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  1. If it were me making this, I'd cut eight pieces of heavy flat stock like the sections of the pictured flail head. I'd do some forging to stylize them a bit like the example piece, then [mig] weld them to a central round rod. I'd probably find some old chain, heat it up in the fire once and put some oil/wax on it when it's cooling down (just to keep everything looking like it belongs together). Then I'd probably make the handle fittings by brazing flutes to central collars. I think the trick is in making it look good with fit and finish. Good luck!
  2. Your work is always talkative! Thank you for sharing.
  3. That's beast. I love the proportions.
  4. That's dead sexy. I always watch your work, but rarely comment. This one had to elicit a response.Keep 'em comin.
  5. I love it! I'm a big fan of the whole package; it's a great blend of styles.
  6. I came across this. I like both of the similarities and differences of the pieces.
  7. haHaaaa! That's cool! Every working man knows what it's made of, too. You may have a large market for stuff like that.
  8. Nice work, Craig! The material in the photos looks like a whole lot like a piece of elk antler to me. I like making knife handles out of it; it seems to work well.
  9. Thanks so much for taking the time to relate some of your process! Often times art only becomes accessible to me when I get a window into its creation.
  10. Geoff S

    Tribal dagger

    Hot diggity! Can't wait to see what you do with this one.
  11. Really neat knives! I love how you have such a wide vocabulary of techniques and shapes at your beck and call. One day it's a mosaic assisted-opener and the next, it's a group of hunters that could define the style of another maker.
  12. Vurry nice! I'd like to see your take on a full-mounted tanto. Nice to see work from a fellow NAB
  13. Were you a druid in a former life, perhaps? I get psyched when you post new things. Looking forward to what's next.
  14. Very nice! Lots of J.D. Smith in there!
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