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  1. sounds like something i would like to try. could anyone point me in a good direction? like how to build one or can i make my charcoal forge work? any help is appreciated. soory if its a crappy question but this is the beginners place
  2. thankx for the help. what exactly should i be using?
  3. will a belt sander do ok? does the speed differences in some make a difference? thanks for any help. kris
  4. im in tallahassee florida. ive been looking for someplace to buy some bar steel. thanx alot. and about them being in good shape.... i wouldnt know. extream beginer here. will give it a shot tho. thankx for the help. kris
  5. found these at the flea market. was wondering what kind of steel they would be. are some files better than others for forging?im not good enough to use them yet since i got my forge running for the first time last week. i have done a couple railroad spike knives....well they are looking more and more like knives anyway. im haveing a blast so far. any help would be great. thanks again. Kris
  6. KrisK


    looking to buy my first set of tongs. wondering if there is an all around good pair or what. there seem to be alot to choose from and im a little confused. any suggestions would be great thanks. kris
  7. thanx for the info. ive also seen one built with a oval washpan with a pipe with holes in it for air running through the center. and it was sloped down to the air holes with adobe or fireplace morter or dentinite i think its called. any comments on that?
  8. im looking to get into the craft and have a question. ive seen a guy make a forge using a old truck rim and he lined the inside with brocken bits of brick. was just wondering if there were any unseen dangers i should know about. Thancks. Kris
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