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  1. Hi, I visit a smelt in recessed furnace. Coal was made earlier in pile. Them used cca 50 kg magnetite ore and get about 20 kg bloom. Bellows are made from old Austrian advertising banner: This parts I get to try make some blade (or blades): The combination of both: One of the oldest central european sites where was processed iron and cave (about 14 km long complex): And example of findings (that hollow iron ring is very interesting): Mighty vagina cave : And some other furnaces that I have seen:
  2. Hloh


    Carabine for carrying:
  3. Hloh

    Camping bag

    Hi! I made this bag for summer camping from badger hide. I plan to fill it with various camping things (that small spearhead is for KITH atlatl ) Knife I get from my friend, fork I found when I was mushrooming in forest and spoon is forged by me.
  4. Hloh


    It is a spring from old wagon about 100 years old, i made many other blades from it (but never that big) and never had any trouble with this steel.
  5. Hloh


    Hi, This is one of my longest folders- about 45cm when is open. Blade I forged from old leaf spring but unfortunatelly has some cracks I try destroy blade but come trouth all my attempts so I give it a chance. At scales I use apple wood.
  6. Unfortunately package was lost. Maybe some custom officers have now full pipe of that tobacco.
  7. Thank you! I am looking forward to your spark knives!
  8. Knife made for this year fish knives competition. Pattern welded blade, Caucasian walnut on handle. Fishes are soldered in fire.
  9. Folder based by old ones with firesteel on back. Blade from old waggon leaf spring and firesteel from old file (unfortunatelly cracks when is rivetted but hold well)
  10. Thank you! I try more folds...
  11. I try to forge puck and something is still wrong one side is good welded but other is full of cracks. I think that may be low temperature or high carbon (or slag?) content....
  12. Hloh

    Old knife

    Hey! I get photo of this knife, owner is my friend comes from his grandfather antiques colection which he inherited. Excuse quality of picture it is taken from photography. I like it (especially spin decorate) and hope that someone know this type of knives, I want know how sheath may look. Maybe sometime I do my own similar piece.
  13. Yesterday I cut bloom by handsaw and I can tell that there some carbon is
  14. Unfortunatelly I do not have a grinder to test sparks. I must wait util visitation some of my friend with power grinder.
  15. Fourth attempt was successful! I use old iron tube. Bloom was under tuyere and has a bowl shape.
  16. And that is my mistake - after melting all scrap metal I blow air until coal drop down. Thank you guys! Next time I hope that I´m more successful.
  17. Seccond attempt, furnance work better but I still have not useful bloom. Unfortunately, slag: This few pieces look like bloom:
  18. Hey! I want show you some pictures from my first attempt of making bloom in Aristotle furnance. I made any bloom but I found some mistakes that I may avoid in next time, at first: I must look better if my sister in law is dryig laundry- she was not happy from light smoke odor and early ednded my attempt, second: I must better seal air flow paths But otherwise I was surprized by low consumption of charcoal. Blower that my friend brought from India: Little helper:
  19. Hloh

    My first axe

    You recognize it well, I tried to make no lines but that is task for real masters
  20. Hi! This is my attempt to make a axe from high carbon railroad spike, blade is about 8 cm long.
  21. And here is photo with older knives, real knives is current production from Trattenbach ( http://www.loeschenkohl.at/ ) and knives from pictures is about 100-150 years old Czech made.
  22. Hey! Jason, I use an ordinary saw to make a first cut and then small tang saws that I made for final shape of slot. Hoy, it is just wedged and work good, some similar types of this lathe have a steel screw. I have here some new Austrian pieces I get the photo together with mine when I am done.
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