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  1. Nice! they look a good press. My wife is also very understanding of my tool habit ! she barely rolls an eyelid when I start a conversation with 'I might have accidently bought............' She does not ask why, in the main, as the answer is nearly always 'I did not have one'
  2. The hammer is a 2 ton arch frame, I started rebuilding it years ago as a stock job, and kind of forgot about it! Its possibly an Erie (american metal!)
  3. I get very confused with electrical things, but in the UK our standard, full fat mains 3 phase is 400 volts (ish). 3 phase generated by a VFD, with single phase input, is 200 (ish*) volts. You have to swap the bars in the motor terminal box, from either horizontal to vertical, or the other way around, which switches it from star to delta, or the other way around. Either way, im usually so frustrated I swap the bars and dont care if the smoke escapes. It generally works. If you had not guessed, I have no electrical knowledge - listen to Tim - he does ! @t
  4. This landed today...... Im a bit in love already. Bit of a mission to unload it from the wagon this morning. Not due to the weight, as we have sufficient cranage, but it was loaded with a fork truck, and we needed to top lift it, so had to partially strip it on the back of a snow covered trailer to get a good lift on it without damaging! took an hour and a half. Safely on the deck now
  5. Just finished an overhaul on this hammer today, and I think its too pretty not to share! Ram weight is about 600lbs in american measuring (5 cwt)- a bit to 'full fat' for most bladesmithing duties but still a nice 'smaller' sized hammer. I would love a hammer this size installed for myself (I have a 2 cwt) - but im in a rented building, and planting one in the ground is an expensive and time consuming affair. Ive not looked up the age of this one yet, but at a guess she is 80+ years old. The only thing im sure of is I will be dead long before this hammer! sh
  6. Thanks guys! - I did not set out to forge a K tip (Im not sure I like them) - but it ended up basically this shape after forging, so I let it be.
  7. 250mm along the edge, about 53mm at heel - its a bit of a beast! Its only the 2nd time ive tried a 'K' Tip, the first one had a weld issue so went to the scrap pile. Im not tuned in to making the profile at all - its a bit alien to me!
  8. Im not familiar with Kastolite products im afraid. The stuff I use is sold on ebay in 20 kg bags as '1600 C castable refractory' - It mixes like dry concrete, and is very dense (like concrete, again!) when it cures.
  9. Got this one finished up, bar for the sharpening this evening. I forged the blade last year, and it was not very pretty, left it too thick from the hammer, and its fought me right the way through as a consequence! - Core is not centered, but its servicable. The blade is from pre-laminated san mai, with stainless cheeks, and aogami super blue core - The handle is home stabalised spalted beech, and stabalised bog oak. Not sure if I like it yet, but that might be a consequence of it kicking around the shop for so long. I will put it away for a few days, and lo
  10. get it very hot, keep air away from it, and it will stick!
  11. I use a 1600 deg C rated castable refreactory in my forges, about 1/2" skin, over a couple of inches of wool that acts as insulation. A 20 odd kilo bag of castable is not expensive on ebay, the shipping can be though! You dont want too much castable in a forge though, as its dense, so slows heat up time, but the thermal mass is nice as you dont get so much of a temp drop when you put a workpiece in there. Its getting the balance right for the work you do. My welding forge is a 'melter' if I turn the gas up, you can see steel sweat and drip in there. Its had the same lin
  12. Might work, might not. The question in my mind is why would you want 18 rectangular pieces of ally or lead ?
  13. This is the working parts of the Massey 2cwt I am refurbishing, which I swapped for the mill. Everything re-machined and bedded by me, new keys, pegs etc. Quite satisfying work, turning something that was ready for the scrap yard into something that will serve another 60 years. Just need to re-assemble the hammer and test it, should be done end of March!
  14. I think shes cute. My theory is machines 'shrink' when you have owned them for a bit, so may as well start out with something a bit fuller figured!
  15. I actually am ! (does not happen often ) - I think its due to arrive in the UK late next week, just as Im heading off for a weeks skiing. Cruel timing indeed. I have had a few ideas for modifying it already, I think I will put load monitoring on it using amperage reading from the motor, and will put a motor drive on the roll height adjustment, with push buttons for shut height, possibly via a timer, so press once, rolls adjust 3 mm or whatever. - And ive got an accurite DRO I can put on it to give readout of roll gap. There is a very real chance im just addicted to ni
  16. rolling rolling rolling shes in transit !
  17. another itch that needed scratching Alan! The chap would not sell the mill (its georgous, spent its life in a silversmith shop) - the only way he would part with it was a swopysy for the 2 cwt hammer! I just have to put out of my head that I could have got $20k for the hammer
  18. I got some exciting news on shop tooling this week !! my little rolling mill I traded for a Massey 2 cwt clear space is leaving Norway next week Just need to sort some logistics at this end to get it from dockside to me, its about 13000 lbs, so cant unload it with a fork truck if it arrives in a curtain sider ! Never used a rolling mill before, so looking forward to a new challenge - need to build a new long forge to go with it as well. Think it will need to be at least 5' long !
  19. unless google traslate lied to me, the Kanji in the logo is a direct tranlation of sh!tingdog bladeworks. OK, I was very distracted today! (and if anyone asks, its a jumping shrew in the logo.........)
  20. in all its glory..... I really did get traffic bored
  21. got stuck in snow traffic this morning, which consequently stole my making time this evening as I did not finish work until 6pm. Anyway, I had a vision, in that traffic jam, (alibeit a slightly odd vision, admittedly,) for some of my more slightly off the wall blade work. Chi_Tingdog Bladeworks is now a thing. I really dont know where it will head, but it made me smile designing the logo, and starting an insta page. Please give it a follow (same name on insta)! Im keeping it separate from me, and my other insta page which seems to be doing well. Be interesting to see i
  22. Slightly more traditional handle material on this one I bashed out after work yesterday. The timber is spalted beech that I stablised myself, and stablised bog oak. It took a really nice shine. Ive got about 20 blocks of this beech I stablised, not all as figured as this piece, but I wont have to worry about handle material for a long time. Was very smug I made this from scratch in under an hour, It was only when I looked closely I noticed the slight gap in the glue joint. Serves me right for rushing - Ill snap it off, re-glue and re-sand & polish it before I fit it to the bla
  23. Some good looking workmanship, lots of things you will look back on and groan when you have made another couple of dozen! Main thing, functionally, is the protruding bits of handle scale over the blade, they will be very vunerable to chipping off, and they will get in the way for thinning / sharpening! Aesthetically, to my eye, a bit 'stabbier' profile would look sharper, and where the mosaic pins are on the angle transition on one scale looks a bit odd, as does the scale being shy of the underside of the handle! Keep at it!
  24. Thanks for the nice thoughts on the odd handles chaps! Still cant decide if I like them. They are strange as your eyes are telling your brain one thing, and weight and feel of them is telling your brain something else! Im glad the juxtaposition of the materials has been noted, made me smile making them! Ill put some blades into them, and try and flog a couple, theres 6bn people on the planet, hopefully 2 of them are suitably odd enough to put their hands in thier hands on their wallets . Think ive got to keep one of them for show and tell !
  25. I scratched the itch Ive had since I got a stablising set up, and ran a batch of OSB! ive paired it with 5000 year old bog oak, and a bit of white G10 for the spacer. Its defineatly a functional handle. just cant decide if its awful or not!
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