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  1. Could you get a full picture of it please I would enjoy seeing it all in one pic..lol plus I can't wait to see what else you got cooking up....
  2. Ok this is Sweet looking Great -Ruggero The sheath looks great I can't wait to see more
  3. I can't wait to see more.... So take that as me asking please..... One never has enuff sax's out there
  4. Looking sweet Sean... I like your take on them.... Nice to see the bug has bitten you as it has me......
  5. Great job...Mr Hebbard said it the best..magnificent work!
  6. Looking sweet great job Sir.
  7. Thanks Kevin and Mark for your thoughts
  8. Ok like doing more parts ect Also want to do a Daisho sax set ect...
  9. Stunning work Petr...i enjoy the video on youtube.
  10. Emilaino & Jusyin Thank you Njord's And Frey's are engraved then etched. My dream is to take the saxe / sax to the next level..
  11. Here are a few of my children It's been a while sorry. Njord's Might Dyed Blue Curly maple Sentry Bubinga wood handle Frey's Hart wood Carmel dyed Curly Maple
  12. Stunning...I can't find any other words..sorry
  13. Still looks great -push on- Mark Wayland throws nothing at you..That you can't handle ......You got the Skills...
  14. Stunning As all ways frakn sweet great job.......
  15. Looking sweet Mark Please keep on pushing onward WOW
  16. Stunning as all ways you got me hook more Please
  17. Outstand piece Mark......I enjoy the look aka drooling alot...
  18. Great use of the grains.....And the sheath adds to it really well..
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