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  1. Thank you! Alan - You're more right than you may realize. This is the last of my FiF stuff. It's dominated my week, but now I need to get back to working on Blade Show inventory. A washed-out look at the push knives I did for the first challenge. They can actually be seen better in the reflections. The katzbalger in its hideous glory: My second take on the guard. Didn't like how the first one fit, so abandoned it before I finished out the quillions. And my second take on the handle since I ground through the side into the channel for the tang on the last day. So many things had to be done several times on this that I named it "der doppleschwert". The pommel was forged from a piece of pipe with the end cap oxy/acetylene welded on. The TeroTuf of the handle fits down into the pommel and the flared tube rivet goes through pommel, TeroTuf, and tang. And finally, a YouTube video featuring myself and fellow FiF champion Tobin Nieto (season 2, episode 8, Cutlass) reflecting on the show, our experiences with it, and answering common questions and criticisms. It's as long as an episode of FiF, but I think it's both entertaining and informative.
  2. Geoff - Gotcha. Part of the design parameters we were given was that the tang had to be a full tang and we had to use scale handles. Jason - Catch up on bills and shop upgrades so I can make more knives. Looking at a second, purely stock removal line for higher production while keeping the forging creative.
  3. Thanks, guys! This is seriously the best part of the episode. I laugh to the point of tears every time. I had forgotten I did this until I saw it on international television. What got left out was after I took a bite of watermelon and said this, I followed up with, "...and sharpening oil." Geoff - It may just be because it's 1:00 a.m., but I'm not following what you mean. Could you explain? Are you talking about the push knife challenge or the katzbalger?
  4. Thanks! #snackbreak Jesse is ok. It wasn't just heat exhaustion that knocked him down, it was also a heart condition he didn't know he had and a lack of sleep. It's a good thing he stopped and sat down when he did!
  5. Watch the episode tonight and you'll see who won! A show that was perfect for knifemakers would not necessarily be as perfect for the average viewer. Within that limitation and the even bigger limitation of their 43 minute run time, they do a pretty good job. It at least gives a taste of bladesmithing to the general public, and we knifemakers can sit there and appreciate the ingenuity and nitpick over the mistakes each contestant shows.
  6. Caleb- Knifemakers have a love/hate relationship with this show. I agree to an extent with both sides. Overall it's a positive thing for our craft, I think, otherwise I wouldn't have competed on the show.
  7. Tomorrow night! (Tuesday, April 18, 8:00 CST) Here's the episode description: "For the first time ever, the competitors are challenged with creating not one, but two blades in the first round. With double the pressure and double the work, the bladesmiths are pushed to their limits, which leads to another first–a hospital trip. After a grueling second round, the two remaining smiths have just five days to create an iconic 15th century combat sword–the Katzbalger. Which bladesmith has what it takes to burn through the obstacles in their way and become the next Forged in Fire champion?"
  8. Beautifully done!
  9. Don - Whoever he is, he needed a haircut before he went on international TV. Thanks, guys! They're now showing commercials for my episode (next Tuesday, 8:00 CST), and it's interesting to see myself on the TV screen. The cuts are edited so quickly, that by the time I realize I'm looking at myself, I'm already off the screen. It should be an entertaining episode.
  10. New season starts this week. And on the 18th:
  11. I like where this is going.
  12. Some recently finished tantos. All are 80CrV22, with paracord wraps over neoprene hardened with West System marine epoxy, with Kydex sheaths. This black one was a commission, while the tan one will be on one of my tables at the Blade Show. Blades are around 7". This o-tanto and smaller, stabbity slicety tanto were a commissioned pair by a son for himself and his father. The o-tanto is about a 14" blade, and the other is about 7 1/2". The stabbity slicety tanto is about as narrow a point as I can recall doing on a blade! The son decided he wanted a retention strap added to his o-tanto as a belt-and-suspenders insurance policy to keep it secured while it rides on a pack.
  13. I sent an e-mail to Alan to see if I can get my screen name changed to James Helm. Here are a couple of camp bolos that went out to customers recently. Both of these started out as demonstration pieces, showing how I use the dies on my power hammer to forge blades. Neither one of the customers who ended up with them had me build sheaths for them. The blades are a little over 12" long, with false edges on top. This first one was for the first STAB (South Texas Association of Bladeslingers) get-together out at my shop back at the end of January, forged from 1084. I finished it out with tan over black paracord on top of a neoprene foundation. The second was forged from 5160 as a demonstration for a fellow who came to my shop to study my home-brewed guided helve power hammer to help build his own. He ended up buying the demo blade from me, and I finished it out in black over black paracord over neoprene.
  14. Came out good! I'd be curious to see a picture of the on from the Battle of San Jacinto that inspired it.