there are many great old pieces: http://www.cultur.nu/knivar/
  5. Hey, If you are worried by sweet and clean hollywood movies like Hobbit and want look at some fantasy/historical try this one: Or this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4pfOxXQcT0 Or, if you like colour movies, tihis:
  6. Hloh

    Drop of milk

    That´s fun. For me was start up to made this one look in Richard thread here with navaja folder. Look forward to your piece!
  7. There are some catchs like that you must maintain one part cold (that could be solved by water cooling or by part of blow). Greatest catch for me is that I´m not enough engineer type to made machines like this
  8. Hey! Did somebody thinking about stirling engine powered blower for furnace? There are many waste heat around.
  9. Hey! I made this slipjoint in Hispanic shapes, blade forged from spring steel. Ash scales with brass fittings (hammered on lead plate) and drop from deer horn. And here are my attempt to make short film that could tell more than photos:
  10. 1.Rudolf Harmse 2.James Fuller 3.Gabriel R. Paavola 4.Emiliano Carrillo 5.Kevin Hopkins 6.John F. Ellis 7.Michael Lenaghan 8.George Ezell 9. Nate Runals 10.John Kruse-Kanyuck 11. Hloh
  11. Hloh

    Little snake

    Thank you! And about that blackening it is very simple etch blade in vinegar or acetic dry it and leave in vet surroundigs. Black depth depend on time, little snake I leave for whole day that blade below for one night:
  12. I use scrap and recycled materials almost always We may try for bigger chalenge unexpected materials. Here are two examples from my friend work (he is great inventor in this) LP kydex and parsley handle:
  13. Hloh

    Little snake

    About that I thing too, so I drip waste brass out to ease influence on blade. There are some reasons that may cause lacks : low amount of borax, too strong dripping or bad temperature in some parts of blade. I will do more attempts, but I think that this soldering may work safely at parts that don´t need hardening or at bigger blades.
  14. Hey! In this piece I try decorate blade with solder some brass to engraving (i did that in fire together with hardening- temparature is very similar) To better contrast I blacken steel with rust. On scales I use boxwood that unfortulatelly crack in eyebrow after riveting when I try to stamp pupil.
  15. I would like folder, neck knife or something similar that we could carry and use everyday.
  16. If that damages are not too deep it is possible to grind whole top, here in Czech some people did that. I think that they use some kind of milling cutter..
  17. Hey! I found this article : http://is.muni.cz/th/40408/ff_d/Dizertace-text.pdf?zpet=/vyhledavani/?search=tesak%20agenda It is in Czech, but with many interesting pictures!
  18. Thank you all! I try to reply all questions in one answer so: I found there more than one because that room was former stable It has some carbon but mot much (works similar like steels with 0,5-0,6 % carbon) so on small knives I think is usable. There are stop pin behind main rivet- you can see it at that photo of knife parts- if you want I could make some datail photos on further friction folder. On this knife works in both positions open and closed. Sometime closed position hold that wood (in some cases leather) piece. If somebody is interested to wear this one in pocket please
  19. Hey! This one I forged from old horseshoe (founded under floor in my mother in law house). On scales I use box wood. And one photo from work progress, all parts before completing:
  20. Thank you! I found article from newspaper with photos of that bank furnace, this one is from other smelt with limonite ore, but belows and furnace are same: http://brno.idnes.cz/kovari-tavili-zelezo-jako-stari-slovane-fdp-/brno-zpravy.aspx?c=A131021_1990434_brno-zpravy_eko We have planned that in future smelt I work with bloom at place so it will be more similar (and other) knives
  21. Hey! This is my first ore bloom knife, we use magnetite in furnace digged to bank. There are not many folds when welding. On handle I use wrougth sheath as fittings and wood from plum or apple(don´t know exactly) Blade is patinatet with rust (long time liyng on table)
  22. Thats possible, because all Czech basin lies on uranium Nice knives by the way.
  23. Hloh

    Pipe hawk

    Thanks! I have overnight more progress:
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