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  1. all i can say is WOW!!the hada seams to almost shimmer. i would love to get a billet of this outstanding craftsmenship on both ends kunio ps i love the last foto
  2. very nice fit and finish. kunio
  3. that blade is sick,john youre work is awe inspiring. kunio
  4. very well done ,love the hamon kunio
  5. love the shobu sugata,one of my favorites. incredible work walter, you never cease to amaze me. kunio
  6. kunio


    i am forging japanese style blades looking for a nice tight itame hada when drawn out. 1070 steel no pattern weld maybe 300. thank you for asking. kunio
  7. kunio


    dont really know where to post this, i am looking for someone to make a billetfor me my journy has not taken me into forge welding yet looking for somrthing pretty high layer count 1070, 1084 or somthing like that i am open to discussion. kunio
  8. thank you sadid,hope you like the blade.
  9. thank you jim, youre work is a great inspiration to me. took me 2 , 3 hour sessions to make the blank(arm was killing mehad to stop) anouther hour to forge bevels. iwant a power hammer sooooo bad!
  10. very nice work,love the hada. kunio
  11. i use this website as my blade bible http://www.e-sword.jp/wakazashi inspiration by shinrinshi kagekazu kunio
  12. i do not normally clip them that steep somthing about this blade said "chu".thank you for taking the time to comment on this blade you are an incredible bladesmith walter, it is an honor did i mention that i do not use ANY power tools every thing is done by hand kunio
  13. thats a pretty cool sword sam kunio
  14. sorry john i dont know how to resize pics kinda computer dumb
  15. forged in hirazukuri sugata from 6"x1" round water quench temper 2 cycles at 350 hybrid polish oal 21" tip to ha-machi16" 5/16"wide at mune-machi distal taper to1/4" 3/4" from tip 1 1/8" at machi to 7/8"at tip this blade has a lot of ha niku thanks for looking comments always welcome kunio
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