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  1. good becuse id probably do it
  2. is it possible to "over" normallize or aneal it?
  3. well the biggest ones are for tanto's
  4. how often should i aneal it?....and how?
  5. ugh iv heard that alot, plus this is my first metal work really, but ill just try my best
  6. I was kinda expecting something more, but im happy with what ever is availible, i did a quick spark test, results were very high in carbon but ya i had to cut some parts off. im going to use the biggest part for my actual blade, the next to biggest as a experiment blade to test everything before trying it on the good one, and the two smaller pieces are, just to test things if i need to.
  7. Jacob


    geeze that looks really good, but way above my level, i cut a peice of and hammered on it a little(ok alot) and it cracked but stayed in one peice
  8. Jacob


    anybody have any good sites on, maybe fitting work, or brass?, like heating it up and stuff
  9. Jacob


    Wellllll, i was walking around the local flea market and i came across a small bar of brass, I checked the price and it was only 3 dollars, not knowing if brass is expensive but i liked it so i bought it. I dont know anything about brass really other than its copper and zinc and that it can be smelted down for casting, im posting a few pics. just to show you the size. Im really just posting this to read anything enteresting, if nothing happens and i give up, ill pound it out and make some seppa
  10. Dont know if itll help but take a look here, http://forums.swordforum.com/showthread.php?t=58042
  11. Jacob

    My layout

    THX =D iv been wondering, I have mine setup out on concrete(im going to risk dying from explosion) but i havnt really made progress because i couldnt figure the size of black pipe to get but now ill get 1.25". also how big did you drill your holes, how far apart, and does it matter if there EXACTLY perfectly strait down the pipe. and the other thing iv been delaying on is im am going to somehow incorporate the thing with the blocks in the front in back, so i can manage with the pipe, and the dirt under the firebrick, i thought about either making a pvc air control in front, or possibly something on the back but either way i just want to hurry up and get the forge finished so i can start on mounting my railroad piece for a anvil. THX for everything it means alot to me
  12. WOW those are amazing, you are quite the bladesmith there neil. thank you for posting images
  13. OH well if thats it^ it looks very good, it looks "darker" than whetstones though but I like it
  14. Erm, what exactly is hybrid polishing
  15. Jacob

    My layout

    thank you bryan for posting all that, its means alot, ill take everything into consideration, and about the roof thing its not availible for a roof for me so it will be outside and ill probably just have to work at night,....but then theres the hammering noise..ARRGGG
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