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  1. I asked Ben about the blade finish elsewhere, and it is Caswell stainless black, applied after blasting the blade.
  2. That came out great! The fullers are a nice touch.
  3. Thanks, Kevin! Michonne definitely needs to get her hands on a carcass splitter for at least one episode of Walking Dead.
  4. Thanks, guys! Both blade styles are areas I'll be playing with further in the future.
  5. Some of the work that I've completed in the last few months that hasn't gotten posted yet: This double-edged meat cleaver was built as close as possible to a sketch sent to me by the customer. I'm pretty pleased (and so is he!) with how closely I was able to get to what he drew. The blade is 13 1/2" of 5160 steel, the top edge is fully sharpened, the handle is marine epoxy-impregnated blue paracord over black over a foundation of neoprene. The butt is left exposed, and there are Turk's head knots fore and aft. He also ordered up a Benghazi Warfighter with matching handle wrap.
  6. What an awesome series of journeys! That is a huge amount of talent gathering together.
  7. I really like it, except for on little thing. Is that a nut on the end of the pommel? It's hard to see what it is for sure in the pictures. It's distracting from the rest of the sword's lines. Otherwise, love it! Great job forging out the fittings.
  8. Abbott sold and I set up the sheath for left hand carry, edge up, cross draw. The Combat Loop will be a more rigid belt mount, or the webbing and buckle should allow a carry that can shift around more like sash/obi carry.
  9. Thanks, guys! Dan - I hear ya. There are certain styles of knives that I generally either dislike or don't find particularly interesting, but will occasionally come across an example that works for me. Kenneth - Very carefully. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIbfusHK8ss
  10. In amongst other blades, I continue to play around with tantos with varying degrees of traditional/non-traditional profiles. These are some of the more recent ones. All of 'em are forged from 5160 with paracord over neoprene wrapped handles impregnated with marine epoxy. Also, Kydex. First off, my donation this year for Knife Rights' Ultimate Steel fundraiser. Like I told Doug Ritter the other day at the Gathering, I would rather sweat in the humidity and feed mosquitos in my shop than deal with the lawyers and politicians he does. My wife is a registered nurse and I feel much the way
  11. All kinds of funky goodness going on here. I like it!
  12. It's all right. I guess. If you like that sort of thing.... Looks like you've built a blade or two in your time.
  13. Dang, that's gorgeous! Remember: First you get good, then you get fast. Doesn't look like a rush job to the rest of us.
  14. This is amazing work. It seriously looks like it should be hanging from the waist of a she-troll.
  15. Amazing work! I had never seen this style of sword until you posted pics. Very interesting. Back during my stint teaching high school English, I would amuse myself sometimes with the incorrect answers on multiple choice tests. For Beowulf, I had a wrong answer that read something along the lines of, "Hrunting was something Beowulf did with hrounds and hrorns."
  16. Thank y'all! Hoy's Forge - It was a big push getting ready to have two tables at the Blade Show, and it didn't leave extra time for forums, unfortunately. I missed getting to see what everyone was working on.
  17. That came out good! I think your uncle will approve.
  18. Some smaller work from the Blade Show. All of them are forged from 5160 with wraps of paracord over a foundation of neoprene and impregnated with West System marine epoxy. This o-tanto has a blade 13" long and an overall length of 18 3/4". This shorter one's blade is 7 3/4", OAL of 13". Camp knife is a 7" blade with an OAL of 12 1/2". And this chubby kwaiken sold before I could get any decent pictures, but the new owner started posting pics of it on Facebook the next day, already out in the woods with it. I was able to retain more power hammer texture on this o
  19. Thanks! They are indeed. The original got a workout chopping up a fair-sized mesquite tree before going to a new home, and it ate it up.
  20. Thanks, guys! Karim - I think you're the first person to ever say my work reminds them of ElfQuest. Cool!
  21. Some biggish blades I forged out for the Blade Show. This one is the second of the blades inspired by Chris Redfield's Resident Evil 5 knife that I've forged. The steel is 5160, handle is black TeroTuf with flared stainless steel rivets. Blade length is 16 3/4", overall length is 21 3/4" I happily appropriate the term "tactical elvish" from my buddy Tobin Nieto to describe this blade. It ended up being fairly close to my recollection of one of the rejected designs for Sting from Weta Workshops. Now, if I saw the picture again, I might find I'm wrong. 5160 and TeroTuf, blade
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