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  1. I would vote too cold, not enough soak time at heat, or a combination of the two. (oxidising atmosphere in the forge as a distant 3rd in the why did it not weld conundrum). Forging pressure is a consideration, but Ive dropped billets before on the way out of the forge, when everything else has been good, and they are welded when ive picked them up!
  2. Find your nearest steel stockholder, tell them you want a 'bar end' or offcut with some ballpark dimensions, in an alloy steel. Go and collect it, job jobbed. Reinventing the wheel is a pointless task.
  3. Good work, the future you will thank this you!
  4. not really 'shop', but I got to 2500 followers on instagram today! - Not that I seek positive affirmation (errrrrm) but Ive been on 2495 followers for months Probably should make a bit of time to make some more knives now!
  5. I would just be up for making it, as its different to what I normally make (challenge!) - Its also much harder to make to a specification (challenge again!) - If another couple of people are interested we should do a mini KITH for sure. Sorry for the thread derailment!
  6. Really neat looking build! - I cant advise on burners, but keep the end of the burner out of the forge chamber, or it will be eaten by the forge gods! For what its worth, all forges end up looking like sh!t after you have used them 6 times and modified them 6 times. Its all part of the process I don't ever want to be 'the safety guy' but if you start using propane burners (venturi or blown) invest $20 in a CO alarm. I have told a few people this in 'real life', and a couple have got back to me grateful, a bit shocked when they did, as the forge would have probably kill
  7. That looks great! - (would be better if you had dropped the tip a bit ) we should totally have a forum design by committee knife and all make one to show and tell I would have a go at making that if others were up for a make it / swap it challenge !
  8. Hi! the basic design looks good. The problem with these 'critique my design' threads, is it often results in either a design by committee, or people just saying how they would make them (which is basically a completely different knife! ) Im not suggesting that anyone posing here is doing that, just i've often seen it on the Kitchen knife forums! - you have to go with your gut to make your own knife! Anyway, all that said, .............. here is what I would do a bit differently if I was making it Consider dropping the 'tip' of the knife by 3 or 4 mm ( 1/
  9. Ouch. There is a small knife hiding in there when you can bare to look at it again! - nice work on the other ones BTW
  10. Ive been 'workshopless' for a lot of 2020, so have not been very productive at all this year. Managed to get a few kitchen blades done though, none of them 'pushing the boundaries' of my skill set, but trying to improve with each piece. This is the last one I finished a couple of weeks ago. It had a 'knifeyness' of its own when done, one of those rare things you make that looks like it has always been there! It was pleasing that I put a picture on instagram, and it was purchased by a very well known craftsman who I know has deep respect for tools. Quite a co
  11. Got this little gyuto finished up this afternoon. 185mm edge, the handle is home stabalised beech, with bog oak. I might raffle it on instagram next week!
  12. I generally do it this way! If I forged a bit neater it would come to a point at the tip of the blade
  13. Same knife as above, with the petty! I found the light tent, so chucked them in there - still a phone photo but the knives look a lot more presentable IMHO. No light rig for the tent, its just under an LED baton on my workbench. Interesting how the photo arrangement changes the relative sizes of the knives. The Gyuto is 220mm, the petty 135mm edge length.
  14. Tried not to take any Christmas orders this year due to the workshop issues, but had some to do on deadlines! Got a couple finished today (just in time, as they have to get to California as gifts) - There is this 220mm gyuto in Stainless glad Super Blue steel, with hawthorn and bog oak handle, with a matching Petty. In the event we get any 'light' (a rarity in Manchester at the moment) I will take some proper photos before they ship! Hawthorn is a lovely timber to work, and I think it looks good. Very dense and finishes nicely. I got a board of it from a street market f
  15. Great work so far! you clearly have the drive and enthusiasm to go far as a blade smith. I hate to be the barer of bad news, but you also have a case of new knifemaker 'blocky-handle-itis' - The problem with this condition is you don't know you have it for a good few knives, and are blind, and often in denial that you have it. In a few knives time it will pass, and you will understand that some guy on the internet (who also had blockyhandleitis a few years ago) was not being over critical! The quickest way for the condition to pass is to really
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