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  1. Hi Alan, hope you are well & Happy new year ! 

    Is it possible you can assist me with a slight forum issue ? - I have forgotten my forum password - I can still log on with my work computer (hence access now :) ) - I can only do this as the computer has remembered the password, and shows it as a line of ************* when I log on.

    So, I would like to change my password, but in order to change my password, I need to enter my password, here in lies the problem - Dont know if this can be addressed from an administrators end ?

    All the best, John

    1. Alan Longmire

      Alan Longmire

      John!  Good to hear from you!  I can change your password, but I can't see what it is currently.  Shoot me an email with your desired password at Alan.Longmire@tn.gov and I'll take care of it

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