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  1. This is a Jumunji Yari tip i hand forged many years back needs to be sold ,forged from one piece 5160 bar stock heat treated rc 58 is 26 inches over all and has sharp edges all the way around , it is a light weight tip .312 at the tang area , blades are .250 thick and under, is 8.5 wide and 14 inch long in 400 polish asking $600.00 Thanks, Mark
  2. Need to sell the William Wallace sword 52 inch Lens blade ,made from 5160 , 66 inches OAL , weighs 7 pounds Price $2200 Thanks, Mark
  3. Hello Darren, Ya the system seams to be down a lot of late , try my email swordsmith2001@verizon.net
  4. Kevin this only one that shows the blade up close to the hilt , mark
  5. Thanks Kevin, Due to Sandy I was not able to take real good photos of the blade , we lost power for two weeks and had 12 inches of sea water in my shop , the blood groove was ground in free hand as were the bevels then all hand polished out all the dimintions were taken from the sword in the Smithsonian by Scott , the blade has two grooves one about 1/8 and the other wide one , I have two more saber orders simular so i will try and get better out door light with them , on the grip I used stag horn and ground all the out side off cut the groves in free hand and die with leather die and burnishe
  6. Yes it was dyed green but not horn , it was a ivory ,just what kind is unknown wale or elephant or maybe walrus , this was stag worked down
  7. One with a little history behind it, The Friends Of Washington Crossing Park asked Scott Spicer and my self to re create Washington's Battle sword for the December 2012 crossing. The blade is forged blade 5160 steel, sterling silver fittings leather sheath and horn grip with spiral sterling silver inlay ,Thanks, Mark
  8. Hello Darren, This was a custom order If you would like one we would need to discuss the order details, Thanks, Mark
  9. Hello David , These were the only photos i took of the guard from the start, the rest was basic drawing out I did how ever have to make several special fullering tools to draw out the loops on the sides and a ball die to make the ends the rest was file work , with good hammer control , now if the customer would just pay me the balance and pick up the sword , if you ever need help just call me . Mark
  10. Hello Richard , yes the guard took the longest to do about 3 to 4 days , had to add some tooling to my vast pile of forging tools for this one also , Mark
  11. Hello David, I used my Don Fogg Barrel forge and a 6 foot deep oil tube sunk in the ground ,the temper was done useing a mapp torch , <Mark
  12. Hello Mark, This one weighs in at 7.250 pounds, the original in Sterling castle is said to weigh 6 pounds but is badly worn from repairs and sharpening , Mark
  13. I started this project a few months back , first photos show some steps in forging the guard , blade is a lens style at 52 inches, the grip is ash with steel bands covered in brown leather , steel pommel in a tear drop shape , weight is over seven pounds ,overall lenght is 66 inches, with kathy my wife ,who is 5' 6" Thanks, Mark
  14. The latest sword to go out , turned out rather nice , blade is 5160 at 30 inches with stainless steel twisted wire , nickel silver collars brass guard and pommel , 320 stain finish
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