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  1. Hello lovers of knives. I give up for sale Black Knight. The knife is made of Wootz 1.5% C hardness 60HRc. The case is made from leather which is inserted into the ostrich leather. For more information email to qualify.
  2. thank you Mark, I did not understand your question, the translator does not translate very well so I am assuming. perhaps tell photo. 1.pic. basic pack 10 layers 2.pic. wootz and 1620 layers math 3.pic. etched both packets before welding 4.pic. basic ingot
  3. Jaromír Kovář

  4. gentlemen health I'll probably be stoned for what he's doing with wootz. I enjoy trying different procedures welding of wootz. Combination Shear: wootz + C45+80CrV2 /1620 math layers / Turkish walnut total length - 205 mm blade length -100 mm handle length -105mm max width -30MM thickness of the blade -3mm tapering to the apex to a sharp hardness around 60HRC I still am learning wootz etch so as to be visible structure. It is still a lot to
  5. Jaromír Kovář

  6. Hi Niko This issue is now also deal with approximately half of the year. If used on a high content of magnetite Fe I think it could be done. (In theory) But until someone not try to know nothing. Who will be the first? :lol: :lol:
  7. If I understood it well, so desirable for the "old" wootz as pure iron and 1-1,8% C. Other elements only in very small quantities. Prefer to avoid Cr, Ni and other legur. The presence of P, S probably does not exclude their presence is minimal in each iron. In contrast, the presence is desirable only to a certain amount. I read that in a certain amount of Cu increases the abrasion resistance? What causes more negative the presence of Si and Mn? Advanced wootz which is manufactured from modern materials is immaterial. There shall decide the optimal selection of materials so that a wo
  8. Thank you for your words Niko and Jeff. I feel the same way. I'm not trying to be an exact copy of the ancient wootz steel, but I'm looking for my own recipe. If only slightly closer wootz old steel, it will be a bonus for me. My alloy has very good qualities applicable craft knife. I would like to discuss what elements are avoided, or, conversely, which features preferred and what quantity. I found that if the melt is more than 1% Cr and Ni, so these elements somehow separated and form clusters. As a result, the blade form a sort of "spots". Picture: We very much appreciate your
  9. Thank you very much for the information of what finally got published. I wonder what the composition of Are you achieving your wootz. And to what extent you are approaching your composition wootz the authentic steel wootz as letting you check the chemical composition. Could someone write what hardness Are you achieving with your wootz steel? I think it still provides V 0.008%.
  10. You're right that it does not resemble the authentic wootz steel. There's quite a small %C which surprised me. However, a sufficient hardness, flexibility and nice artwork. Could someone please write here chemistry wootz authentic steel? Somewhere I read the composition but I can not find where. I still have to work on the composition and %C. I had no possibility of chemical analysis so I relied only on approximate calculations.
  11. I do not know if I translated it correctly. Is not a homogeneous structure is dentrit.
  12. After some time, I finally had to make the chemical composition of my wootz. Quite surprised me the result. C=0,564 Si=0,203 Mn=0,735 P=0,0112 S=0,0286 Cu=0,1335 Cr=0,888 Al=0,018 Ni=0,117 V=0,009 Co=0,0033 Mo=0,022 Fe=97,269 Hardening:in oil Hardness after hardening: 64HRC Consider the result. I am interested in your views.
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