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  1. Thanks everyone. Isaac yes it is a full working pipe hawk. I do test them GM customtomahawk.com
  2. Hello Everyone Its been awhile since I posted, but here is my latest hawk. 22.5 inch carved tiger maple haft, 8.5 inch head, 1095 and Nickel with 1095 steel 160 layers.Walrus ivory mouthpiece.Trade bead and ermine tail with faux bear claw accents. Thanks for looking GM customtomahawk.com
  3. Karter Its Calcium so I guess it is like bone. Very porous so have the super glue ready thanks GM
  4. As always your work is top Notch!!!!!!!!!
  5. NICELY DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. hello Again This is another recent completion, titanium anodized file worker liners,snakewood scales, file worked blade and spacer bar, steels used 1095 ,15N20 and Nickel. Hope you like and comments always welcome. Thanks for looking GM
  7. hello everyone This is a recent folder I finished, dyed Brain coral scales, anodized titanium file worked liners. Feather pattern blade with matching bolsters. steels used 1095 & 15N20 300+ layers. Thanks for looking all comments welcome! GM
  8. John sorry at this time only one gear moves. I wish I could make them all turn but I havent figured out how to do that YET!
  9. Hello Everyone. Thought I would share this liner lock Steampunk theme folder I finished. The blade is upset 1095 & 15-n-20 stretched, with a twist cutting bar. Titanium anodized liners. Scales are Copper,file worked. Blade is 3.25 inches OVAL length 7.25 inches. The rest is watch gears and what ever was laying around that I thought would look good. Thanks for looking Comments are always welcome GM
  10. Nicely done Caleb. Need better pics. Belt grinders CAN be your Friend said no one ever!!!! It all takes time and practice,But you are well on your way. Good job. GM
  11. No secret on the steel for the blade. Powder Mosaic
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