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  1. John N

    File Size Humor

    There is an old file at work, 1" square (or more), must be 2' long. I want to make a katana from it, but in equal measure respect it for what it is. One day ill squash it. one day.
  2. John N

    Eccentric Kitchen knife set

    Random question time. Is the hammer in some of your photos made by James Wood ? its lovely
  3. John N

    Eccentric Kitchen knife set

    Wow, there is some energy in your post ! good work That middle seam on a feather billet will open up if you so much as stand on the wrong foot when you hit it. Love the big twisty steel.
  4. John N

    I'm a potato when it comes to making knives...

    The size of the knife you are forging can make a big difference to how you feel about it, and approach the work. Lots of practical knives are 3" blades, yet many people assume if you are forging a knife it needs to be massive. Try starting a forging session with a 1/2" dia bar (or even easier a bit of 1/4" thick x 3/4" flat bar), and the idea to make 3 or 4 stick tang blades. If 1/2 get scrapped in the learning you will still have something to show for it at the end of the day you can feel proud of, and finish into a knife. Not just a pile of frustration. Repeat this exercise a few times and suddenly you will finish the forging session with 4 nicely forged small blades, and you can move on from there. It just seems odd to me that a lot of people kick off trying to forge a big knife, that most experienced bladesmiths would pull a face at without a power hammer
  5. John N

    180 mm Feather pattern Gyuto (WIP)

    Turdyploope pattern will be the next 'W's' - every one will be trying to work it out ! - I will forge the perfect Turdyploope pattern, where none of the doubleyous escape onto the blade! Did you finish your half of the original billet of this material ? The guy your thinking of is Andrew, Tom is the guy from Cardiff, with the scary knowledge of Japanese knives. Tom is sharpening the blade, just the few thou at the edge. He's forgotten more about making chefs knives sharp that I know! I got the feather blade to cut kitchen roll, he can get them to slice damp kitchen roll. Its only a bit better, but actually about 1000x better edit, I did not see Sam mix up the steels, after he was specifically told to put the different materials in separate buckets, and then not remember which bucket had which steel in it......... just saying
  6. John N

    180 mm Feather pattern Gyuto (WIP)

    Thanks James, loving your new beard Not cut anything with it yet, sent it to Tom (I think you met him at Owens last year) for sharpening. Did not insure it, so odds on it will go missing The next one out of the 'pile of doom' is the epic, patented, Turdyplop pattern gyuto, a pattern I was taught to forge by a man my dog dislikes, and the only man I know who has taken a sample from a deer
  7. John N

    Old stone grinders

    The fact it looks like there is a 60 grit ali-oxide belt wrapped around the perimeter of whatever he is grinding on should give a clue ! May as well hook a little motor to it and you are basically back at belt grinding. I have started using a water cooled stone wheel, but it was a faff to build it.
  8. John N

    Power hammer pointers needed.

    I like the look of the baby little giants. So cute! What is the strap thing around the neck of the anvil ? Tool holder, or cracked block repair ?
  9. John N

    My first "whole" knife.

    Looks good, and looks like you will develop your own style very quickly. On a practical note, the 'bolster extensions' will make it a bugger to sharpen! I've been dabbling with knifemaking on and off for a long time, and am starting to realise that some things are 'as they are' on most knives, as that's how they 'need to be' ! The chefs knives im doing now have 'evolved' into classic Japanese profiles, even though I have not set out to make them that way. It just seems to be the shape they end up to work well. Just musing.
  10. John N

    180 mm Feather pattern Gyuto (WIP)

    Got caught in the flow with this one, as I only had 1/2 day to take it from rough sanded, as above, to finished sharpened knife. I have very limited making time. Long and short of it this is not a 'work in progress thread' but the knife is finished - all feedback appreciated. Handle is, I think, Ringed Gidgee, with a 925 silver spacer.
  11. John N

    How do i get a fiery beard?

    I think if you have got one, you have got one. Having it coloured in with pixels does not give you one, its already there. I think....
  12. Work in progress, excluding the interesting bit which was the forging.... sorry This blade started out as a 210 or 220 when I forged it a year or so ago. I got a bit giddy straightening it (been doing a lot of san mai, which is much more compliant) and managed to snap the tip off it. It went in the 'disgusted, i'm not finishing it' pile, until I found it on good Friday, and wanted a simple quick job to work on. Re-profiled it to a 180 mm, ground the warps out of it, and got it hand sanded to 80 grit. Quick vanity etch at 80 grit and im pretty happy with it now. Ill post some pics as its finished up over the next week or so, and will try and get some pics of the 'wet wheel' horizontal franken-grinder I built. Its improved my grinding 20 fold since I built it ! Ive had a few revelations about grinding recently that might be worth a separate post for discussion to see what other people do ? - It eventually dawned on me the 'KMG' type grinder, belt running towards the ground, is bloody awful to use (for me) in the standard configuration. It really does not make much sense. Anyhoo, here is stumpy gyuto. As the old saying goes, we dont make mistakes, we make shorter knives
  13. John N

    Thistle Sgian Dubh

    looks good Jake ! (hope you are keeping well) - you get an extra bonus point for carving bog oak.
  14. John N

    Pattern welded broken back long sax

    What a beautiful piece! you gave that away. Im sure it will bring the new owner a lot of joy.
  15. John N

    Hydraulic Press Build W I P

    Good effort, but I would strongly suggest not putting your head anywhere near that when its got some load on it. The frame will go bang, perhaps not in the first 50 times you load it up, but when you get complacent with it. The best way to visualise what 22 tons is, is imagine 22 cars hanging from that press frame, over your head. Exercise caution accordingly !