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  1. dknife

    Push Dagger small very descreat.

    Cool piece!!
  2. dknife

    Serpents #12 & #13

    Your artistry and precision blacksmithing skills are amazing!
  3. dknife

    Myrkwid owl

    Great set Petr. I love the owl.
  4. dknife


    Nice work, as always, Petr. It even looks somewhat familiar.
  5. dknife


    Very nicely done - outstanding job on the leather!
  6. dknife

    Hesperus - 1075 with Hamon

    Matt - You sure do have a knack for creating eye catching knives, fine craftsmanshio as well. I like it enough to consider making it mine.
  7. dknife


    Any pics?
  8. dknife

    few knives for sale

    Very nice Petr. I am interested in the FF, neck knife, and golden stallion - will send PM.
  9. That piece is absolutely "drop dead" gorgeous!!
  10. dknife

    sanmai seax

    If you happen to make another blade similar to this I'll buy it.
  11. dknife

    pattern welded dao

    That is absolutely beautiful Kevin. Is the actual color the dark shade as it appears in most of the pics? My wife would probably use it on me in my sleep but I think I have to take this under consideration.
  12. dknife

    Scandi-Ground Bird and Trout File Knife

    A nice little piece of work Ben. In fact, I'll buy it. E-mail sent.
  13. dknife

    Kobuse Laminated Nagimaki for sale.

    What a gorgeous piece!
  14. dknife


    That is certainly an eye catcher! How did you do the hexagon pattern?
  15. dknife

    Modern friction folder (Madagascar ebony) $120

    Good job - I like the grind.