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  1. Wow I love that folder. I don't see pins or screws. How is it held together? ernie
  2. A friend gave me some 52100 roller bearings in exchange for a knife. One of the smaller bearings made 3 knives. I took a chunk of spalted maple firewood, epoxy stabilized it and used it for the handle and sheath. I'm still learning how to grind and polish the blade but I like the way it came out. ernie
  3. Andy, that looks great. Do you find any drawbacks with the horizontal press? I was afraid that I would have to configure mine as a vertical press, something that would be difficult since I built it so heavy duty. leaving it as a horizontal unit makes the conversion much easier. ernie
  4. 15 years ago I built a log splitter that I use about 4 days a year. It occurred to me that this could be modified to be a pretty good press for forge welding damascus. I'm sure that others must have had the same idea. Have others done this? Did it work out ok? ernie
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