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  1. Reminds me of a Chinese war sword. I like it!
  2. I assume you will have 110v and 220v. Its kinda a trade off; lower the voltage, higher amper requirement. A dedicated circuit is strongly advised. I believe the easiest to learn to use is the mig. For light duty like you listed, a mig using flux core wire would fit the bill. As far as brands try to stay with the more common like miller, lincoln, or hobart. Always consider the duty cycle of any machine. The higher the better. As far as the cost to get started, I would be look to be in the $500 range for a basic setup.
  3. I would strongly suggest a Metabo. We have one in each of our shops at the slaughter house. They get used and abused. In five years we only replace one. At home I have a Makita and have been fairly pleased.
  4. Thats awesome! Cant wait to see it finished.
  5. Randy you are correct T/C contender or pro-hunter are good rifles. I own them both in .223 rem. The only problem with the breaker style action is its not conducive to bench style shooting. As you have to remove the rifle from the rest each time you want to load it. Free hand or off the stick it would be a good choice. Which brings me think of single shot rifles. If you have not considered it you may look into remington xr-100 rangemaster although you would have to find it used to get it in your price range.
  6. I thought about it most of the day, if I was to suggest a rifle for a beginner. A gun that cheap, reliable, upgradable, good enuf for target or just hours of plinking fun. I would strongly suggest the Ruger 10-22. They come in wood or synthetic stocks. Personally I would choose the 10-22T model. It is a solid platform for any beginner to learn from. As far as accuracy, it will be better than most of the population can shoot. I believe numbers of 1.5" MOA are pretty standard in factory form. Of coarse it is .22 lr and is semi-auto. MSRP of $500. As far as scopes, optics are the most o
  7. Well lets see, there is a bunch of choices. I will help try to narrow it down. You are correct you will see more accuracy out of a bolt gun generally. My question to you is do you want to stay rim-fire or are you open to center-fire. If target is your goal. Bull barrels are the way to go. Two very popular center fire rifles that have good value are: Remington 700 Savage 10 w/ accutriger Both come in a large selection of calibers As far as calibers, the choices are almost endless. I would consider avalibity and cost. .17 hornet, .22 mag, .223 rem, 22-250, .243 and .308 win Let
  8. I am looking forward to see how they are made. BTW Peter that is a cool looking anvil horn you made up. Never seen one like that. 5th photo
  9. Sorry, I just had to laugh. My first thought was, I am going to beat the fear of god into you . Then I thought of the bloody crusades. I do like the tommy, how did you get the cross into the blade?
  10. damn that knife has a lot going on. I love it. Great job!
  11. That's sweet! Did you hot dip the leather in the wax to waterproof it?
  12. I really like the friction folder. I hope my first one looks that good. Does the curly q make it awkward to hold with the blade extended?
  13. Does anyone know the significance of a blade ringing when struck? I made a head knife blade today out of a broken cold saw blade. The aprox. size is 4 1/2 in. by 4 in. I tapped it with a file and wow. It gave off a huge ringing sound. I cant say I have ever heard a blade ring with such vibrant ring. Do all blades do this? Here is a vid Ringing Blade
  14. I agree check out the feed store/Co-Op. I seen them at my local one, for $16 I believe.
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