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  1. @Daniel W I think there is a big resurgence in craft of all forms at the moment. If FIF lights a kids passion to have a go at hitting some hot metal instead of playing Fortnite all is not lost IMHO. If enough sparks are thrown, a fire will start eventually. I watch FIF for what it is, and enjoy it when I occasionally catch an episode, if for no other reason than I can sit on my chair and tell the chattering cyclops they are doing it wrong
  2. you could compare the helix formed by twisting to a true bladesmiths DNA, see if there are any differences
  3. what a great project! - as conner has mentioned you will need some kit to do the experiment! You could test, and prove something simple, like does excess oxygen prevent a forge weld from taking (and why). Run 2 simple welds with different forge atmospheres, and compare the results.
  4. its a very valid point worth commenting on! - I think i will put a 'peep glass' on the cyclone collection barrel so I can see if live sparks make it that far. (I suspect not) My plan for this one is to put a couple of horse blower directly on top of the cyclone, then shove the exhaust from that through a big filter bag. It would really make more sense to exhaust the big blower directly outside for fine dust control, but on the few days a year its warmer inside than out, it would be a shame to shove all the warm air outside! - Might rig it with a diverter so I can do it either way. The nice thing with using the surface grinder dust extraction unit, in the mean time, is I can be 100% sure its not going to go up in smoke. Need to have the same on the woodwork dust extraction. Ive got a cyclone unit to fit to that. In fact, I really need to spend more time making knives than setting up the shop
  5. Thanks for the warning! - im already pretty paranoid about this having heard of one two many knife shops going up in smoke. The only combustibles going into this are a small amount of fine grit wood dust from handles. (ie, the dust from 120 grit to 400, as I use the flat platen on the 2 x 48 to 'work through the grits' sanding) - Im confident this is not enough fuel for a fire. On the other side of my shop, I have all the wood tools (saws, router, planer thicknesser, disk sander, buffer etc) - these are on a separate chip / dust extraction system. No sparks allowed on the wood side!
  6. Got my 'metal' dust collection system finished (not finished, but working) today! - Its needs a bit of tweaking but happy so far. Its a collector from a Jones and Shipman surface grinder, pulling through a cyclone. The J&S collector is .55 kw, 3" hose. Ive done the rest in 4" so I can put a 'full fat' blower on it as an upgrade. Its a compromise at the moment! I think 2hp will be perfect for it. Ive got a 2 x 48, and a 50mm x 2 mtr grinder hooked up to this. The main grinder I run both forwards, (and more often in reverse), so Its got 2 x collection points on it. I found some full seal inline dampers, which im using effectively as blast gates. Not sure how they will hold up long term. https://i.imgur.com/T7BrTvi.mp4 (not sure if the link to video will work ?!)
  7. looks great! the old adage about 5 mins forging saves an hour grinding is true!
  8. Got 3 knives out last week in the new packaging and i'm pretty happy with the look. Ive now got 10 blades of various styles, forged and heat treated, ready for grinding and handling. Would love to get them done in the next couple of weeks. Seems to be a good time of year to sell knives - a couple of this next batch have sold 'off plan' from putting the pics of the forgings on Instagram!
  9. Its not really an 'uproar' its just for a large percentage of 'middle England' the glorification of blades as weapons does not sit easily. (hacking up pig carcasses, and wolloping away on a gel mannequins that leak red, before sticking your hand in announcing the it will keeeeellllllll !)
  10. I think the 'FIF' ripple is great ! I get asked a lot about it. The problem with the show in the UK is its very bladed article violence orientated, which is not PC at all here (as we don't have ready access to firearms, folks often get a bit stabby instead) I have sold a few small power hammers, pretty well off the back of the show (though most will never admit it!) The way I see it, is if 100 people try bladesmithing, and 98% decide its not for them, there might be 2 new talented makers who find their vocation and produce beautiful work.
  11. pics or it didn't happen!
  12. oooh, also spent a few quid on cactus juice and a vacuum set up! - this is a plank of wood I got from a market stall for about $5, all chopped up ready to go in this pic. The blocks came out rock hard and perfect after stabalising! got 10 usable blocks from the plank- might be doing posh handles in the future
  13. opened a can of grown up last week, and managed to source some suitable presentation boxes, and ordered a rubber stamp! - These boxes are good for knives up to about 180mm blade length - I know it is not pushing the boundaries of workmanship, but Ive been meaning to do this for years, and eventually pulled my finger out ! - First couple of knives are going out wrapped nicely on monday - cost is about $2 a box. Stamp will last for ever, so not counting that!
  14. I think thats what we refer to as an 'attitude adjuster' !
  15. no video, but I get the jist from the article - thanks Alan! One day someone will try breaking into my house, and it will be like the monty python scene with the knights 'its only a flesh wound'
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