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  1. can not determine from this data. put the both in a block of metal ( drilled hole) then read read them. the difference should be the correction :).
  2. i dont believe you can have to much hp ( may cost a few cents electrically) rpm is different than hp........may or may not need to increase or decrease the speed of the belt to keep it usable and safe.
  3. https://www.markingmethods.com/store/pc/viewCategories.asp?idCategory=11 they make nice electro chemical etching stencils yes you can mark finished knives with their set up.
  4. My company makes these. Many knife makers use them. Please call you have any questions. Ptc1.com. john
  5. if it is an ac vfd i would suspect the vfd as being set up incorrectly.... eg max current or torque is set to low check owner manual for set up parameters
  6. it looks like a DC motor controller from the picture........which i suspect is behaving badly. you can open it up and look for loose wires or a burnt out component. after that you will need to contact the folks who made the control and see what they think. ps where did you move to ??
  7. more is better...... if you use a variable speed drive i would like 2 to 3 hp at low speeds. i would recommend the deluxe setup as a 3 phase motor with a variable frequency speed drive that has single phase input ( unless you have three phase) and 3 phase output. The voltage on both ends would be 220. I dont know much about single phase motors and their speed controls.
  8. the aluminum side plates were cut by waterjet. I rolled the rim from 1/2x4 inch aluminum on a three ring roller. then welded the whole thing up. I mounted the aluminum wheel on its drive shaft and under power i used a angle grinder mounted on a slide to sand it until it was true. i then removed it and layed it on its side. i made a outer ring from sheet metal about 1.25 inch larger in diameter than the aluminum wheel (coated with mold release). every thing was put in place and sealed with wax. two part urethane was mixed and poured into the gap between the ring and the aluminum wheel. once cured it was again mounted on its drive shaft and trued with an angle grinder. it came out much better than i hoped. i am using a large 3 phase motor with a variable frequency speed control. a large motor is needed to provide torque at low speeds. the belts are approx 4x 130 inches.
  9. burr king makes a wet 4x60 i have built a very large wet belt grinder with a 36 inch diameter contact wheel ( urethane lined)
  10. stranded is fine........solid wire can work harden and break with vibration.
  11. the system in the picture is 20hp parts from surplus center
  12. here is the setup to prevent pressure surges into the return filter. ps most of the filters from surplus center seem to be 200psi
  13. its not only straight pressure but the surge in the pressure........like water hammer in water plumbing. there should be added volume in a tee fitting with a length of capped pipe to adsorb shock/surge. I will try to post a pic in the AM.
  14. so very sad...... long hair, loose clothes, rings and watches all are an invitation for trouble
  15. it takes a special ir thermometer to read hot metal..............more $$$ because of the wavelength it uses
  16. how about a little grease instead of oil ??? at low speeds it may not matter ....??
  17. i have a similar light tent.........they are very handy i have some flood lights that i use at about 8 feet from the walls.
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